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How many of you "seasoned" golfers have gone to distance irons?

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An update to my change to regular shafts and weaker lofts. Played today with a set of Callaway X18 irons which had unisex labeled shafts, which I equate as an "R" flex. Slight wind and temp around 45* and warmed up to the mid 50's halfway through the round. I found that I could now feel the head during the swing and attempting to use a strong(er) grip, I found my self hitting the shots decently and as far as distance, I still had to club up one number, but I attribute that to the temp. I most likely over did the stronger grip slightly, for I found my self pulling the lower (7-W) irons but surprisingly hit the long (3&4) irons really well and with fairly good distance, temp considered. Even though it's only one round and not under the best conditions, the swing felt solid and the ball flights were very acceptable. My driver SS is around 89/90, according to the swing computer at Dicks. Never really payed attention to smash factor and shot angle or whatever other mathematical equations erupted from it. I've always hit a fairly low drive that got a good amount of roll, but I happy enough with driver distance, especially in the summer months. Anyway, I'm feeling a lot more confident with these irons and the prospect of distance gain.   

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@disco111.  I agree with a number points you make regarding distance, and the apparent need to recapture it.  Not finding the chase to be a worthwhile endeavor.  I certainly have not explored nor owne

I don't really understand the attraction of "distance irons".  So you take a 5 iron and put a 6 or even a 7 on the sole , throw a ton of weight down low and suddenly you score better?  I suppose the b

I'm a headcase with irons and distance.  I just feel a need to hit my irons the same distances as when I was a young man.  I know it's all shell game but can't help myself.  G400 irons are in my bag. 

59 minutes ago, tbccgolfer said:

Only thing to watch for when you strengthen the lofts it will add offset to the irons. I can’t stand a lot of offset so 1* is all have added to my sets. I’ve recently given it some thought about goin* back to a traditional loft of 48* PW and weaken 1* to let it be my gap wedge and work my way up to a 24-25* 4 iron.

Yea, the V6's have so little offset now that's not gonna bother me. It also changes bounce but that's ok.

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