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Cobra drivers


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I don’t know, but their last 3 releases seem to perform really well compared to several years worth of releases immediately prior to the F9. 

Sun Mountain C130-S / Titleist TSi4 9* PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 70 TX / Titleist TSi3 15* PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 80 TX / New Level NLU-01 18* PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 100 6.5 / New Level 902 Forged 4-PW DG TI X100 / Vokey SM8 50,54,58 DG S200 / Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven

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I have played Cobra drivers since the early 90's. My favorites Cobra 460SZ, Cobra L4V, Cobra ZL Encore, and Cobra F9. I played the ZL Encore from the time they came out until I bought a F9 on clearence. I have three ZL Encores in the basement. IMO ZL Encores are the best all round driver Cobra has made. The F9 is a little longer for me and knocked the ZL Encore out of my bag.


I bought an Exotics C721 driver early this yr. and it has been the best driver I have played and the first non Cobra driver I've had in the bag that is going to stay until the next great driver comes along.

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For me it’s been the Radspeed XB or XD. I own both. My Son swiped my XB and I have a XD 10.5 delofted to 9.5 with a wee bit o’ hotmelt in the rear. It’s almost as straight as my G425 and a bit longer. I need to find a shaft I like. I might tip the Motore x F3 a bit to see if it helps.

TM Sim 2 Max 10.5* GD AD-DI 6 S 
Ping G425 5W Alta CB 65 S

Ping G425 22* H Alta CB 70 S
Srixon ZX5 5-PW Modus 120 S
Vokey SM8  50*, 54*, 58*
TM Spider X DB 34”

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I had a F8+ driver in the bag last year and have a RadSpeed this year.  Both have been the best drivers I’ve played.  I’ll give the edge the RadSpeed because its more forgiving.  

Driver:  Cobra RadSpeed 10.5* @ 9.5*-Diamana Whiteboard 60X

Fairway Woods:  Cobra F9 Tour 3 wood 14.5* & 5 wood 17.5*-Diamana Whitebaord 70X

Irons:  Bridgestone J15 CB 4-PW KBS C-Taper 130X

Wedges:  Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 50*, 54*, 60*-KBS C-Taper 125S+

Putter:  Odyssey Stroke Lab #10 

Ball:  2021 Titleist Pro V1

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The best Cobra driver I had was the BioCell +. It performed great. Of course, I traded it away a few years ago. 

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Owned the F6 and F7 and never really thought much of either. Bought the Xtreme last year and sold it too quickly. Decided to buy one again about a month ago. I like the colorway on the XB this year so have one coming tomorrow.  I have a feeling it’s going to knock the Xtreme out of the bag. 

Callaway Mavrik 12*

Callaway Epic Flash 7w

Exotics Trilogy 5h / Xrail 5h -1"

Ping i200 6-GW

Cleveland CBX Full Face 56/60

Callaway Sure Out 64

Cobra Vintage Stingray 40

Titleist ProV1x Yellow

Handicap: 9.2


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F9 was my favorite, shape/sound/feel. Only thing I HATED was the line around the face that would cut balls if hit low or high. I have a Radspeed XB now and its very good, but still not as good as the F9…but is a little more forgiving so 🤷🏻‍♂️🥴😂

DriverPXG Gen4 0811x (10.5) / Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Small Batch PVD 60 (6.0)
Fairway:  Taylormade Sim Max Rocket (14) / Aldila Tour Blue 65 (stiff)

Fairway: Cobra F6 Baffler (17.5) / Hzrdus Red 75 (6.0)

Hybrid:  Cobra F7 3-4 (20.5) / Aldila Tour Blue 85 (stiff)
Irons:  Mizuno 921 Hot Metal (5-Gw) / Project X LZ 6.0 Black
Wedge:  Cleveland RTX Zipcore Raw (54/12) / Nippon Modus 125w
Wedge:  TM Hi-Toe (60/10) / KBS Hi Rev 2.0

Putter:  Mannkrafted MA/55 (Custom)
Bag:  Bennington LQO-9

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My top 5 Cobra drivers I've played are:


1. King F6+: I got the orange crown head as a replacement for a cracked head I sent back to Cobra. Paired with Diamana D+ 62 it's a low spin bomber.  I set the weight in the back, +1° loft to balance out the shaft.  The only one on this list that I still have, besides F9.  It's next up in the bag for my late Summer season driver.


2. King LTD: it's close between LTD and F6+, but ultimately (a lot like F9) had a low-spinner slice miss that I couldn't get past.


3. ZL Encore: just 'cause I have a soft spot for it, my first Cobra driver back in the day. Really too high spin with a 9.5° head in the stock shaft.  Once I put a Radix 6 (of all things) in there it came alive.  I had the red one and still miss it now and again.


4. Fly-Z+: this was the first one with a flippy weight front to back, they nailed the sound and feel, like a wooden baseball bat among a long line of aluminum bats.  Cracked the head or I'd probably still have it (in red).


5. BiO Cell+: I just liked the + line I suppose. This was one of the loudest drivers (looks and sound) of the last 10 years. Hit some bombs with the Radix, lower spin than ZLE.


*F9 was a disappointment for me, haven't tried any of the more recent offerings since our local shop closed.  Nobody else here carries Cobra.


Some pics of my F6+






Fall 2021

Cobra King F6+ 1W 10.5° (orange) Diamana D+ 62

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 4W 16.5° Rogue White 70

Callaway Mavrik Pro 3Hy KBS Hybrid 80

Callaway Apex 19 4Hy 23° EvenFlow Black 85

Callaway 2018 X-Forged 5i-7i / Apex MB 8i-PW Modus 120

Mizuno S18 51.08 56.10 60.10 DG Wedge

Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 CS / Piretti Cottonwood II CS



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I think Cobra makes the best drivers, and it has never been close for me in all drivers I've tested. Their irons are not even worth a second look for me, but ever since I first heard the sound of the original Cobra F Speed series drivers, there's been no better company for that spot in my bag

Driver Cobra RadSpeed 9.0* Fujikura Ventus Black 7X

Fairway: Cobra RadSpeed 3w Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 75 X

Utility Srixon ZX 18* / Fujikura Ventus Black HB 10TX
Irons:  Mizuno JPX 921 Tour 4-PW / Project X LS 6.5
Wedges:  Mizuno T20 Raw 50, 54, 58 / Project X LS 6.0

PutterOdyssey Toulon Atlanta / Ben Hogan BHM01 (37")

BallVice Pro Plus


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I‘ve played the fly z+, LTD, f8+ and the Speedzone.  My top 2 fav were the fly z+ and the Speedzone.  

Fly z had amazing feel and sound and was very forgiving.  Had a little more spin, but kept me in the fairways more often than not.  Speedzone was and is an amazing driver!  Feels awesome on center contact!  You can really feel the ball compress.  Looks fantastic with the matte color and very hot off the face.  Had it with a Fuji Evo IV and it was one of the best feeling combo’s I ever played.

Titleist  TSi3 9* RDX Smoke Blue 60 6.5

Titleist TS3 15*  RDX Smoke Black 70 6.0

Titleist  TSi2  21*  MCA Diamana S+ ltd Blueboard 70s tipped 1" 

Honma  TR21x 4i   Vizard ib-wf 100x

Honma  TR20v 6-PW, TR20p 5i Modus 120x

Honma  48 (49.5) i sole Modus 120x, 54 i sole TI DG s400

Cushman  C&C 1.0 Raw Carbon OR

Scotty Cameron  Special Select Flowback 5.5

Bridgestone Tour B X

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This is a good topic for me. I've had most. Need to get my hands on an F9 though. Never owned a F8 either. Seems like responses are all over the board. I'm not a big hitter, with drives between 200-240. Here are my rankings:


1. F7+ with weight in the heel. My current gamer once again. Has the accuracy kind of close to ZL Encore with added distance and more forgiveness. 

2. ZL Encore with heavier weights. Most accurate driver I have ever played, just not as long. If I was long hitter, I would still be playing ZL Encore. I need every yard I can get. Honestly, when I think about how consistent this club was, I can't say enough good things about it.  

3. LTD Black - Very similar to F7+ but longer and too much fade bias. 

4. F6+ with weight moved 1 slot towards face.

5. S3. The Driver that introduced me to Cobra. Good all around at the time of release. I'd rate lower if it wasn't the club that introduced me to Cobra. 

6. FlyZ+ with weight forward. Bomber but not very forgiving. 

7. Speedzone Xtreme - Too spinny for me however the most forgiving Cobra I have ever owned. 

8. BioCell - honestly didn't play it enough. Just remember it didn't work with me. 

9. Cobra ZL - Least forgiving of all Cobra drivers I owned.


I've also owned TM SimD, PXG 0811X Gen2, Mizuno ST190, Bridgestone JGR, Calloway Epic Flash Subzero, Ping G LS and SF, and Demo'd Taylormade M6 for a couple rounds. 


The only driver that has outperformed my F7+ is the TM M6. I am currently trying to figure out if I just want to switch out my F7+ and Speedzone 3-wood (which I love) for either M6 Driver and 3w. I am also pondering whether to try F9 or Standard Speedzone Driver instead. The M6 seems to be about 10 yards further than my F7+ at 9.5* and I was only slightly less accurate. M6 is longest driver I have hit. 


***Epic Flash Subzero was just as long as M6 but I sprayed more than the others I have tried. 

Edited by AndersonGT

Current 2021 Bag
Cobra Radspeed XD
Mizuno ST190 3W
Cobra F8 19*, 22*, 25* Hybrids
Cobra 2016 Forged Tec 6i thru GW
Cobra MIM 54* and 58*
Mizuno M Craft I 

Titleist AVX


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I've played virtually every model since the Bio Cell.  The Bio Cell is in my son's bag and I have an F9 as my backup. One of the best features is that Cobra has kept the same adapter since the Bio Cell. Makes having different shaft options much easier.

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Cobra King f9/Fujikura Atmos Red TS 60S
Adams Idea Pro 20*/Aldila Blue Bayou 80S
Srixon 565 4-PW / Nippon tour modus 105S
TM TP 52*
Giannini Legacy 3

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10 hours ago, rooski said:

I think Cobra makes the best drivers, and it has never been close for me in all drivers I've tested. Their irons are not even worth a second look for me, but ever since I first heard the sound of the original Cobra F Speed series drivers, there's been no better company for that spot in my bag

Wow.. I need to see how you test drivers, Cobra usually comes in behind Ping and Taylormade for me.

Agree the FSpeed driver was a rocket launcher with the Aldila shaft. And of course the Cobra Forged Tec irons are in my bag. A first for Cobra and me, they are that good.

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I've hit king ltd and f9. I thought the f9 was a good driver. But cobra needs to introduce heel/toe mwt. If they ever offered that in a driver then I'd 100% test it. Cobra is right there for ballspeed with everyone. But not offering the ability to manipulate side-spin keeps me away from them. 


A 8.5 or 9 degree f9 with mwt would have been a phenomenal driver.

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I have owned the following, in order of acquisition: FlyZ, BioCell, F6+, F8, LTD Black, F8+, F9, LTD Pro, Speedzone, RAD Speed.


I'll say the best has been the RAD Speed. Moving the weights up front and low has really helped low mishit performance. After that I'd go with LTD Pro.


One caveat to this is the time from F8 thru F8+ my swing path changed and I didn't realize it so those didn't benefit from me swinging my best.

Cobra RAD Speed 9* : KBS TD 70 Cat 3 / Ventus Blue 6-S

Cobra RAD Speed 3W : Graphite Design AD TP8-S

Srixon ZXU #2 : Nippon Modus 3 120-S

Wilson Staff CB 4-PW : Nippon Modus3 120-S

Cleveland Zipcore 50, 54: Nippon Modus2 120/125 S 

Cobra MIM Black 58 : Nippon 125 Wedge

Piretti Potenza 370g : Breakthrough Technology Stability Shaft - 34"

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Let's see.... I have:


Amp Cell Pro (Red) w/ Aldila ATX Red 65 TX

Bio Cell Pro (Blue) w/ Aldila ATX Blue 75 X

FLy-Z+ (White) w/ Oban Kyoshi White 70 X

LTD Pro w/ Proforce V2 7F4

LTD Black (no longer in use)

F7 w/ Aldila Copper Mamba 75 TX

Speedzone (yellow) w/ HZRDUS Yellow Handcrafted 6X


The face on the LTD Black dented and it went away. All the rest are still used and the best, IMHO, are the LTD and Speedzone. BCP & F7 get honorable mentions. I won't say Cobra makes the best drivers, but they're a lot better than people think. I also have some Mizuno drivers that I am quite fond of..... but that's another thread!




Cobra LTD Pro 9.5° Proforce V2 Black 7F4 @ 44.5"
Cobra LTD Black 14.5° Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 43"
Cobra F6 16.5° Aldila RIP Beta 80 S @ 41.5"
Mizuno MP5 4-PW - Aldila RIP Tour 115 R
Mizuno MP-T5 52, 56 & 60 - TT Wedge
Grips - Grip Master Master Perforated Midsize

Oddysey Stroke Lab V-Line Blk 33.5"

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I gotta say the FlyZ+ and the LTD. Sound, shape, ballflight, forgiving are all perfect. I love the deeper full faces on these models. I’m not a fan of the new rolled top and bottom on the newer Cobras…it’s probably mental but I feel it shrinks the face. One thing is for sure, Cobra has made incredible drivers for a long time. 

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SRIXON ZX5 9.5 MIYAZAKI MIZORE 60X.                                              SRIXON ZX 13.5 MIYAZAKI MIZORE 70X                                               SRIXON H85 16 MATRIX BLACKTIE 95 SRIXON Z FORGED 4-PW CATALYST 100 6.5                                   CLEVELAND RTX4 50* CATALYST 100 6.0                                        CLEVELAND RTX4 54* CATALYST 100 6.0                                         CLEVELAND RTX4 58* CATALYST 100 6.0.                                             SEEMORE mFGP20 PLATINUM 38” SNELL MTB-X

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The F9 was one of their best followed by The LTD & the Encore ZL. I still have all 3 but have recently switched to the TM Sim 2 Max.

Driver: Cobra F9 @ 11.5 Degrees

5 Wood: Cobra RadSpeed @ 17.5 Degrees

Hybrid: Cobra 3-4 OS @ 20.5 degrees

Hybrid: Cobra SpeedZone @ 24 Degrees

Irons: Callaway Apex 19's 6-SW

Wedge: Callaway Sureout 2 @ 60 degrees

Putter: PXG Closer

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Long time Cobra fan had the 350ss ? zl encore, biocell  plus then took a break until I hit the Radspeed. At first with the motore x it was ok but after I changed shafts it became long and then I moved the heavy weight back and it became really straight and still long and it knocked the sim  out of my bag.  

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