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4 Hybrid for Plus hdc with Decent speed

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On 11/10/2020 at 11:23 PM, dre72 said:

+4 handicap here, little slower swing speed than you though.  105-108 w/driver


I recently picked up a 2016 Apex 4 hybrid and I am starting to figure it out.  I struggled with it at first, I was hitting moon balls with it and it was no longer than my 5 iron.   Figured out that if I play it back in my stance a bit I can get the desired trajectory I want.  Like you I hated giving up my "punch out" club but I can accomplish the same result with a 5 iron.  Being able to attach flags from 210-220 out is a nice change.  With my 790 4 iron I had the tendency to hit the ball too low to realistically get to any flag on the front half of a green.  


I am going to give it some additional time to see if I end up leaving it in the bag but so far I have been pretty happy with it.



I think the style of hybrid / shaft combination are the most critical factors when making the switch.  I added the 2016 Apex 4 hybrid this year and I occasionally clank my putter in to my shin bone for not making the move sooner.  IMO, the Apex line and the hybrids shaped similarly allow for lower, stinger-like shots when paired with the right shaft.  Conversely, they have enough mass to still launch the ball when need be.  Also, less pressure on you to hit the long irons perfectly is always a good thing.

Taylormade ONE Riptide Small Batch CB 70TX | Tour Taylormade M5 Tensei Blue 70TX | Callaway '16 Apex HC Hzrdus 105 X | Callaway '16 Apex HC Hzrdus 105 X | Srixon 765 Nippon 2G18 SCobra MIM B 51° / 56° |  Rossie WHP

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Well I'm not as low as you or quite as fast (92 w 7i and say 108 driver) but a 4h is a no brainer   I've been 4h and 5h guy for a few years now  (See sig for 5w and 7w specs)   It'

I had the same issue. The 4i was killing me and I was automatic with my 3H from anywhere. I built a copy of my 3H with the 4H head and shortened the shaft by 1/2”.   Bingo! Now I’m automatic

+4 handicap here, little slower swing speed than you though.  105-108 w/driver   I recently picked up a 2016 Apex 4 hybrid and I am starting to figure it out.  I struggled with it at first,

1 hour ago, Skipperation said:

22 degree hybrid to a 5 iron could be quite a gap distance wise. My 818H2 at 21 degrees goes as far as my 3 iron. If the gap is big, don't be afraid to go to a shorter, heavier shaft in the hybrid, even a steel shaft the same as your irons. It's where I went and I love it.

Couldn’t agree more with the steel shaft in the Hybrid. I hard stepped a Modus 105S and play it 1/2 over in my hybrids except for my TEE, but I have a 95 gram graphite hybrid shaft in it. So, weight is essential for me. 


The biggest reason why I like the Adams 9031 is because it’s not super long and it’s flight is much lower than any other hybrid I’ve hit. The only hybrid close in launch was the TEE EXS PRO, albeit the TEE was about the same flight as my 20* Adams and the TEE was 17* My 20* Adams goes in between my 17* TMB and my 20* for distance and almost all of it carry. 

My 2016 Apex was 18* and much longer than my 17* TMB without wind. Into the wind, it was much shorter. The Apex like many of the hybrids now was hot off the face compared to my TMB which is a hot faced iron. My 17* TMB ball speed is generally 145-146mph, the 18* Apex 155mph. At 18* the Apex flew high with an X flex Aldila  2kxv Tipped 1 inch. The standard Kuro Kage it came with flew even higher.  I couldn’t imagine it a 23 or 26*  without a low flighted steel shaft, even then, head design affect flight mire than a shaft will. 

If I were looking to replace a 4 wood then I pick the Apex at 16* (yes they exist) over the Adams at 16* all day, but when filling a gap is the goal, none better than the 9031 in my eyes! 

More ball speed and launch sounds great, until you try filling a gap consistently. For instance I bought an Adams XTD ti to replace a 3-4 wood at 16* and you could loft it down to 14.5* . It didn’t work out. It flew just as high at 14.5* as my 18* Apex did, I gained almost nothing in distance, maybe 3-4 yards, but I had better dispersion with the Apex. 

Shafts help in launch, but head design matters a ton more from what I have seen. I bet I hit a 23* Adams super 9031 lower than the Adams XTD at 14.5*  

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Started playing a SLDR 4H earlier this year.  I'm almost identical as OP on speed.  I love it.  I can play a spinny cut and hit it 210, stock 220, or hooded sweeping draw 230.  It is so much more versatile than a 4 iron.

TS3   8.5 Tour Green proto 75x  
M5 3wd Hzdrus blk 6.5
X2Hot Pro 18°

SLDR 4H  blacktie 95x
5-W PSI C-Taper 125 S+
Vokey SM6 50,55,60
Edel E-2

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On 11/9/2020 at 1:10 PM, Jnardelean19 said:

That is exactly my assessment the only thing I see as a negative is punch out shots and working punch shots but I could just use 5 iron for those. That is me 100% on the 215-220 shots trying to manufacture shots with my 3 hybrid. Just want to see how many plus caps like myself have done it and their results! Thank you for your feedback!


I had been eyeing this for the whole season.  I finally just got a 4H this past week as part of a set I bought on here.  I played it for the first time the other day and am wishing I had of changed earlier this year.  No mis-hits, used it off the tee multiple times with perfect results.  And as you mention, the low stinger/punch, you can just use the 5i still.

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Right now I go driver , ts2 16.5 , g410 19 degree hybrid then apex pro 4 iron then apex MB’s 5-pw. Like the op 4 iron off the tee is pint and shoot but the turf shot is hit or miss. Usually on line but sometimes doesn’t climb as high as one that’s completely flush. I’ve been debating the g410 22 degree and just caught 1/2” off and go from it to the 5 apex mb. What do you guys think of that gap?

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I'm not scratch (Im 3-4), and I live at altitude, and with my 4i (22*) I wouldn't get quite enough height. So I opted to put a 4H 22* in and it has been a revelation. Anything in the 220-240 range (which sometimes is a lot of par 3s on some courses I play), it has been just wonderful. Thin, toe, doesn't matter, it at least gets to pin high. And its starting to become super accurate. I will say, it is a bit closer to my 5W than my 5i (5W is about 240-250 carry, 5i is 210-215). So a back pin at 218 with death long and a bunker at 205 presents an interesting challenge, but it has been wonderful.


I do have the 4i and the 3H as alternate clubs if I go down to sea level or somewhere where low is better (Scottland, I guess?), but Webb Simpson goes 3H, 4H, and this week TF went 3/5/7W, so I think using more woods/hybrids at the top of the bag is going to become much more common and acceptable.

Ping G400LST VA Drago 65

Cobra F8+ 3W / 5W VA Slay 75

PXG Gen2 0317x 4H VA Slay 85

PXG Gen3 0311T 5-PW Oban CT 115

Titleist Vokey SM8 51/56/60 Oban CT 115

TaylorMade Spider X

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Try a #4 utility iron like a SIM DHY Or UDI, etc.

Really like my SIM DHY.

Even a P790Ti #4!

CALLAWAY Customs (Black w/Silver) "The FREAK" Mavrik Sub Zero Driver, 9*, Accra TZ6/M5, 72g X
CALLAWAY Mavrik Sub Zero 3 Wood, 15*, Accra TZ6/M5, 80g X
CALLAWAY Super Hybrid, 18*, NS Pro Modus Hybrid GOST, 102g X
TAYLORMADE P790, 4, 5, 6, DG TI AMT White, x100
TAYLORMADE P770, 5, 6; P7MC, 7, 8; P7MB, 9, PW -- Black Modus3 LE 115 X
TAYLORMADE P7TW, 4 - PW, Black Modus3 LE 115 X
TAYLORMADE MG2 52/9; Hi-Toe 56/10; MG2 60/8 -- Project X LS, 6.5
TOULON GARAGE Austin Custom Rose Gold

SCOTTY CAMERON Santa Fe T3 Custom Antique Copper

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I love my 4i & 5i super game improvement irons hard to kick out of the bag. 4 hybrids always have attitudes and always fly too spinni and ballooning.  But if i had to suggest something i would say ping g410 hybrid super steady and the 17* creeped into my 3 wood distance from the ground.

8.0* F9 FJKR F1 S.  44.5"

14.2* TS2, 70+S S. 42.8"

17.0* EXTC STK S. 40.8"

4i & 5i  EPIC PX 95 6.0 S. 
6-PW APEX MB LZ 5.5 

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On 11/9/2020 at 10:56 AM, Jnardelean19 said:

Okay working on the bag for 2021 and have been debating the switch from 4 iron to hybrid. I swing the 7 iron at 98ish and driver 115ish. I struggle with 4 iron so bad but LOVE my G410 hybrid and my SLDR hybrid before that. I am curious what I am losing out on by going 4H and starting t100s 5-pw This would mean 3 wood, 18*Hybrid and then 22* hybrid and then 5 iron strong.


What are peoples thoughts on this for a +2 HDC.


Thank you!

I have the same setup you are proposing. Although you have more speed than I,  my hybrids are 18 and 21 with a 23 5 iron. I have PXG Gen 2s with Ventus 8x shafts and they play as accurate as my short irons.

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