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Do you ever switch balls based on conditions?


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Do you ever make adjustments based on the conditions or do you feel like giving up familiarity with the way the ball reacts, your distances with the known ball, and things like that outweigh any advantage you could gain?
I’ve been a believer in playing the same ball.  I’m not overly strict with that, and I will play different balls from time to time if I get a good deal or whatever, but for the most part (probably 90% + of rounds) I play tp5 pix. Lately my home course has been incredibly dry and the greens incredibly firm.  It is incredibly difficult to hold the greens and I wonder if something like one of the spinnier Bridgestone offering might be beneficial.  I haven’t played the new tp5x but was not a huge fan of the 2019.  It was amazing in the wind for me though, and I would make that switch if the wind was really howling (also I had a dozen I wanted to use up so there is that).

Im well aware that at a 6 handicap that this sort of thing is definitely a theoretical discussion for the most part.  If I’m being realistic with my game I can probably play most of the urethane covered balls and get very similar results.  There are things I like about certain balls but how much it translates into better scores I don’t really know, and I suspect it is not much.  
on a related subject how much do you alter your clubs based on conditions and what course you are playing.  In the past I haven’t done that at all, but I’ve recently added a 7 wood and I don’t see myself getting much use out of that in high wind, but a 20 degree iron would start to really help, so I may start making that change from time to time.

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Only based on seasons. 
Beginning of season when it’s still pretty wet and plugging in the fairways etc can lead to randomly losing a lot of balls I’ll play whatever ball.  I won’t start using my regular pro v1s til the conditions improve

Yadi for President

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I play a white TP5X most of the season and a yellow one in the fall.  It helps finding it when the leaves are on the ground.

TM SIM 8* | AutoFlex SF505X at 46.75"

Mizuno ST-Z 15*| Diamana D+ White 7 X 


SRIXON ZX7 3-PW | Mitsubishi MMT 125 TX

Cleveland Zipcore Tour Rack 

50* (Mid) Rounded Edge | Mitsubishi MMT Scoring Wedge 125 TX

54* (Full) S Grind | Mitsubishi MMT Scoring Wedge 125 TX



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Just based on season. I won't necessarily play a Zstar or Chrome Soft in November when the greens are slow and punched. Might switch to cheaper ball or use ones i found throughout the season. Qstar Tour is a good one, i find a lot of those

Callaway Mavrik 9 w/Aldila Rogue White 130MSI 60g

Callaway Mavrik SZ 13.5 w/Aldila Rogue White 130MSI 70g

Ping G400 Crossover 20 w/KBS Tour Prototype 85

Ping G410 4-SW w/ DG S300

Titleist Vokey SM8 60/8 M

SGC Northwood CS 400g

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ProV1x for me all the time. I played around a little while with the regular ProV1 early/late season when conditions are a little softer, but I found that I like having the same responsiveness around the greens no matter the conditions. I'd rather adjust just the type of shot I am playing than have to figure out the variables of both the shot and the ball. 

Callaway Mavrik SZ 9* @8, Diamana BF 60
Titleist TS3 15*, EvenFlow White T1100 75
Titleist TS2 HY 19* @18, EvenFlow White 90
Titleist 716 T-MB 3i PX 
Mizuno MP59 4-6 PX
Mizuno MP69 7-P PX
Miura New Wedge 51* PX
Joe Kwok 57* DG 115 Tour Issue
Scotty Studio Select NP2 2008 33"


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I have 5 different balls in my bag right now. Whatever I pull out is what I hit. Still haven't noticed a significant difference between them, so I still don't have reason to care. Unless I might lose it, then I might not hit the Divide, those were expensive.

Taylormade M3 driver Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 70G shaft (cut to 44.5")

Honma XP-1 3 wood 

Taylormade M1 5 wood

Taylormade GAPR Lo 19* Hybrid 

Byrdie Golf Designs split cavity 4-PW

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80g iron shafts

Lazrus 52/8 and 56/12 wedges

Nike Blue Chip 002 putter

Golf Pride Concept Helix grips

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When it’s windy I’ll switch from a Pro V1 to a Pro V1x as I have always felt it was more stable in blowy and stays in the air in the wind. Don’t need as much spin around the greens as the chip & run shots becomes the required play for me.

Titleist TS2 10.5* Driver

Titleist TS2 13.5* Fairway

Titleist TS2 16.5* Fairway

Titleist 716 T-MB 3-4 irons

Titleist 660 5-9 irons

Vokey SM7 Tour Chrome 48* Wedge

Vokey SM Oil Can 54* & 60* Wedges

Scotty Cameron Tour Newport Putter


 ▒▓██ N █ U █ F █ C ██▓▒

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Posted (edited)

I mainly only switch if the greens are being very unreceptive to approach shots. Then I'll switch to a Ksig or qstar tour. Otherwise I'm usually playing a TF Hammer Control, Srixon Soft Feel, or Callaway superhot matte.  

I like playing vanillla golf and aiming for the middle of the green and when they are super firm you cant do that with surlyn balls(or at least I can't)  


In really cold weather I will switch to a lower compression ball, but they are already in my regular lineup anyway.

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Depends on what I am playing at the time

I have switched based on Wind conditions, the ball I was playing at the time was terrible in the wind

So I switched to a Srixon, which does perform well in the wind

I have decided to play one ball this summer the Snell Black

It plays well in wet, dry, or windy conditions IMO

Driver -COBRA FLY-Z 9.5*

5 Wood - PING G400 17.5*

Hybrid  PING G400 22*

Irons - PING G400 5-UW

Wedges - Callaway CB 54* ; Cleveland CBX2 Full Face 58*

Putter - PXG Battle Ready Spitfire-34in

Ball- Snell- Black



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Continents, Countries, weather, courses, lies / stances  and the clubs used change.


But my golf ball stays the same. It’s the only known constant…..

PING - G20 - 9.5  degree - Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue - X
BRIDGESTONE J33 (15) - Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue - X
MIZUNO Fli-Hi (17+20) - Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue - X
PING  ZING2 Irons (4-PW) - Black Lie angle - JZ Stiff
CALLAWAY MD3 Black (52+58 deg) DG Pro: S300
RIFE Iconic Three Putter -  343g  / 34.5" / 68 Deg 

TAYLORMADE TP5-X Yellow << 2021 Version >>


Regards "Shuv" : sevenfourate's WITB LINK (Click right here):

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Only for the season. Our winters can be very wet so then I play with whatever comes out the bag and I’m just grateful

I’m playing.


once we roll round to summer rules in April I switch back to my preferred ball for that year.

Taylormade M5 Evenflow Blue
Ping G 17.5
Taylormade Rescue Dual 22°
Ping G410 4-UW
Vokey SM7 56°/14° and 60°/10°
Scotty Cameron T22 Newport
Titleist Pro V1x

[i]Remember, there's no pictures on a scorecard, only a number. [/i]

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Posted (edited)



Windy days get low spin, lower trajectory balls. Slow shaggy courses get the 2-pce (low-mid) compression golf balls.  Fast firm courses get the urethane low-mid compression balls. 

Cold months get super soft balls (mostly feel), hot months get the upper mid compression balls.


I even switch at par 3's.  Back pin placements get the lower spinning Ionomer balls, front pin placements get the urethane balls.


None of this matters much (if at all), mostly just mental games (which I enjoy).



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