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Done ho-ing, settling down and selling what's left! C-Taper Lite S Pulls, Barely Hit TM P760 5-P, LZ shafts, SCOR 9-Iron

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Tried a bunch of stuff after 15 years in the last set of irons, but I'm all set now. Selling everything that's left. Pricing includes shipping to lower 48 and PP G&S. Shipping discounts for multiple items.


1: Taylormade P760 Irons with C-Taper Lite X and MMC +4 Grips. Standard length and lofts and 2* flat of TM specs. I took these on trade unhit, had them professionally rebuilt with brand new shafts, then had one range session on them. Most have never been hit. Great clubs I'd have happily played except I came across my #1 choice iron set. $SOLD as is, $XXX heads only, OBRO. If buying heads only these will be professionally pulled (AKA not by me)


2: C-Taper Lite S shafts 4-9. One-time professionally pulled shafts from a stock length MP20 MMC factory build. Have grips. Shortest shaft is 35 3/4" and longest is 37.5" measuring from end of grip butt to end of actual shaft NOT including the added length from the tip weights (all shafts have tip weights installed). $SOLD OBRO


3: SCOR 42* (9-iron) professionally built with brand new Project X LZ 6.0 1/4" under length compared to the P760 9-iron set above. MMC+4 grip. This was an unused fitting head so the fitting adapter caused the discoloration at the top of the hosel. Identical to regular SCOR head in every other way. Maybe seen 10 balls. Part of a prior blended set that I went away from. $60 OBRO mainly due to shipping.


4. Project X LZ 6.0 9-iron and PW shafts. Both are pulls without grip. 9-iron measures 34 5/8", PW measures 34 3/16", measured tip to butt trim, and they came out standard length in their prior heads. $SOLD for the set, prefer to sell together mainly for shipping expense, and these could absolutely work alongside the CTLS or as wedge shafts to go with the P760s. The 2 pulled shafts are pictured below the SCOR complete club.




p60 grips.jpg

p760 backs.jpg

p760 faces 1.jpg

p760 faces 2.jpg

p760 shafts.jpg

p760 sole.jpg

CTLS grips.jpg

CTLS shafts.jpg

SCOR .jpg

SCOR back.jpg

SCOR face.jpg

SCOR hosel.jpg

PXLZ shafts.jpg

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