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What’s the Worst Feeling in Golf?


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Played in a flighted Stableford last Friday (112 competitors). I have 3 or 4 worst feelings from that single day of golf:


- Alley cat gets locked in my shop overnight and pisses on my golf bag. Don't notice until it is in the cab of my buddies truck. We could smell it 10' from the golf cart.

- Realizing that I forgot my golf shoes and wallet about 1/2 hour into a 1.5 hour drive. Played in tennis shoes, soaked feet from hole #1 on.

- Carding a +2 (37) on the front and coming completely UNDONE in the inbound 9 for a +18 54 (while sober no less).

- Getting stuck in traffic on the way home and moving about 2 miles in 2 hours, while my playing partner just mercilessly teases me about the back 9 I just had.      


I'm not sure which of those was the worst, probably the cat piss because that stuff is RANK.

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Hitting into the next fairway...then seeing a cart (or worse a walker) pop out and head straight towards where you think it will land...

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Waiting on a par 5 for the green to clear and then either chunking or topping the next shot, 3 putting from anywhere, losing a ball when you think you're safe. The last one I really only run into at my home course, it's got a lot of tight dog legs with blind tee shots. Some drives look perfect but if they travel too far or take a weird bounce they'll end up OB. 

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Thinking you "got it," only to realize it was a Band-aid for the day.


Getting shut out for the weekend tee-times.


Leaving the course after a round that had absolutely no positives.


Shooting three under on the front and backing it up with a 50 on the back.


Arriving at the course only to realize you left your clubs back at home.

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On 2/22/2021 at 9:45 PM, LeftDaddy said:

When you just completely lose your swing and lose all control over where the ball is going. Went through a stretch about a year and a half ago where this was the case for me. So brutal...nearly gave up on golf because of it. 

I had this happen last year.  It ranks a close second to what I still consider the worst feeling in golf and that is the sh..., sh..., sh..., hitting the hosel. 😱 

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Being stiff and being cold are the worst feelings to me.  If I lose dexterity in my fingers when playing in cold temps it becomes very challenging to gauge distance with putting.  Being stiff is awful, I've learned that if I have an early morning tee time I have to be up quite a bit before so I can get my muscles ready to go.

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3 putting when you had a birdie putt and end up with a bogie.

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The worst feeling is when you truly figure it out (No I don't mean a youtube swing tip) but you work through some issues, find your swing with your coach and start lasering balls, only to show up to your annual friends outing as the same old guy (or worse).

Nothing worse than losing all muscle memory and being drunk behind the wheel for a weekend of golf losing 6+ balls a round.


A skullfucked chip shot can't hold a candle to the agony of my buddies watching me suck for another year. 

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When my putting yips were prevalent, I had 20 feet up the hill after a mighty recovery from the trees. Had to punch fade a 3 iron between two bunkers onto the front edge. 


So I had 20 feet. Uphill, right to left, into the grain.


I hit it 20 feet by. Same putt coming back. I right then lost all touch and feel for putting. I began to 4-putt from 5 feet for around a month. That's the worst feeling in golf.


I've since overcome my yips, and now putt really well, but I remember that.

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To me, the worst feeling is knowing you can't play the game like you did 10 years ago. You spend almost every day from 18-28 playing golf, and then marriage and kids come.


I was never a "great" player. The lowest I ever got HCP-wise was a +2, albeit playing the same couple of hometown tracks consistently and often from the white tees. 


But, I go back and look at old swing videos and realize I'll never be able to swing it like that again. I'll pull out my sticks from when I was in college and realize I'll never wear out a sweet spot like that again.


I'll shoot that round in the high-70s nowadays and be tickled to death about it, whereas I would've fumed over it previously. Maybe once a year, or once every two years a round in the 60's comes out of nowhere just to tease me (and I'll brilliantly follow it up with an 80).

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Last call?

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3 Wood: Ping G425 Max (14.5 Degree) - Hzrdus Black 5.5*
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4 Hybrid: Ping G425 (22 Degree) - CB Alta 70S

5 Hybrid: Ping G425 (26 Degree) - CB Alta 70S
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Vokey (54 Degree) SM7 F Grind - KBS Tour (120)
Vokey (58 Degree) SM7 S Grind - KBS Tour (120)
Putter: Scotty  - Special Select Newport 2.5

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Spending your round playing catch up.


Construction and an accident made me show up only 15 minutes before tee time. Spent 5 looking for my partner. He's in the cart warmed up already. Paired with 2 members and it's our first time playing. They drop bombs from the back tees. I heel one into the left woods. My Garmin watch can't find the course, I don't know my distances. The members drop on to the green. My punch hits a tree, my second gets me out to the fairway. The members have driven up to the green. Wedge up and roll off the back. I get to the green and they've already putt up. I chip on.... where's my divot tool and ball marker?? They tap in and I 2 putt. I get to 2nd tee and they're hitting. Why can't my watch find this course??? Slice my drive. Still can't find the course on my Garmin. My partner tells me there are 3 courses under the name, and we're playing X course. Found it. Now I have yardages. 


Spent 80% of the round feeling like I was trying to keep up, playing outside of my pace and chasing a swing. Couldn't get my heart rate down and I played like it. Did finally find my ball marker on 16, it was in the bottom of my ball pocket for some reason. 

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On 12/10/2020 at 9:29 PM, jomatty said:

For me it has to be having a really good round and thinking you have figured something out.  The , two days later, after thinking about it the entire time, it is time to play again.  You go out excited to play well and put up a good score.  And before the first hole is finished you realize that whatever you thought you had figured out will not help you today and you just don’t have “it”.

Truer words have never been spoken

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