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Screw on Iron head on normal shaft

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I think that is an screw in adapter piece. You should be able to take it Champions golf or another club fitter and buy an adapter for the head and the other end for the shaft. It is pretty common for fitter to use those type fittings so they can quickly swap shafts. They are the only guys that have those without buying a large quantity. Maybe available on eBay as well. 

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It's most likely that it is a club head from a fitting cart. I'm not aware of any Callaway iron heads having shaft adapters.

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The adapter I was referring to is epoxied to the shaft tip and has a female thread in the tip that allows the screw you see to thread into. No different than a driver head or hybrid head  and Callaway shaft. Check with fitter for tipping instructions because the tip stiffness and the overall length of the club could be impacted. 

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The seller is obligated to disclose the "fitting cart" nature of the head, it's an easy return for a full refund on eBay(*Item Not As Described*), if you ask me. Do as you wish.

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I am literally looking on the internet for the exact same problem for the exact same purpose....


I have bought a Callaway Rogue Pro 7 Iron off eBay for use on the MCI Fujikura Practice shaft. Gone to fit it and there’s a screw in it.....


ive asked the supplier of the head to take it back - but it’s frustrating as I’m dying to try the shaft out.


Are the sleeves available to buy in the UK?

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