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UST Recoil 460/780 .355 shafts - do they just sand them down from .370


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Correct they will come tapered to .355, done the right way.

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This is one instance where the taper shafts are made from the beginning to be taper shafts.  My contact at UST a few moons ago told me that for smaller orders (small is a relative term - likely under several thousand shafts) they would take a .370 and sand them down to a taper based on what the customer specified.  For larger runs, the shafts were designed and produced as taper tips.  Ping for example would sometimes order a shaft that only came .370.  They would make them taper rather than start a whole production line for a few thousand shafts.



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3 hours ago, andrevanderpost said:

When you order "special order" taper tip (0.355) shafts from UST - specifically the lighter weight Recoil models. I assume they just take the normal 0.370 shafts and sand them to 0.355?


Looking for input.



No, than manufacture them differently

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Shafts that are .355 design originally are produced that way, models that are not produced as tapers like most of the the lighter weight variants, can be ordered directly from UST where they are sanded by a machine to covert 370 to taper tip. Have used the sanded 370s for many customers who wanted the same lighter weight recoil shafts that is in their irons in their .355 wedges. UST does a great job with this, never had a problem.

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