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Mizuno swing weight


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Just bought some Mp54 after wanting bit more help from my Mp32s. Kept the same shafts s300 but the 54s don’t have the same feel through the swing - can’t feel the head as well..


so changing to a light weight grip to increase swing weight. Going from a 52 gram grip to a 30g grip .

think this is around 4 swing weight points ? But not sure what swing weight it will be with the shaft and head in consideration ??? 

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If you can't feel the head,  the best solution is always to add more weight to the head.   Don't waste your time with grips, that's just too unreliable on how it will effect the head weight feel.  And you certainly don't want to sacrifice a good grip size/feel.  So unless you're doing it to match the same grips you have in the mp32's,  you'll be better off just getting some lead tape and play around with adding different amounts at the range.


If you want to know what the swing weight might be, use one of the online tools to measure it.  



Just realize that the results are very sensitive to the accuracy of balance point measurement. Measure out clubs from both sets and compare.  Even if someone gives you the factory specs, you shouldn't assume that your clubs came out of the factory at that value.


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Great advice as always from Stuart G, and I'll just add for the OP, get yourself a swing weight scale and take out the guess work.  Like $60 shipped from golfworks, and you should get a ton of use out of it.  I use mine constantly to dial things in with all of my clubs.  The economy scale from golfworks works great. 


And definitely pick up some lead tape if you don't have any.  Much better approach than trying to manipulate swing weight with grips.



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