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HBO: Tiger (2021)

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12 minutes ago, bscinstnct said:

I’ll say this...


If TW could survive that and come out of it, rise to the top again, and end up as one of the most popular and loved sports figures in history.


He should run for office one day!


I mean, talk about being “vetted”. He’s clearly the people choice!


I think the media totally misread the public's interest in the story.  I think people were interested because it was unexpected and shocking, but their attempt to vilify him eventually wore thin because people who were close to him clearly moved on, so why on earth were normal everyday fans going to hold a grudge when he didn't do anything to them? 

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From what I can tell this is a pretty fair doc. It is not necessarily nice, but does it need to be?   I started to listen to Johnny Wunders gear dive but couldn’t finish as his Tiger worship

I hope it's mostly about golf. I could care less about his personal life - it's none of my business. 

Sounds like you'll love the show --- just get to keep re-living someone else's tragedies for personal entertainment.  LOL, now will be giving the thread a hard pass and focus on a well deserved putter

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1 hour ago, stingerfade said:

The second part definitely had a different tone than the first and basically the paparazzi are real scumbags. That national enquirer guy is just a disgusting leech.

Agreed 1000% on this. The only thing the Enquirer guy really added to the doc was just showing how close Tiger was to having his whole marriage/image blown up, and still he kept going forward with the risky behavior.  It was almost like he was going to keep doing it until he got caught.

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4 minutes ago, bscinstnct said:

Stevie! Looks in good shape.


That was messed up TW “fired him as a caddie and a friend."

While I don't think Tiger handles everything well, Stevie made his bed a bit with that one.  He also didn't exactly have flattering things to say about Tiger after he started caddying for Adam.  That's not going to go well in the Woods' camp.


I'm sure he thought eventually they'd both grow past it and there would be a chance to reconcile, but Tiger not only holds grudges, I don't think he even cares to make amends.  I don't think his brain is wired that way.  I honestly think he sees it as some kind of sign of weakness.  I could be wrong. 

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5 hours ago, bscinstnct said:

The reviews of part 2 are in....



“When the National Enquirer is one of the stars of a documentary, you know what's going to follow is absolute trash.



The second and final part of HBO's documentary Tiger aired on Sunday and it's dramatically different from the first. The initial one was deep, thoughtful and fearlessly examined the issue of race in Woods' life.


The second one was ... none of those things.


If you were going to give part two a title it would be: Ewwwwwwwwww.”






The National Enquirer was a star because they caught Tiger with the waitress.  They didn't get decent photos so they continued to follow Tiger ultimately getting Uchitel on her way to Tiger's room in Australila.  

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14 minutes ago, soregongolfer said:

The National Enquirer was a star because they caught Tiger with the waitress.  They didn't get decent photos so they continued to follow Tiger ultimately getting Uchitel on her way to Tiger's room in Australila.  

You just reminded me...


The only person I ever knew who read the NE was one of my best friends moms in high school. She got all of them, the Star etc. 


Man, she was....well, let’s just say we would all sit around and watch her read them ; )

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3 hours ago, bscinstnct said:


Remember the Fruit Loop “dust” at the bottom of the bag! Was like a pure sugar blast!


We had the best cereal.


Sugar Smacks

Capn Crunch

Lucky Charms



And what about Fun Dip. Dipping sugar sticks into pure sugar dust! Must be illegal now. But we weren’t fat because you were allowed to ride your bike all over the town all day unsupervised!






Wash that stuff down with some Nestlie Quik. 🧋🧋

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