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Bandon Solstice 2021


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2 hours ago, GQ0208 said:

We are planning to use a caddie every round since we haven’t been before. Does anyone know the cost difference if you try to get a single caddie as opposed to a double loop?

It’s the same price per bag ($100+tip) whether you have a single or double bag caddie. Many of the more experienced caddies will only double bag, especially during peak season.

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I would think that double bagging during the Solstice event has the potential to be a nightmare for a caddie, given that pace is pretty much everything and if you've got two guys that are not both in the fairway most of the time, the amount of running from one ball to the next could really blow the pace.


I don't think I'd agree to a double bagger in this context.  You really just want someone to carry your bag.  It's not like a normal round, where you're taking a lot of time over shot options or pondering breaks on the greens.  It's just hit it that way, go find it and hit it that way again.


It would be weird to do this as a first time visit to the resort.  Minimal amount of time to soak in the courses as you're playing.  Hopefully, GQO208 is going a couple days early to play at a more leisurely pace.

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We arrive on Friday to get there a day early. Playing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Solstice. I would think double bagging during Solstice would be a nightmare too since it’s all about pace of play and ready golf. When filling out the information I said that we would all like a caddie but am unsure if that means single or double loop. I am hoping that we all have our own caddie to allow us to go as fast as we can. 

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Haven't checked this thread in a while... but with the event getting close, I thought I'd check in.  This will be my fourth solstice.


You guys are right about the single bags... caddies doing all 72 will carry a single bag.  I would tip extra well as apparently it's tough to get folks to caddie.Think about it.... As a caddie single looping the whole solstice you get $400 for working 16 hrs (four rounds). If you double bag one round you get 2 rounds pay ($200) for 4 hours of work.  The math means solstice isn't a great proposition.  So... If you get a caddie... tip extra well.


I've done solstice several ways... I've carried all 72,  Richsaw'd 72, carried 36/Caddie 36.   All just depends on how much of a challenge you want.

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Thought I'd repost part of a post I did last year to give folks some info in case they haven't done it before.


Also... In years past the rota has been BD, PD, BT, and OM.  This year they are swapping out PD so it will be BD, BT, OM, Sheep Ranch.  Should make it easier as SR is much easier than Pacific Dunes.


Here's a short list of things I think might be helpful.


1. **Change socks in between each round and alternated between a couple pairs of shoes**. This will cut down on hotspots/blisters. This is one of the single best things you can do to make your day happier.

3. Get yourself some chamois cream like bike riders use. It will cut down on chafing. I won't get into details... but you won't regret it. I like [betwixt by zealios](https://www.amazon.com/Zealios-Betwixt-Chafing-Chamois-Cream/dp/B00F4A124O/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=betwixt&qid=1557269549&s=gateway&sr=8-1&th=1 "betwixt by zealios")

4. If you are going to carry your bag (or even use pull cart) ditch some of your clubs and gear to save weight. It's links golf...you won't need your 60 degree wedge. I basically go down to a half bag because I carry (end up hitting driver off the deck but the lies are so tight it is doable). Also go through your bag before hand and take out all that extra crap that has accumulated over time. You can restock golf balls and tees in between rounds.

5. Don't drink too much of that free beer the night before. I may sound like a nag, but I had a few too many one year and it made the big day a lot rougher.

6. Get used to playing fast. They expect you to play hour rounds in something like 3:10-3:30 (each round varies on how many holes you've played and which course it is). Forget your range finder, forget marking your ball on the green, forget your complicated pre-shot/putting routine. Keep moving.


A couple years ago, I used an app to track each round. I've posted them here to give you an idea. Last year we were faster still.  Trails is the toughest walk. It will be windy because it is summer and Old Mac/Sheep Ranch will likely be the windiest.


Good luck!!





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Thanks bdt, great info!  Can't believe it's less than 3 weeks away, fired up.  First Solstice for my playing partner and I.  I'm always a big Chamois Butt'r advocate at Bandon and will be well-stocked on that and Aleve/etc., last thing I want is any chafing, blisters or pain.


Question for you as a repeat attendee: about what time is the "Welcome Reception" the night before?  I've asked a couple of times and no one at the resort seemed to have the answer.  We have a tee time at Trails about 12pm on Monday and just don't want to miss the reception & punchbowl event.

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Slippin_Jimmy... You should be fine.   I want to say the reception event starts around 4:30 or so.  Maybe 4 at the earliest.  But if you get there around 5 you'll be there in plenty of time to grab beer, check in, get your info and do some putting at the punch bowl.


Have a safe trip out to the left coast.  Solstice is a blast.



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Thanks for the info, bdt!


Looking forward to our first Solstice after many years of playing at Bandon.


Should we aim for a WRX meetup at the reception event?  Maybe take a group lap around the Punchbowl? 


We can keep each other from drinking too much free beer...

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I've used "Map my Walk" to monitor distance and time. It seems to work well (see pictures from one of my posts above).  You have to start/stop it at the beginning and end of each round, but that's nice because you don't want to be tracking shuttle rides.


You can save the walks with the individual course names


Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/map-my-walk-by-under-armour/id307861492


Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mapmywalk.android2&hl=en_US&gl=US

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Assuming that everyone got their welcome email today.  Really getting pumped for the event.  Packing has already started...


Would love to meet up with other WRX'ers at the reception.  Maybe 4:30 at the PD starter shack?  I'll be wearing a yellow PD hat and looking like I want to get in a few holes before sundown...

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Playing partner of Spud3. Getting more stoked by the day. I'll tell you, I was pretty nervous 6 months ago about the physical challenge of this event. I appreciate that Spud put together a nice  training schedule for us over the past several months putting in many holes of golf. Feeling better now about walking 30 miles next week but know it will be a killer:)

Looks like weather is going to cooperate with little to no rain and a cool day for us. Hope the wind stays down.

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Fired up, can't believe it's a week away!  Hoping my back holds up and also fingers crossed on flights.


Meeting up in person sounds great.  My playing partner and I have an 11:50am tee time on Trails on Monday, but we should be able to get to the reception before 4:30pm.  I'll be wearing a blue Jackie Robinson hat with a big #42 on it, can't miss me.


Safe and smooth travels to all.

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Curious what everyone entered for their estimated round pace.  I think we put ourselves in the 3-3:30; we'll be aiming more toward the 3 hr side, but we were thinking we should give ourselves a bit of leeway.  We did one of our training rounds in 3 and that was a totally comfortable pace.

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I opted for the longest one (3:30-4 hours).  My playing partner is a high handicapper and I didn't think it was reasonable or right to go with one of the faster times.  We should hopefully be able to keep up at that pace and get all four rounds in.  Obviously a lot depends on who we get paired with as well.

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We are pumped. I am sitting in Atlanta airport right now on way to Bandon.


This is our schedule:

Saturday: 18 (5pm tee time at BD)

Sunday: 54: (BT, SR, PD)

Monday: 18-36 (PD + whatever we feel like)

Tuesday: Solstice plus Preserve. We are not going for 90 this year.


Last year we had two of us. This year we have a foursome with a high handicapper.


We said we were going to play in 2:30-3:00. Last year we did our 4 solstice rounds in 2:29, 2:40, 2:50 and 3:01 or something freakish and then played sheep ranch. We teed off at 5:35 and finished by 5pm. And then finished a packed sheep ranch by 930. We ate dinner at McKees at 11pm.  Passed out around 12:30am.


This year we will be going a bit slower.  Our goal is to play 72 plus a round at Preserve. I might try to play the tips. Hopefully we will finish the 72 around 6 or 630 and then go to preserve. 


What you should be concerned about from a pace of play perspective is not holding anyone up. Some folks are jackrabbits who want to play 100+, while some are a bit more leisurely. The goal is to not hold anyone up. 


There are only 6 foursomes per course at 10 minute intervals. A perfect pace is to never see the group in front of you after the first hole and never see the group behind you after the first hole. If you accomplish this you are playing the right pace. For gods sake, if you are playing too slow, let someone through.


We played ready golf. Get to ball, hit it. Get to ball, putt it. People were routinely hitting at the same time in our group. It was fun and refreshing. 


The #1 rule about Solstice is that there are no rules. As long as you aren't holding anyone up, go crazy and have fun. Its rare that you get to play 72 in a day on 4 of the top 20 golf courses in US. Just do what you want, be nice, and dont hold anyone up.  Just have fun.

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Hey Shackman, my group is last off on the Bandon Back 9. We paced ourselves in the slowest group (3.5-4). Conceivably we could have those first groups off of BD #1 somewhat close to us when we tee off if they are rabbits, it will be 50 minutes after the 1st tee time when we start.


I’m assuming they’ve got this really well planned out and we’ll just go as fast as we can. Can’t wait, heading West tomorrow afternoon!

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We're off BD #10 at 5:40.


Loving the fact that we get BT done early, after what I'm going to think of as a warm-up 9, then do OM and SR before finishing with an easy front 9 on BD.


Heading down tomorrow morning, lunch at Tony's and spend the afternoon dinking around at the Practice Center before the shindig at PD.  Looking forward to meeting a few of y'all.


Weather looks perfect.


Bring it!

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