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Looking for Driver Setup recommendations (125 mph)

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Hello everybody, for some context, I am currently using a Titleist 913D2 10.5 w/ an Aldila Phenom S shaft. I was custom fitted for this back in 2013 when I was a junior golfer at 15.


I have started to play alot more now due to less time constraints, and have gotten lessons for the first time since around that time. At the end of my lessons with him he brought out the trackman,


I was seeing over 4-4500 spin consistently, with 118-125 mph club head speed. Now I am push slicing it, maybe due to needing a stiffer shaft? (If i remember correctly ball speed was 160-165ish, not too sure)


Anyways, Im wanting to keep the cost on the lower side, would it be a good idea to use my 913 head, and buy an extra stiff 47" shaft to throw in, and combine that with the available -0.75 degrees of loft I can take off with the adjustment? 


with the numbers above, with a proper setup, would it be realistic to expect 310-320 carry?





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Try to find a tour issued M2 8.5.  I have one that I severely tipped an X-stiff Ahina and it works great as one of my gamers drivers.  Loft -1, spin still around 2800-2950.  Wish I could get that down

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