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Who would become pro and have a better career, John Daly II or Charlie Woods


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IMO Charlie is too young. And that aside they need to be judged independent of their parents.


No one, NO ONE, not even his kids - will ever have the determination of prime-time Tiger Woods. 


We'll see.

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12 hours ago, Golfaddict911 said:

Son's of pga tour players John Daly and Tiger Woods. From what we have seen John daly II and Charlie Woods have some pedigree. Will any of them become pro and if they do, who will have a better career on the pga tour?


I certainly hope that both of them will make it. 

Lil John has shown so much improvements and maturity in the last few years. He seems determined to making it on tour.

As for Charlie, today’s performance speaks volume to his talents and competitiveness. He has that fire inside; he just needs to find his true calling and keep that fire going. The only thing that might trouble him in the future is the weight of his father’s name. 


I wish both of them the very best. 


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LIttle John plays and has played realitively full time (via the Gilchrist academy I believe) which means he he has had every conceivable golf advantge relative to his cohort.   Is he a top 100?, 50? 10? 5? 17 year old in the United States? In the world? I honestly don't know.  He definately looks like DI material to me though.  What will his trajectory be over the next 5 yrs?  I play regularly with a couple of recent All-Americans (both 2018 graduates ACC / BIG12) don't know what they looked like at age 17 but he's not remotely like them with short game....doesn't have those hands.


Got nothing to say about Tiger's kid.  Until a teenager, most kids don't self-determine how they spnd their time.

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Easily the most stupid thread!   Aside from the fact one is 17 years old and the other is 11years old. You cant even answer the question because you have nothing to analyze.  Even if they became pro you wont find put the answer until the next 20 years.+

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3 hours ago, pinhigh27 said:

Do either of them have any significant tournament results? 

I believe Charlie Woods just started playing events in the last year or so. He won a couple of 9 holes events earlier this year. Dad caddied for him in a least one of them.




Not sure about JD's son. Hope he does well.

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It’s interesting that we are entering a generation of golfers who, if their dads were successful tour pros, are just about, if not completely filthy rich. 

Not so much JDs kid, but Charlie and especially down the line like if Rory, JT, BK, have kids. I mean, these guys got like “castle money”. 

I don’t sense any pressure from TW on Charlie to be the best at golf. And there would be a ridiculous bar set if Charlie decided to make a run at golf.


Unless he develops an all consuming passion to compete, I imagine he will look to find what he really wants to do. 

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On 12/20/2020 at 9:42 PM, 8602081 said:

What's wrong with Miata?

IMHO really nothing other the fact I will not fit in one of them-- I ain't called Big Stu for nothing----  My apologies guys just had to put that out here. Back to our regular scheduled debate

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On 12/22/2020 at 12:23 PM, farmer said:

They will have access to the finest facilities, teachers, and coaches that money can buy.  So did Jack's kids.  When either start to tear up the top amateur tournaments, then a prediction might be in order.  Until then, leave them alone.


They will have access to the finest facilities, teachers, and coaches that money can buy.  But this makes me think of a discussion I got into with a golf buddy of mine a couple weeks ago about how there's not as many "country club brats" on tour as you would think.  It seems like most of the top golfers in the world still tend to come from more middle class or modest backgrounds.    

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On 12/21/2020 at 3:40 PM, Qqq123xx said:

I can beat both of them. And that's a fact Jack. 

This thread isn’t about me, but let’s talk about me. 

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On 12/20/2020 at 4:21 AM, Hawkeye77 said:

Who knows. 

Only time...


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2 hours ago, dlygrisse said:

This thread isn’t about me, but let’s talk about me. 

Speaking of which, you missed the point. 

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