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Kansas City Golf - Public or Private


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Going into this next season in KC, I find myself more confused on where to play golf. Private clubs have gotten more expensive and initiation fees are getting pretty crazy. Great life, even with all it's downfalls, is no longer as cost friendly of an option as it was and doesn't allow to play more than your home course without paying extra fees. Public courses are still decent but are already crowded and you need to make a tee time a week in advance in order to secure a decent spot. Maybe its because I find myself on the edge of making a enough financially to feel okay throwing money at one of the $500+ monthly courses. 


I wanted to start this thread to see if the are any fellow Kansas Citians who have a found a public or private course they enjoy, can get consistent tee times at, and feel like are getting their money's worth at. Please discuss below if any of you are out there, looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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I am a member out at Canyon Farms, and I enjoy it there.  Course is in good shape, clubhouse and pool are nice, and it's nice not having F&B minimums since the main restaurant (Silo) is open to the public.  The prime tee times are a bit tricky to get, but I think that's the case at the majority of courses (public and private) around the city.  Since COVID hit, a lot more people have been getting out to play golf.  Canyon is a Great Life course, but I've never noticed any negative because of that in terms of course conditions, etc.  I know some of their other courses (Falcon Ridge, Prairie Highlands) struggled in prior years, but they've substantially improved those courses recently, which is why they cut membership down to where it should be and increased monthly dues.  I haven't played it since they redid it, but I've heard Prairie Highlands is great now.  Being a member at Canyon, you can play the other Great Life courses for basically a cart fee ($25), which is nice to switch things up a bit.  

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A KC golfer here!  I have a regular group that goes early on Saturdays (to avoid slow play) and when permitted (by the wife) get rounds at Falcon Lakes, Dubs Dread and a few others.  For our family we would have to either play lots of golf (all four of us) or have enough cash as to "not worry" about the high initiation fees.  I was told recently that Milburn is up to $29k (ouch); it was $8 or $10 just a few years ago.  

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