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How many putters do you have at home?

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~ 30.    I’ve been rotating between a blade and a mallet in the last several years. And I’ve no idea why I need the other 28 putters. 

So, here are the pics of the Mills that were requested. The one b in black ox has never seen the course. More of a wall hanger since you don’t see lefty one b’s much. The soft tail was one I picked up

Looks like 35 is the number...   By brand 16 Byron’s (3 RH)      5 DH89      2 DaKine      3 Channel Island      1 B-17      1 handmade 8802      1 RH hand

Posted Images

Posted (edited)

All these are gamers besides the headcovers. Best part of Cameron's is the value isn't dropping so I see this as a investment haha


Newport Beach 340g

Newport 2 detour conversion 

Newport mid sur

Futura m7

JAT prototype 

2007 catilina classic

Newport 2.5 special select 

Newport classic


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Posted (edited)

I’m not going to go count them because then I would feel really bad, lol, but I’m guessing around 20 stashed in extra golf bags in the basement, maybe more.  Bought and sold probably 50 over the last 10-15 years, and kept the really good ones or the ones too cheap to bother selling.  I might change out my putter 3-4 times a season, but sometimes one just gets hot and might last a season or two until it cools off.


Btw, almost pulled the trigger on that spider EX twice this season.  I really like the navy blue one in the 34” slant head.  The 35” shaft felt to whippy.  

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Posted (edited)

Let's name them and see: Bold indicates gamer, italics indicates some game time or plan to game, underline indicates collector, show piece, planned restore piece.


  1. Kingdom Putter (CNC Creations)
  2. TP Mills Trad II
  3. SIK Pro Tour Proto
  4. NCW Boyd
  5. Miura KM-006
  6. Toulon San Diego
  7. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #2
  8. Edel E-3
  9. Ping Redwood Anser
  10. C&L CL1
  11. Never Compromise Connoisseur 
  12. Yamada Stick of Life


I also have a Kevin Burns 9306 that I'm waiting to get milled, also planning on getting a Kari Lajosi once I sell some extra stuff and maybe a putter from someone else soon. This also doesn't include the dozen(s) of putters I have sold/traded away.


Edit: Forgot one


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Driver: 9° Ping G410 Plus - HZRDUS RDX Smoke Blue 6.0

3W: 13.5° Ping G410 LST - Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75X

3H: 19° Ping G410 - Tensei CK Pro Orange 90TX

Irons: 4i - 7i Srixon 585 / 8i - PW Srixon 785 - AMT Tour White S300

Wedges: 51° MD3 - 56° Glide 2 - 60° PM2

Putter(s): TP Mills Handmade - Kingdom Putter - NCW Boyd - and more. 

WITB Thread

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One in my main bag, one in backup bag, four others here at home, and three in remote heritage storage.


Give me 48 hours to arrange the Heritage Storage Tour. Send $75 to my PayPal account to cover cost of admission.

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What's In The Bag (Summary as of October 2020)


Driver:  Tour Edge EXS 10.5°, weights neutral   ||  FWs:  Calla Rogue 4W + 7W

Hybrid:  Calla Big Bertha OS 4H at 22°  ||  Irons:  Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i-9i

Wedges*:  Calla MD3: 48°... MD4: 54°, 58° ||  Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) + Evnroll Gravity Grip

Ball: Calla SuperHot (Orange preferred)  ||  Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag

For details see:  Pending (need protocol to embed file list).

     * MD4 54°/10 S-Grind replaced MD3 54°/12 W-Grind.

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I'm down to 14: 

1 Cleveland HB 10

1 Nike Method Core MC-01

1 Mizuno M-Craft III

1 Wilson 8802

2 Pings: Anser and C67

2 old Ray Cooks: M1-X and a heel shafted model

3 Odysseys: Rossie II, Metal X 1W, Versa 1W

3 Scotty Camerons: Newport, Fastback, and Kombi-S


I recently sold:

Ping Ally, Anser 2, Sedona, Tomcat, and Craz-E

Bettinardi: BB29 and BB39, Inovai 6.0

A Cleveland


The Newport is the latest acquisition. It's working well but now its jinxed. 

I have an issue, obviously. 


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"I want a hamburger..no, a cheeseburger, I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake."

"You'll get nothing and like it."

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I don't really have many putters, compared to an average WRXer. 

In order of most recent usage:

Cameron Squareback 1

Cameron Newport Mid Slant PP

Ping Cadence B65

Cameron Red X


I have a few different Ping Blade putters that never get used. 

Ping G400 Max 10.5
Ping G400 5 wood

Titleist 910H 19*
Ping i-e1 5-U Nippon 105 Stiff
Cleveland 588 RTX CB 52, 56&60
Cameron Squareback 1 Studio Select

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Posted (edited)

I have bought and sold:


Odyssey White Hot XG #9

Ping Scottsdale TR Anser 2

Ping Sigma G Kinloch

Odyssey EXO Indianapolis

Ping Sigma G Tyne H


Currently have 2, soon to be 3


Original 2001 Odyssey White Hot 2 ball


Current gamer: Odyssey White Hot OG 2 ball lined


Pending: Odyssey EXO 7 mini



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I’ve sold and given away a bunch so I think it’s 8 including the Heel Shaft Offset Bullseye that is the first putter I ever bought. 

Cleveland Classic XL Driver
KE4 5 wood 17* 43”
Maltby MXU 23* 
Maltby Tricept TU 5 Iron
Wilson Pi5 6-PW
Wilson JP 55* SW
Ram Watson Troon Grind 58
Ray Cook M2 Mallet

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Posted (edited)

All of them see bag time. Just depends on the flavor of the week. 

In hand:


Scotty Special Select Squareback 2


PXG One and Done


Odyssey 2 Ball Ten S (Tank/Dual Balance)


TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast (Claw grip)


Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide (Arm lock) 


Evnroll ER5

Coming soon:


Byron Morgan 620 custom 


Some sort of 009/DH89 flow neck




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TSi3 9* / Ventus Black 6x

TSi3 13.5* / Ventus Red 9x

TSi3 19* / Ventus Black HB 10tx

T100•s 4-P / Dynamic Gold X7

SM8 50, 54, 58 / Dynamic TI X100

620 / MC X-Firm


WITB Thread

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One!  Its been that way for about a year I have been committed to one. I still like looking at putters but have not had the urge to buy any which is a rarity for me I used to have several in the rotation. I truly believe that when I have a bad putting round its just that. I doesn't mean I have to seek something new.

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 Titleist TS3 9.5 Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 74 Stiff
Titleist TS3 13.5 set to C1 HZRDUS black 75 stiff
Titleist TS3  18* set to C1 HZRDUS black 75 stiff
Cobra King Utility set at 21* ProjectX Catalyst stiff
Ping I210 5-UW Accra 70i stiff
Ping Glide 3.0 56* Accra 70i stiff
Callaway Mack Daddy 2 PM Grind 60* Accra Hybrex Wedge Shaft
Argolf Merlin Putter with Accra FxP200 Shaft
Titleist ProV1X Yellow

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Please excuse the blatantly mismatched headcovers, a sporting goods store was blowing them out for $2 each, as a putter ho I needed to capitalize on that


-studio select Newport 2 midslant (current gamer)

-studio design 1

-select GOLO 5

-Kia Ma Monte Carlo

- Spalding TPM 2

- Spalding TPM 7

- Spalding TPM 1

-Mizuno TPM 3

-Mizuno TPM 1

-Maxfli Tad Moore TM-2

-Odyssey DF 552



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Posted (edited)

I had the same one for 31 years, then got my "modern" one. I got bored and ordered a few more, some might not come after all.


-Old a** no-name offset

-Tour Precision Milled TPM-5

-T-Line Rainbow 02L blade 

-T-Line 04L 8802 style 

-Just bought and has shipped today Mizuno Tour 940

-Bought a Mizuno TC-140 that the seller says he is having trouble finding at the moment 

-Odyssey White Hot XG clone that seems to be backordered 


So I have 4 in my possession, possibly as many as 3 more on the way, possibly only 1 more.

Edited by lefthack

Taylormade M3 driver Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 70G shaft (cut to 44.5")

Taylormade M1 5 wood

Taylormade GAPR Lo 19* Hybrid 

Taylormade GAPR Mid 21* Hybrid

KZG Forged Blade 4, 5, 7-PW

Mizuno MP-68 6 iron

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80g iron shafts

Lazrus 52/8 and 56/12 wedges

Nike Blue Chip 002 putter

Golf Pride Concept Helix grips

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Man, I am at 3 with a triple track, metal x-milled and a Cleveland classic collection. You guys got me feeling better about moving a couple more into the collection, ha! 

Callaway Mavrik SZ (9*) - (Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60 X)

Nike Vapor Fly (15*) - (Diamana S+ Blue 70)

Taylormade P790 UDI (17*) or Taylormade Gapr Mid (18*) (Hzrdus Smoke 6.5)

Callaway Apex '19 4-7i (KBS Tour V120 X)

Callaway Apex Pro '19 8i-PW (KBS Tour V120 X)

Callaway Jaws MD5 52/10* & 56/10*

Titleist Vokey SM4 60/4*

Scotty Cameron Special Select 2.5 (35")


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Up to eight putters, all center shaft...probably 1-2 too many. SS28 grabbed a travel round this week; otherwise, it’s been Mini Giant all year.


Bettinardi Studio Stock 28

Byron Morgan Channel Island Starshot

Carbon Bandit

Piretti Cottonwood 2

Piretti Teramo

SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange (gamer)

Yes! Pippi-12 Black

Yes! Sally-12 Mid



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Summer 2021

Callaway Mavrik Max 1W 10.5° HZRDUS Smoke 60

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 3W 15° HZRDUS Smoke 70

Ping G400 3Hy 19° & 4Hy 22° NV 2KXV Green 85H

Srixon ZU85 4U Steelfiber i95

Srixon Z585 6i-7i Modus 105

Srixon Z785 8i-AW Modus 120

Cleveland RTX Zipcore 56.10 60.10 DG Spinner

SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange 34.5”

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I have four:-

Scotty Cameron t22 newport

Scotty Cameron 2014 fastback

Taylormade spider x copper slant neck

Taylormade Rossa mezza monza centre shaft


The Rossa hasn’t been played in many years, but when I had a clear out of putters previously it wasn’t worth anything. So I kept it and murdered it out so it’s all Matt black including the shaft. Was just to see if I could.


The spider X I got for a really good deal brand new and is in almost new condition, but after giving it several weeks it’s not performed and I don’t like the spongy insert.


The t22 is my summer gamer and, bar the last 5 weeks, has been since I bought it at release. The Fastback is old faithful and will return in winter when the greens are slow.

Taylormade M5 Evenflow Blue
Ping G 17.5
Taylormade Rescue Dual 22°
Ping G410 4-UW
Vokey SM7 56°/14° and 60°/10°
Scotty Cameron T22 Newport
Titleist Pro V1x

[i]Remember, there's no pictures on a scorecard, only a number. [/i]

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Around two dozen; all Ping unless indicated; *= tour issue/played. Bold for putters I use more than once or twice a year.


PLD Anser (Carbon steel trisole)

Anser JAS Wti

WRX Anser Milled*

Anser F (Ti pixels)

Jim Wells Redwood Anser*

Jim Wells Zing 5KS (SS)*

Jim Wells Zing 5KS (BeCu)*

Zing 5KS (BeCu)*

Anser 2 (BeCu)

Pal 2 (BeCu)

B60 (BeCu)

B60 (SS)

Pal 5BZ (BeNi)

J-Blade 3 (BeNi)

1A Scottsdale Zip (1966)

IVA Scottsdale Zip (1966)

Karsten CO Anser (1967 Dalehead)



Ketsch TR CB 400g

Wack-E IN


Wilson 8802

Nordberg Halvdan Custom


I made a list of putters I have owned at one time or another.  Around 150...



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  • PING G400 Max 9* Tensei Orange 60g S
  • PING Anser 17 & 20* hybrids Graphite Design 85S
  • PING iBlades Green Dot CFS 80-S
  • PING Anser Forged wedges Blue Dot DG Spinner
  • PING PLD Anser (Trisole Carbon Steel) / Nordberg Halvdan Custom








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Currently sitting at 6. Rotating between a few of them. It’s looking more and more evident that the phantom is going to be the long term gamer and the rest will be going on the rack.


Scotty 21 Phantom x5.5

Special select Newport 2

Studio style Newport 2

Terrylium Newport

Classic Newport 

Oil can classic Newport



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How many....?


- inside the perimeter, 6 Putters

- in transit via Fed Ex, 1 Putter

- pending transit via UPS Japan, 1 Putter


.... Guess it depends on the given day! 

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Callaway Epic Speed 10.5° Velocore Red 6X
Callaway Epic Speed 12.0° Velocore Red 7X
Callaway Apex '16 2H 18.0° Speeder Ion 904X
Callaway Apex '16 4H 23.0° Speeder Ion 904X
Miura CB•1008 5-8 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura CW TB•0000 Raw 9 iCWT Proto 105X
 Miura Hand Grind Raw 4606 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura Hand Grind Raw 5210 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura Hand Grind Raw 5810 iCWT Proto 105X
Miura High Bounce Raw 6416 iCWT Proto 105X
T.P. Mills Hand Grind Carbon Fleetwood Proto Stability 1.0X
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Posted (edited)

Listed in most recent in the bag to last one used:

PXG Spitfire

Spider Tour Black

Ping Sigma G Kushin

Nike Method Core 3i 

Bobby Grace V-Foil M5K (one of my all time favorites)

PING B60 iwi

PING B60 G2i



Edited by scott406

Driver -COBRA FLY-Z 9.5*

5 Wood - PING G400 17.5*

Hybrid  PING G400 22*

Irons - PING G400 5-UW

Wedges - Callaway CB 54* ; Cleveland CBX2 Full Face 58*

Putter - PXG Battle Ready Spitfire-34in

Ball- Snell- Black



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I've got 10 or so. Only a few of them are potential gamers, part of why I had a custom done was to solidify its spot in the bag... but the main ones are


Mannkrafted rebar Rattler

SC studio select np2 mid slant

Ping MyDay

Cleveland HB #6 center shaft 

Odyssey works #7 

TM SIM Max 9*  Ventus blue 6-S

Mizuno ST180 3w 15* Tensei blue-S

Cobra BioCell 5w 19* Matrix RedTie-S

Ping G30 4h 22* TFC 419-R

TM R-11 5-PW KBS 90-S

Cleveland CBX 52* 58* DG 115-W

Mannkrafted rebar Rattler 

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Piretti GOAT (sees the most playing time)

Xenon Element

Bradley Widowmaker 

Ping Anser 2 (BeCu)

Odyssey Versa #9 (wife loves this putter so it’s her gamer)


Looking at adding a SWAG Savage Too C to the rotation.  I really get along with Center shafted putters and would like to try a mid mallet.  I try to keep the collection at 5-7 putters at a time.    Have sold numerous Spiders, Evnrolls and SeeMores in the last couple of years. 

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I’m at 16 after selling four on the BST last week. Oh, and I have #17 arriving any day. Lately I’ve been gaming the DH89 b/c I got it in the off season and have wanted to put it through the paces. I’ll probably end up rotating between that and some of the heavier carbon Scotties I have like the Mil-Specs or AOP Newport


  1. Byron Morgan DH89
  2. SC Mil-Spec 350G
  3. SC Mil-Spec 350G (yup, 2 of them)
  4. SC AOP Newport 350G
  5. SC Classics Newport
  6. SC Studio Stainless Newport Beach 340G
  7. SC Studio Select Newport
  8. SC Studio Style Newport 2 350G
  9. SC TEI3 Newport 2
  10. SC JAT Prototype
  11. Mannkrafted MA/66
  12. Ping Redwood Anser star shot finish
  13. Ping Redwood Anser black finish
  14. Oddy Protype #2
  15. Oddy Protype 2Ball
  16. Oddy White Hot Pro #1

#17 is a SC Asia Spec Circa ‘62 #3 350G

TM Sim2 Max 10.5º | AD-DI 6x

TM M5 3w | AD-DI 7x

TM Sim2 19º Hybrid | AD-DI 8s

Callaway X Forged CB | KBS C-Taper Lite S

Vokey Raw SM8 50.12 F-Grind

Vokey Raw SM8 54.10 S-Grind

Vokey Raw SM8 58.14 K-Grind

Byron Morgan Carbon DH89 350g | Scotty Mil-Spec 33”/350g

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