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New Putter. Spider Tour or Huntington Beach.


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Try both, see which one looks and feels better to your eyes.

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WITB Thread

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I've putted both ...


TM Spider Tour has a nice insert, if you like inserts, Great putter for SBST, if you get the double bend neck. Great grips.


Huntington Beach is a nice putter - depending on which model you're looking at. Face is soft for a non-insert. Grips aren't the best. I've owned a few of these putters and always liked them, but never loved them.

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So probably wrong forum


But ironically this is actually my gamer and backup. Both previous post were spot in. If you can try.. Go and test out. I play the hydroblast and it's more forgiving.. But the huntington feels better (I prefer milled) and is better on lag putts 



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G425 Max 19* Ventus Blue 8

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Srixon ZX5 5-7, ZX7 8-PW MMT 105

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Huntington Beach 11s / Custom Spider Tour



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I've putted with the Huntington Beach #10 for several years now. Actually since before they were called Huntington Beach.  Mine is just a "Cleveland Classic #10 designed in Huntington Beach". Love the feel of the milled face but the putter overall is starting to look pretty beat up and worn.  I have experimented with an O-Works 7 a couple years ago and a Spider last fall because they were both the hot things at the time.  Hated them both.  I guess it's the insert.  Hard for me to lag putt with it and hit too many short putts that felt like a stick of dynamite went off in my hands.  I just have to think that insert putters are not for me.  I'll probably find and buy another #10 while you can still find them.  I don't think they make that model any more.  YMMV... try em both.    

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Cleveland Classic Huntington Beach #10 35.5"


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Definitely try them and see. I thought I'd love the Spider, but after rolling a few at Golf Galaxy (on numerous occasions), I just couldn't get down with it. Not sure what it is.

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Taylormade Hi-Toe 58 - KBS Hi-Rev 115s

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I got a great deal on the Spyder Tour and have legit hated it. It's 33", so maybe that's the issue, but just can't get right with it. Everything is a push or some odd sidespin if I find a hand move to overcome the push.

Just bought HB Premier 3 waiting for it to arrive. Can't wait.

Previously gamed Cleveland smart square blade and had a couple good runs with it. Went back to my Odyssey White Ice bc I've been bouncing around. Almost went back to my Methods, but too much is too much.

The HB on the way is basically the same style as my thrift store office practice putter that I roll dead straight in my conference room.

Hoping that's how I find my perfect fit.

Crazy how much a good putter fit can lower your score or at least keep it from exploding.

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