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What’s the Worst Feeling in Golf?


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Playing 2 practice rounds before a  big tournament ($140 to sign up), and KNOWING not to go right on hole 1 (par 5, water down the right), only to fade the ball right and of course into the water…


…it gets better…


Then taking a drop in the deep, thick rough, and proceeding to put another 2 balls in the water (it was an impossible lie), and then picking up and withdrawing due to all the mental f*ckery….fml…

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Water hazards.




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Taylormade M6 D Type driver Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 70G shaft (cut to 44.5")

Honma XP-1 3 and 5 wood 

Taylormade GAPR Lo 19* Hybrid 

Byrdie Golf Designs split cavity 4-PW

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80g iron shafts

Haywood 52/10 and 56/12 wedges

Nike Blue Chip 002 putter

Golf Pride Concept Helix grips

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I can think of quite a few, but the thing that annoys me most about golf is when you hit a great shot - and you know it's a great shot; you can see it flying so straight, going towards the middle of the fairway. Your buddies congratulate you on a nice shot, you go back to the cart knowing you're going to have an excellent opportunity lined up for your next shot...


Then you can't find the dang ball 🤬

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1. Go 17 holes with a slice. Come to the only hole on the course with OB left. Duck hook.

2. Blind tee shot on a new course. Absent or crappy course guide. Hit a good shot, executed as planned. Mysteriously lost ball.

  • Cobra SpeedZone 3-wood @ 13.5 degrees - Tensei AV Blue 65
  • Nike VR Pro II 3 iron - Dynamic Gold S300
  • 4-pw Titleist 718 MB - Dynamic Gold S300
  • 50, 54, 60 Vokey SM8 - Std wedge flex
  • Odyssey Stroke Labs Double Wide
  • Ball: Bridgestone Tour B XS


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Having your bowels go full throttle, you are the furthest point away from the club house, no port-a-potty in site, and it’s a treeless golf course and no where to hide.

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Livin' proof that Lefties are not naturally talented.

Driver PXG 0811 X G4 10.5 set to 9.5
3 Wood Adam’s Tight Lie 16 degrees
3-5 Hybrids Epic Flash 17 20 23 degrees 
6-GW PXG 0311 XP G4
52 Degree PXG 0311 wedge 
56 degree PXG 0311 wedge 

Sacks Parenti 39 Putting Instrument 

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Not being able to play when we've got a short golf season here, the weather is absolutley gorgeous, and I can't swing because of a few broken ribs. By the time they heal, I might have 3 weeks left before the weather shuts down all the courses for this year. I have missed out on some fabulous weather and course conditions these past 3 weeks, had to withdraw from some comps that I was actually doing well in, and now just have to say no to all those tee time invitations.


SO - worst feeling in golf - not being able to play due to bad luck (or as my friends say, my own stupidity for mountain biking during golf season).

Cobra F7  Fujikura Pro S

Cobra F6 3 Wood Fujikura Pro S

Srixon Z U85 3 Utility Recoil 95 F4

Callaway Apex Pro 16 4-P Recoil 110 F4

Cleveland RTX4 50, 54, 58

Odyssey Bird of Prey

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Best and worst within 3 holes. Member/Guest Horserace. Alt shot. A gallery of well hydrated players and members watching.


Best feeling: 1st hole, I hole a shot from the greenside bunker for a large skin.


Worst feeling: Two holes later. Partner hits it left of the green. It ends up ON A TREE STUMP cut flush to the ground. Only my partner and I see the challenge I had. Yep...skulled it over the green into said gallery.  Horserace is over for us. From hero to zero in 30 minutes. 

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We have a group of 10-12 players twice a week.  
One is what I imagine the offspring of Cartman from Southpark and Foghorn Leghorn would be.  
Having him in the group is becoming unbearable..

His brother, who is a great guy and a really solid stick is also in the group, so it’s just not a good situation.  

Sim Max 9* Ventus 5S

Cleveland FL 17* HL Miyazaki 43 S

Rescue Mid 19* & 22* S

Aeroburner 5/AW Reax R

Cleveland 588 BeCu 56* & 60*

Yes! Marilyn 34”




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Hitting a bomb of a drive by cutting a corner of a dogleg left/right course.  Hitting it so pure you are sure you are right in the middle of the fairway, but when u get down there you cant find your ball!  

Driver (10.5): Taylormade SIM2 (Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S)
3-Wood (13.5): Taylormade SIM2 TI (Fujikura Ventus Blue 7X)
Irons (2I, 4I-7I, 8I-PW): Mizuno MP-20/MMC/HMB (Steelfiber i95 Stiff)
GW (51/11): Cleveland CBX 2 (Steelfiber i70 Stiff)
SW (56/12): Cleveland CBX Full Face (Steelfiber i70 Stiff)
LW (62/6): Cleveland ZipCore Tour Rack (Steelfiber i70 Stiff)
Putter: Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0 Center Shaft
Ball: Pro V1x Left Dash

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Slipping a disc on my approach follow through this morning on the first damn tee. Was 6 feet from the hole and couldn't bend over to putt. 🤣

Taylormade M6 D Type driver Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 70G shaft (cut to 44.5")

Honma XP-1 3 and 5 wood 

Taylormade GAPR Lo 19* Hybrid 

Byrdie Golf Designs split cavity 4-PW

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80g iron shafts

Haywood 52/10 and 56/12 wedges

Nike Blue Chip 002 putter

Golf Pride Concept Helix grips

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On 12/10/2020 at 6:35 PM, Honeybadger said:

So I started the thread “What’s the Beat Feeling in Golf?” I think it would be interesting to take a look at the opposite- a little ying and yang if you will. It should be interesting to see which thread ends up being longer. 

My worst feeling in golf: 4 putting from inside 10 feet. 


Either skulling or chili dip an iron/wedge after a great drive. 


Also when you don't have it that day, and you are mentally done with 4 holes left. 

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1) The very worse feeling is knowing that the great moments in this game will prevent me from ever walking away despite the fact that golf is absolutely mentally abusing me.  Worse still is the optimism that lessons, practice, and playing experience will be enough get me shooting respectable scores despite years of contrary evidence.  See more worse feeling / mental abuse examples below.


2) Going out for a labor day round with my older brother (who golfed in high school but only gets out 1-2 times a year) and I golf the worse round of the summer and get beaten by 5 strokes. My brother (who's newest club is a 90s era Callaway Bobby Jones) then reminds me our of the last time we golfed (+10 years ago), when I was up a stroke but dumped one in the pond on the last hole to loose by a stroke.


3) I'm waiting for a group to get off the green prior to hitting my approach and a bunch of jerks on the tee box behind start hitting (I've got my two grade school girls riding in the cart with me).  2 holes later they roll a drive to the right of my cart, I'm out 200 yards again waiting for green to clear.  I pick up their ball, play out, and and leave their ball in the cup.  On the next hole they catch up (again I'm waiting for green to clear on a par 3), we get into a nice argument, and I get threatened with a beating.  The ball owner is a member (semi-private) and I see him about half the time when I go out (the only course within 30 miles).


4) On the practice chipping green, my 9 yo girl is 45* to my left off, raking the practice sand trap (like a zen master) and I scull a chip and watch in slow motion as the ball hits her right at the top of her pony tale.  She (understandably) cries for 15 minutes and through 2 ice cream cones I bought as penitence.


5) Short par five, I solidly hit a neon green golf ball, watch it fade slightly off the fairway, perfectly avoiding the middle of fairway sand trap.  Assuming a 2nd shot with both 'go for it' or 'easy lay up' options, I get to where ball should be and cannot find it.   Four weeks later exact same drive on the exact same hole, and again the neon green ball has just up and vanished.


6) Absolutely stripped a drive straight down the middle of the fairway.  Start tracking distance on my app hoping for my first 300+ yard drive.  I'm walking to my ball and  watch a pair of tween boys walk across the fairway from an adjacent park, stopping to pick up something.  Unsurprisingly I can't find my ball.  I questioning the boys (who are now ball hunting in the nearby ditch).  They tell me they picked up a ball that they had lost earlier.  I end up in an argument with a 12 year old, on how I know the Titleist 4 ProV1 with 3 green dots above the T is mine.  He finally tosses my ball back into the fairway after I have to remind him it isn't very smart to backtalk a guy carrying 14 metal clubs.  I don't par the hole, despite sitting 80 yards out after 1 stroke.


7) Decades ago, my Jr year in High School, after 6 years of trying to grind out a decent game, a classmate gets cut from baseball team and decides to take up golf.  By end of an 8 week season, he's figured out how to play and bumps me from the last spot on the Varsity team.  The next year, we've lost our top few guys. I'm a solid Varsity guy but not good enough to qualify for the state tournament individually.  I ask baseball kid why he doesn't come golf again and he replies 'because I hate it'.  Baseball kid screwed me out of Jr year state tournament by join golf team and Sr year state tournament by not joining golf team.

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Laying the sod over a easy wedge shot after the longest drive of the day.


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Callaway Speed TD 9* Fuji 2.0 6X

Callaway Speed 4 wood Fuji 2.0 6X

Callaway Speed 7 wood GD AD DI 8x

Callaway APEX 21 5-AW Catalyst 100 6.0

Callaway Jaws Full Toe 54 XCaliber RT wedge

Callaway Jaws Full Toe 58 Catalyst 100 6.0

Toulon Las Vegas BGT Stability

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Missing a really short birdie putt.  Usually after you stiff one close and have to watch all your partners putt out because they are away.  Especially after one of them drains a long one for birdie.  

Ping G400 Testing G410.  10.5 set at small -
Ping G410 3, 5 and 7 wood

Ping G410 5 hybrid-not much use.  
Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal. 5-G
Vokey 54.10, 2009 58.12 M, Testing TM MG2 60* TW grind and MG3 56* TW grind.  Or Ping Glide Stealth, 54,58 SS.  
Odyssey Pro #1 black
Hoofer, Ecco, Bushnell

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