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"Low Spin" Models -- Regular vs. X

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Ok, this is the most confusing element of golf for me -- seriously.


Nobody can set the record straight. Even the TXG guys fumble back and forth.


Pro V1 spins less than Pro V1X


BX spins less than BX-S


TP5x spins less than TP5


Z Star spins less than Z Star XV


Snell MTB spins less than MTB-X


Absolutely no consistency...


If I struggle with too much iron spin (and spin in general)... what do you guys recommend.

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Why would you expect "consistency"? The only reason other companies put "X" in the name of one of their ball models is because the "Pro V1x" is so popular. The letter X per se has no meaning regarding

Best I can figure, from core to cover, each layer of a ball can be manipulated (softer or firmer) to achieve the performance target being sought. 

To answer the high spin question, I would look at the lower spin models. 

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First pick a ball brand you want to try.  Pro V1-Pro V1x or TP5-Tp5X or Chrome Soft- Chrome SoftX.  Then play them side by side and see which you like better (don't forget the short stuff and putts).  


Play it for a while, then try another brands similar ball if you want to search some more.  Pro V1 x  vs.  TPX  and see if it makes a difference.  Most of the info/characteristics for every ball are on the back of the box or the company's web site.  They often have a ball selector tool as well.


They are all pretty good - It is more important to play the same ball shot to shot, round to round.

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The X is always the firmer ball. Given two balls with identical covers, the firmer ball will always spin more. You can make the firm ball spin less by either making the cover less soft or thicker, but this will also reduce green side spin. You can make the firm ball spin less by having a less firm mantle, and a firmer core, but the ball will actually then feel softer off partial shots and around the green.

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And to make it even more fun Titleist thought it was a great idea to switch the Pro V1 and Pro V1x attributes a few years ago while keeping the names the same. 


In regards to OP question, I have found the Bridgestone BX to be a great spin killer for me. If you prefer a softer feel give the new 2020 Titleist AVX a try.

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On 11/15/2020 at 5:32 AM, elwhippy said:

A lot will depend on strike, angle of attack and swing speed. People get wound up on the ball and talk about 200 rpm difference as if it means another 30 yards. If you like the ball  then use it.


I agree that 200 rpm is not significant to see any real meaningful distance gains.  However for me anyways, when I start to see 400+rpm difference is when I can start to see 15+yards of distance gain/loss assuming all other factors such as ball speed, launch angle, AoA, etc. are pretty even.  I don't really care for feel of a ball as long as the numbers are good.  AVX is not supposed to fit my swing because it's lower compression.  I get the best numbers because it's really low launch and spin even though my ball speed is in the 170's.  I also play the MTB-X as well. 

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