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Cobra F9 PhrankenFive

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During the shutdown I started screwing around with doing my own club building.

Couldn't go into golfmart and had a ton of free time.

Mostly a disasterous and enjoyable experience.... with one exception.

I had a Matrix Black Tie 95g shaft from some driving iron or hybrid that didn't work out- I'm guessing 40-41"

I took a cobra F9 5 iron head (22.5*) and stuck it on there.

Kind of like the Rickie Fowler driving iron... but too long.


The swingweight is way off.  Feels like a sledgehammer.  Im thinking D7-8 or something.

But I just freaking love this thing. It goes so high in the air, and so far.  Its been an absolute joy to have in the bag.

On a recent boys weekend, my buddy started calling it the PhrankenFive. (im lefty)

And literally every time there was  an opportunity for a shot 200+, everybody would just start calling for it. 

Overnight sensation.


My question is- why?

Why does it work so well?

I feel like ive been trying to shorten my iron shafts (for accuracy)

shorten my driver shaft (same reason)

and now ive got this abomination of a driving ironish thing that has no logical right place in my bag.




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In the olden times before graphite was discovered, cavemen played short fairway woods with heavy steel shafts and hit them just like you describe.

Cobra SZ 9* : Ventus Blue 6-S

Cobra F9 Tour 4W : Tour AD TP 8-S

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Srixon Z785 4-PW : Nippon Modus3 120-S

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Piretti Potenza 370g : Breakthrough Technology Stability Shaft - 34"

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