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Nothing feels like a ____________!

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A little play on the old Mizuno tag line, but in this case, it doesn’t have to be a good thing. Name the most UNIQUE feeling clubs you’ve ever hit. Clubs that if you were to hit them without knowing what they were, you’d immediately recognize that old feeling... good or bad.


Metal: struggling with this... but the Mavrik Max... it was the first driver that I went with a 44.5” shaft, I felt like I often hit this club high on the face. A little hot melt got my numbers pretty nice, but I didn’t like living so high on the face. The feeling was unique up there. 

Irons: Callaway X forged 2009. The whole fave felt so pure. i played these for 10 seasons... wore the chrome off em. 

Wedge: Wilson Staff wedges 2020. Sooo sticky through the turf. I’d know as soon as I couldn’t get the club out of the ground. 

Putter: Muira 009. The first putter I’ve ever felt that harkens back to the feeling of flushing an iron shot and not just hitting a putt. 

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Something that will get you banned for life on golfwrx if you wrote it.

... walking down a cart path with steel spikes crunching under your feet. 

Nothing feels like, a balata golf ball coming off of the face of my 1980 Spaulding Top-Flight forged irons. 

Adam’s XTD TI 3 wood, I would tell that kind of heat off the face if I was blindfolded! 

Srixon Tour Issue Z785 (FL) 9*- Speeder TR 661 X 

Callaway Epic Flash SZ 15* - AD DI 7X 

Cobra Speedzone 3H* - KBS Hybrid Proto 95X

Mizuno MP 18 SC 4-PW KBS C Taper 130X 

Cleveland RTX4 - 52*56*60* - Tour Issue S400 

Scotty Special Select NP2 or Ping Anser Milled 2 

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Like a Srixon V sole ripping through the turf. 

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Taylormade Sim 9* Ventus Velo Blue 7x 

Taylormade Sim Max 3W Ventus Velo Blue 7x

Taylormade Sim UDI 2i Hzrdus Handcrafted Black 105x

Callaway Tour Issue Apex 2019 Hybrid @ 19* Veylix Rome 988X

Miura Tour Issue MC-501 (Low Offset) DG Pro X100

Taylormade MG2 51* SB Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Taylormade MG2 TW 56* + 60* Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Byron Morgan DH89 34.75/70*/2*

Titleist Pro -V1x  or Bridgestone Tour BXS

Ping Hoofer

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1 hour ago, NoTalentLefty said:

Something that will get you banned for life on golfwrx if you wrote it.

I clicked on this thread just to see if anyone else thinks like I do......apparently so! 

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Ping G400 Max 10.5
Ping G400 5 wood
Ping i-e1 4-U Nippon 105 Stiff
Cleveland 588 RTX CB 52, 56&60
Cameron Squareback 1 Studio Select

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A TopFlite XL-300 on a cold day

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Driver - Taylormade M2 2017 10.5*

5W - TaylorMade AeroBurner 18*

7W - Taylormade M4 5HL 21*

Irons - Taylormade P790 4-PW

GW - Taylormade Milled Grind 50/9

SW - Taylormade Milled Grind 54/11

LW - Taylormade Milled Grind 58/11

Putter - Taylormade Spider Tour Black

Grips - MMC +4 Black/Red | Ball - Project A

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1 hour ago, bnperrone said:

That's what I came here to post, except in colder weather. When the wet side of your towel is crunchy by the third hole that's a cold day.

Good grief, different strokes and all that. If that ever happened to me I would walk off the course, drop off my house keys with my local real estate agent and drive until I hit warmer weather.

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Line drive with a wood baseball bat

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Taylormade Original One Mini 9.5° - DG x100
Mizuno MP Fli Hi 18° - C Taper 125
Mizuno MP Fli Hi 23° - C Taper 120
Srixon z765 5 iron S300
Wilson Staff FG62 6-PW - S300 Hard Stepped
TM HiToe 52°/56°/62° 
Ping Dalehead - Odyssey Protype 3  - Toulon Atlanta
2016 RZN Platinum (15 dozen in the garage)


Podcast - "Rough Fairways - A Journey to the PGA Tour" available on Spotify

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This is for the Endo and raw iron fan. I had(they were retired and stolen) a set of the Japan limited edition Black Ox Bridgestone J36 CB's. When I was a freshman in college and back home for the summer. I set some reminders on my dad's eBay account as he knew I wanted to replace my Hogan Apex's. I was at work at the time and I get a text from my dad to an eBay link. '$320, do you want them?'


'Buy them right now' I said.


I played them for 9 years. The most pure, perfectly shaped irons I have seen to this day. I have been around and every time someone looked at them from address and hit them they made a comment. One of the pro's at a club I worked (he was still playing MP-32's) hit my irons one day. 'My god that isn't real, it feels so good', was the summary of his words after every shot.


When I worked at a super high end club I met Aaron Baddeley hitting next to me on the range, and I had my 7 iron propped up on my bag. We were talking and he grabbed it and said 'now this is how a golf club should look' before taking a few swings. After each shot he would chuckle and say 'That's too pure'.


So having Yoro Mizuno MP4's now, and having hit every players iron in the last 5 year; I'm now stuck chasing a swing that will help me replicate the feel of those irons. That or I need to get a set of Baby Blades.

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Callaway Mavrik SZ TD 10.5* - Tour AD-DI 6x

Titleist TS3 16.5 -Tour AD-TP 7x

3- Taylormade P790 - Tour AD-DI 105x

4- Taylormade P790 - True Temper Monaco X

5-PW - Mizuno Yoro MP4 - True Temper Monaco X

50, 54, 60 Raw Vokey SM7 - True Temper Monaco X and S

Odyssey Tri-Hot #3


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Driver---  Titleist 910


Irons---   Stenson Legacy Black and 2009 X Forged. Glad I'm not the only one who's thinking the 2009's are so Pure. Always looking for more but not sure any set will top these 2  from Callaway. 


Wedges---  Ping Stealth.


Putter--- Odyssey White Hot Pro #2

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This thread should be located in the 19th hole or a non golf related header.  



SIM 9.0 Diamana TB Stiff or PXG Proto X+

XR Pro 18 Speeder stiff

PXG 22 Hybrid Evenflow 80G CB Stiff

Ping I210 or 2020 P770 

Glide 2.0 

Scotty 5.5M with custom welded neck

Pro V1X with Alignment aid

Way too many golf bags, but K1-LO walking and Ping Tour Stand riding

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Nothing feels like a.......


 Thin, heeled, Wilson Staff FG 17 Tour Blade, one iron shot, hit off a hard pan down slope on a windy, 38 degree day, using a classic rock hard, pinnacle ball, an x100 shaft, tipped 2 inches, with a 10 year old, crusty GP Victory cord grip.  The feeling can only be described as “electric”.


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