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What is the oldest club in your bag?

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I'm a leftie but I carry my late father's old 1960's Ping A-Blade with me when I play. He bought it, new, when it 1st came out and used it for every single game of golf he played, never used anything

I am the oldest club in the bag... 👍

Still in the bag.......every......single......round

Posted Images

Miura CB-57 Irons.


They made their debut in early 2015 and have held off a handful of challengers the last 5 1/2 years. 


They will be challenged again in 2021....

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Callaway Speed 9° Velcore Blue 6X
Callaway Apex 2H Speeder 904X
Callaway Apex 4H Speeder 904X
Miura CB301 4-5 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura CB1008 6-9 iCWT Proto 105X
 Miura HG 4606 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura HG 5210 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura HG 5810 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura HB 6416 iCWT Proto 105X
Garage Palm Beach Stability 1.0X
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Scotty Newport 2.  I think it was from around 2008-2009 era, but I had the custom shop restore it a few years ago...

Titleist TSi2 Kurokage 50 S 10*
Titleist TSi2 Kurokage 55 S 15*
Titleist TSi2 Kurokage 55 S 18*
Titleist TS2 Hybrid Tensei Blue 70 S 23*
Titleist CNCPT CP-01 5-48 AMT Black Stiff
Titleist Vokey SM7 54*-10 S Grind SM7 60*-12 D Grind 
Studio Select Newport 2
Titleist Staff Stand Bag

Titleist Pro V1


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In January 2020, I replaced my 1996 Taylor made burner irons with adams cmbs from 2012... 


As of 6/5/20

9.5 Cobra LTD Pro with Aldila Silver 110

13 Degree Adams Speedline with Aldila Alpha 

18 Degree Adams A12 with Proforce V2

4 Utility Sub70 699u 22 degree Proforce V2

5 iron Sub70 639 CB with S400

6-PW Adams CMB with Project X 6.0

50, 54, 60 Vokeys

Tank Counter Balance #7 

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My CB2 7-wood. I bought it in the summer of '07. 

JBeam Bullet 10*                           Fujikura Ventus Black 6X

Exotics CBX119 3WD                    Accra Tour Z RPG 372 M5

Exotics CBX119 5WD                    Accra Tour Z RPG 382 M5

Exotics CB2 7WD                          Accra TZ5-85 M5
MIURA CB57 5-7                           MCI MMT-125TX

MIURA Tourney Blade 8-P            MCI MMT-125TX
Chikara V1 Proto 52, 57, 61           MCI MMT-125TX (8-iron)

Cameron 009 33/350gr. 1.5 Beach Prototype (A010656)

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Bridgestone J33 wedges. They came out in 2005.

Driver: Taylormade SIM, 8 degrees (set to 6.5), Fujikura Motore Speeder 661 X-Stiff

3W: Taylormade M5 14 degrees (set to 12.5), VA Composite Drago 75 X-Stiff

Hybrids: Titleist 915H (3-5), Project X 6.0 Flighted shafts

Irons: Titleist 710 AP1 (6-P), Project X 6.0 Flighted shafts

Wedges: Bridgestone J33 (50,56,60), Project X 6.0 Flighted shafts

Putter: Directed Force 2.1 Putter

Ball: Titleist Velocity

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My one, and only, putter:  Ping Anser3, purchased new in 1986.  

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Adams 9015d: 9.5*, Prolaunch Red X, 45"
Titleist 915Fd: 15*, Aldila Rogue Silver 110 X, 42.5", Set to 16*
Titliest 816 H1: 19*, Speeder Tour 8.8 X, 40.5", Set to 20*
Mizuno MP-20 MMC 4-P; Project X 6.0; Std Lofts and Lies
Cleveland 588: 51*, 55*, 59*, DG S-400
Ping Anser 3: 35" with Winn Midsize Pistol grip
Winn Excel Wrap midsize grips

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Yes Abbie Forged.  Traded another Pro where I was working a Ping Redwood that didn't work like 12 years ago I think it was.

Titleist Canada Day Bag:  Red Maple leaf Dormie Headcovers

Ping G410+ 9* w/ Tensei Orange Pro 6x or Titleist Tsi3 10* w/ KK XT 60 X

Titleist TS3 16.5* w/ Kai'Li 80X

Titleist TS3 19* w/ EF T1100 6.0 or TM Gapr 2 w/ RIP Beta 80S

Ping I210 4-U w/ Rifle 6.5 SSx1 or too many or's...

Ping Glide 2.0 54/58 TS or too many or's...

Yes! Abbie Forged 33" or Odyssey Tank Cruiser V-Line 35"

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Cobra Baffler 4 Hybrid with Aldila 65 gram shaft.  Manage to hit this club the straightest of any in my bag, so it's staying right where it is.

In my Datrek - DG lite II cart bag attached via Top-Lok to my Bag Boy - Quad XL - I'm decidedly brand agnostic:

PING - G400 Max 10.5 - Alta CB 55 R

Titleist -TS2 4W & 7W - Alta CB 65 R

Cobra - Baffler 23* - Aldila NV-HL 65 R

PXG - 0211 - 5-PW - MMT 80 S

Cleveland - CBX2 50 / 54 / 58 - Rotex 

L.A.B. Golf - Directed Force 2.1 - KBS Tour - Press No. II 3*

Snell - MTB  Black



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My Taylormade rescue dual, 16 years and counting. Just bought the tp version in brand new condition as well - can’t wait for lockdown to end!

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Taylormade M5 Evenflow Blue
Ping G 17.5
Taylormade Rescue Dual 22°
Ping G410 4-UW
Vokey SM7 56°/14° and 60°/10°
Scotty Cameron T22 Newport
Titleist Pro V1x

[i]Remember, there's no pictures on a scorecard, only a number. [/i]

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That would be my 2 HB.  It's the TM rescue ghost deep face proto tp.  It's my go to on long par 5's.  Launches high and lands pretty soft.  There have been many potential contenders throughout the years but I haven't found anything that significantly out performs it.  My putter is pretty old too.  When I find a putter I love, it usually sticks around for a long time. 

TM SIM MAX 9* w/Ventus Black 7x

TM SIM 15* w/Ventus Blue 8x

TM Tour Issue Deep Face Ghost Proto 2 HB  w/Thump 105x

Vega VDC-01 4i w/Recoil Proto 125 F5

New Level 623-M 5-PW w/MMT 125 TX

54* Miura HB w/KBS 610 S+, 58* Miura w/KBS Tour Black

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1




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Driver: TM Tour Issue 17' M1 9.5 Kuro Kage S
TM 07' Burner TP 3 wood
TM 07’ Burner TP 5 wood 
Mizuno JPX 900 Tour 4-PW Project X LZ 6.0 +1/2
Mizuno T7 52 Satin Project X LZ 6.0 Blackout +1/2
National Custom Works 56 Project X LZ 6.0 Blackout +1/2
National Custom Works 60 Project X LZ 5.5 Blackout  +1/2
Scotty Cameron Studio Design JAT 

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906F2 15° 3 wood.  Came out in 2005-ish, IIRC?  I've had one in the bag since 2007-ish.  Cracked the face on the first one after a few years, picked up an identical one, plus another one for backup, both of which are still going strong.  Just haven't found anything I like better.  


Too cold out to go take a picture of the actual club, so here's one borrowed from the internet:





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17 hours ago, Joe Jordan said:

Would love to know if some of you out there have a club that just can not be kicked out of the bag. Feel free to post pictures. For me it’s my 3wood...it’s a Nike VR Pro LTD Edition.



Up until a couple years ago I was playing a Nike Forged driver and T-40 steel shaft 3w and 5w.


Got a TS3, used 915Fd and a 913 19° hybrid to replace those but my irons are 1994 Hogan blades 3-P.

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Normally it would be my Mack Daddy 3 wedge but its days are numbered just cause it's starting to wear out. But depending on the day it would be some of my putters, but for the most part my bag is pretty new just cause I'm fitted for it. 

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Lefty WITB

Driver: 9° Ping G410 Plus - Tour 65S

3W: 13.5° Ping G410 LST - Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75X

3H: 19° Ping - Tensei CK Pro Orange 90TX

Irons: 4i - 7i Srixon 585 / 8i - PW Srixon 785 - AMT Tour White S300

Wedges: 51° MD3 - 56° Glide 2 - 60° PM2

Putter(s): TP Mills Handmade - SIK Pro Tour Proto - MannKrafted MA/66 LN - and more. 

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My putter Taylormade TP collection Juno. Everything else changes like the wind!lol!

**WITB as of 9/14/2020**
TaylorMade M3 10.5 Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X Black 45' D4
Titleist TS2 15* Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8X Black 43" D2
TaylorMade P790 4-7 KBS $-Taper Black 130X + 3/4”
TaylorMade P770 8-9 KBS $-Taper Black 130X + 3/4”
Titleist SM7's 46* 50* 54* 58* S400 Tour Issue Black Onyx +1/4"
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize
TaylorMade TP Soto 33.5” with Super Stroke Pistol GTR 2.0 - Testing TaylorMade Spider X 33.5"

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I didn't count old putters, as that's super common. So, for non-putter clubs...


A 2001-era Dynacraft 22* hybrid. I've hit all sorts of hybrids since that club came out, but at best, the work about the same, so no reason to change.


My irons are Mizunos from 2004, wedges from around the same time. Yep - most of my clubs are just plain old. But they are very functional.





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Transitioning to graphite, so I'll have one of three iron sets in the bag.  The oldest of those qualifies as my oldest club, Golden Ram Vibration Matched Tour Grinds.  They're from 1983-1986.


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The Ever Changing Bag!  A lot of mixing and matching
Driver: TM Original One 11.5* set to 10*, Aldila RIP Alpha 80 X, 43.5"
3w:  Cobra King LTD, Matrix 8m3 X, 42"
Hybrid:  TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour, NV105 S or DGS400

Irons grab bag:  3-PW Mizuno MP37, Recoil Proto 125 F4 (reshaft pending); 1-PW Golden Ram TW282 or Vibration Matched Golden Rams, RIP Tour 115 R (coin flipping for the reshaft project); 1i & 3-PW Golden Ram TW276, NV105 S
Wedges:  Dynacraft Dual Millled 52*, DGS400; Scratch 8620 DD 53*, SteelFiber i125 S; Ram Watson Scoring System 55*, DGX 7i shaft; Ram TG-898, DGS400; Ram TG-898, NV105 S; Wilson Staff PMP 58*, DGS300; Ram 1982 Commemorative Nickel 58*, Dynamic S; Ram TW282, DGS; Ram TW276, DGS; Ram Troon Grind 58*, Dynamic S; Maltby Design 60* mid sole, DGS400; Maltby Design 60* mid sole, NV105 S
Putter:  Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34"
Balls: Wilson Staff Duo Professional or TaylorMade TP5

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