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Similar Iron specs, different strike patterns


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I have 2 sets of irons, PXG 0211 and Taylormade P790. Both same length and lie.  Loft within 1/2*. 2 different shafts, TT elevate 95 in 0211 and DG 105 in P790. Swing weight is D0 on 0211 and D2 on P790. I have not had any of these specs checked to confirm. My strike pattern on the 0211 is more out on the toe and my strike pattern on the P790 is for the most part pretty centered. Is there a simple explanation for this? Where should I start? Thanks for any help. P790 is the top picture

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Thankfully the specs here are actually more different than you think. A 95g shafted club at D0 and a 105g shafted club at D2 are actually quite different, with the latter being heavier than you think. You're dealing with both a head weight difference to create the separation in swingweight AND a static weight difference of ~10g that won't show up in your swingweight measurement. In order to approximate the same overall heft/feel of the P790's in their current spec, you would need to be adding a decent amount of headweight (roughly 5-7g depending on club length) to the PXG's. One part of the weight to make up for the swingweight difference and another to roughly compensate for the static weight decrease in the shaft. This could easily explain your different strike patterns, however the following would need to be confirmed to know for sure:

- Grip specs. Different weight grips will skew swingweight numbers. 
- Actual lie angles. On paper they may be listed as the same, but they should be checked to confirm as lie angle can absolutely impact strike point as well.
- Actual length. Same as above, different companies can measure length differently. 

Once all of those data points are accounted for then we can say for sure exactly what is going on between the clubs, but for now the biggest factor is the difference in swing and static weight. 

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Grips are stock on both sets, I have been looking into a lighter grip lately for the 0211. I’m gonna look into getting all the specs checked. As for length, just setting them on the ground side by side with the grips on the ground the match up pretty closely. Anyone in the Pittsburgh area that could recommend a place to get specs checked would be appreciated. I did talk to club champion a few months back about changing shafts and it would almost be cheaper to order new 0211 through the hero program with different shaft than to go through them.

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2 hours ago, Dunny51 said:

Lie and swing weight are almost identical now. I had new lighter grips installed tonight. We will see Friday how it goes. 

hmm...now both sets have same swingweight, but one set has lighter shaft and grip.  I would of probably got the static weight of both, then decided where to add or take away weight from the PXG.

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I have a small digital scale that I balanced both clubs on, no idea if it’s accurate or not but...

0211 14.5 oz = 411 grams

P790 14.72 oz = 417 grams


do these weights make sense? It’s about the difference in shaft weight. 
elevate 96 grams

DG 105 102 grams
if I add lead tape to 0211, how much will it change the flex characteristics of the shaft?

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Five grams Lead wont change shaft flex,i would just play the TMs and also try some lead tape here also.Start 3 grams.Play. I did this with Ping S58 6 years ago..then rebuilt with 6 gram tip weights, i love D3.....

As to the PGXs,buy another set of favourite shaft and grip?Or just give up and sell them.This is golfwrx,we encourage Ho,ing.ps its golfing reality that not all clubs suit all people..move on.My macgregor pcb tour were stunning failure 8 years ago..glowing reviews....

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