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Titleist PW vs Vokey?

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I currently have the Titleist 716 CB irons and will most likely stick with the CB, MB, or possibly the T100 line in my next set of irons. I love my Vokeys and the aesthetic is important for me (playing and in the bag) so I’m looking to get the Vokey PW as well. The PW in my set is 47° (as it is in the new sets as well) Vokey’s PW options are 46° or 48°. Any recommendations as to which would be better or will 1° probably not make to to much difference either way? My current wedges are 52°, 56°, and 60° and my 9 iron is 43° if that helps.

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1 hour ago, Jc0 said:

Would suggest get the 46 and loft up. Removing loft adds offset which can look weird on a wedge. In terms of playability you won't notice much at just 1 degree.

My only worry with the 46° was how close it was to the 43° 9 iron but further away from the 52° gap. Bending it makes a lot of sense. Will the Vokey play similar to the set pw with the same loft? 

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I would go with the 46 degree.  I have only used a Vokey PW once, and when I did I found it spun a little more than the set PW while also losing a little ball speed.   Then if you need to widen the gap between it and your 9 iron you can just bend it weaker without removing bounce or adding offset. 


TS3    8.5° Driver   Project X Even Flow T1100 White 65g 6.5

TS2    15° 3 Wood   Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70g 6.5

U500   2 Iron  Project X HZRDUS Smoke HYB 90g 6.5

T100  4-9  True Temper AMT Tour White 

Vokey SM8   46.10F   50.12F  54.12D  60.14K

Scotty Cameron Special Select Del Mar

ProV1 / ProV1xAVX

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9 hours ago, CW13 said:

My only worry with the 46° was how close it was to the 43° 9 iron but further away from the 52° gap. Bending it makes a lot of sense. Will the Vokey play similar to the set pw with the same loft? 


You can always been it more if you want a bigger gap. The one thing I noticed is that the vokeys seem to have slightly more spin then the standard PW because it's designed to be used for more options than just full swing.

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couple things to kick around...  Use whichever club you prefer more (pw or vokey).  As far as distance, if you can get it to where it's evenly spread between your 9iron and 52* that would be ideal.  Don't recommend you bent either more than 2 degrees though.  


Keep in mind, if your 52 or 9 iron are not much different than your 56 or 8 iron (distance-wise), you may consider adjusting those 1* to help even the gap.  

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1 hour ago, CW13 said:

Does anyone know if the PW Vokey comes with a stiffer shaft or is it the same s200 wedge flex as all the others? 


Mine came with an s300 and I plan to swap it out for a px 6.5 to match the irons, and maybe bend it to 47*.


When I ordered my Apex Pros in March, I went with a 4-9 and ordered a Vokey 46.  It worked so well that I kicked the 50* Vokey out of the bag and use the 46* for everything from 115-140, and sometimes inside of that.   If you like playing shots with your wedges, you'll be happy with it having a Vokey PW, I think.

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I have T100 irons but use the Vokey 46 degree bent one degree more loft (47 degrees).


I found the T100 PW hit the ball higher than the Vokey, and the Vokey easier to control flight and hit partial shots.


Titleist TSi3 9.0 degree HZRDUS Smoke 70g 6.0 Stiff 
Titleist TSi3 15.0 degree HZDRUS Smoke 70g 6.0 Stiff 
Taylor Made SIM Max 19 degree Hybrid Ventus Stiff
Titleist T100 4 - 9 AMT White S-300
Titleist Vokey SM8 46-10F
Titleist Vokey SM8 52-12F
Titleist Vokey SM8 56-10S
Titleist Vokey SM8 60-10S
Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport T22
Titleist ProV1X

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we have the exact same set up and i used the vokey PW all summer and it just never went the same distance as the set PW. I'm sure it was my own fault, i am now trying the set PW and it seems to go the number i want. I just loved how it felt and the look of the vokey.

Taylormade SIM / HZRDUS smoke green Hulk 70 TX 
Titleist TS3 5 wood / Atmos black tour spec 90 TX
Titleist 620 CB 3-P / Project X LZ 6.5
Titleist SM7 raw 51/11 wedge
Titleist SM8 black 56/10 wedge
Titleist SM8 black 60/8 wedge
Scotty Cameron Newport / Stability tour shaft (custom all black with polished dots)

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I've done both a 46 bent back and a 48 bent forward to 47 as well as 48 bent to 49.  No issues with either as far as turf interaction etc... As mentioned before bending strong also increases offset and I dont like that look as much.  The shaft is a bigger deal to me though.  If you play x flex irons then having a 'wedge' flex in the PW and GW creates too much spin for me (gap between 9 iron and Sw dont fit properly ie my pw/gw are about 2-3 yards shorter because of excessive spin).  I think those 2 wedges should be the same shaft as your irons ideally. just fwiw.  I now use 46, 50, 55, 60 which with the proper shafts gives me even 15 yard gaps between 9-LW now.  I had to figure this out through trial and error when I went to more modern lofts in my irons (used 49, 54, 60 prior).  

TS3 9.5 Hzrdus smoke black 60g 6.5
TS3 18 degree @ 17.25 hzrdus smoke black 70g 6.5
P790 UDI 18* (KBS tour 130x)

818h2 19* (Steelfiber i110x or ck blue 80x at 39.5)
Mizuno MP18 (7-Pw), SC (5-6), MMC (4) (KBS tour 130x)

Vokey sm7 50*, sm6 55*, TVD-M 60* (TI s400 tipped 1/4")
1995 Scotty Cameron by Titleist Newport 35"

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