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Identify the Damned Golf Ball

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A few years ago I returned to Australia for my yearly stay (family connections)  I signed up for the causal Wed comp and struck a reasonable drive to a mogully fairway.  Found my Wilson FG Tour with m

were you in a match or is this a situation where some casual cheating makes sense?

That's partially why I started a Tuesday morning women's practice session at my club.  Gives all of us the opportunity to work on our games including lots of chipping and putting.  I help everyone out

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3 minutes ago, Mr. Bean said:


So you started that practice session to allow yourself to use pink balls..? Bold! 🤣

We are lazy.  We just use range balls.  Spin isn't key for the other ladies and I generate plenty so no need to use real balls.  I used to use pink for practice (Paula Creamer tour ball), but they got so beat up I had to punt them eventually.

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I had a braindead wrong ball this year.  Playing with my friend, Gary.  Both of us are strict ROG guys, mark our balls etc.  Gary *always* outdrives me by 10-20 yards.  We were playing a hole with a blind landing area and a kick off the hill if you drive to the left side. We both hit good drives and when we get to the fairway, there are two good drives, one about 15 yards ahead of the other. 


You can guess the outcome.  I hit Gary's ball (the shorter one).  When he got to his ball, he saw my mark and we figured out what happened.  His was easy to rectify, I knew the yardage I hit from and the spot was pretty easy to find.  I hit mine to about 15 feet, and sunk the putt for a 5.  I then went on to birdie the next hole for (almost) back to back birdies for only the second time in my life.  Scorecard shows 5, 3.  Grrrr!

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I have shared this before but why not again ...


I was playing in a four person team event and on this hole we needed 3 balls (best 3 handicap adjusted scores). Players A and B were in very light rough 100'ish yards out (near each other). 'A' hit a great shot (by any standards and he was a 20+ handicapper) to a couple of feet and then B (low handicapper) hit his ball and it hit A's ball and bounded off the green. 


When we got to the green A said to B "are you playing a Titleist" and B affirmed that. A then said 'oops - we hit each other's balls'. B proceeded to 'his ball' which was some kind of 2 piece distance ball (Topflight, as I recall). We had to have one of their scores and this looked bad with each taking 2 strokes and distance. 


Then B stopped and said "there is no f**king way that I hit this surlyn covered piece of crap on that shot. My ball knocked your ball off the green". We decided that was correct so instead of dropping 2 strokes each and heading back 100 yards, we had a gross birdie putt (no strokes) and gross par putt (with a stroke). Big change. I don't recall if we got 2 net birdies from A and B or not. 



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