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Anyone go 50, 56, 60 for their wedges?


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Yes sir - I go 46 50 56 60.


I like the 46 and 50 for fuller shots but will occasionally use them around the green. The 56, with it’s fuller bounce is my bunker club and my 60 is my get out of jail club. I can’t say that I very often use the 56 nor the 60 for full shots.

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Titleist TS3 8.5 Even Flow White T1100 6.0
Titleist 915Fd 15 Stiff Rogue Black 
Titleist 915Hd 17.5 Stiff Diamana S+
Titleist T100 4-PW 6.0 Project X LZ
Titleist Vokey SM6 50.08
Titlesist Vokey SM7 56.12 & 60.04
Scotty Cameron Futura 5S
ProV1x 2021



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Thanks for the feedback all!  Decided to go 50, 56, 60 with the three new wedges.  I feel like I lose 2-3+ strokes a round with that big gap between my PW and 52 deg, so looking forward to closing that gap.  I have a much easier time taking a bit off of my gap wedge and still getting some height where I don't with my PW.  I also like chipping with my 56 deg so wanted to keep that in the bag.


Thanks again everyone!  We'll see how she goes...

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2 hours ago, deep18 said:

Close. I go 50/55/60 (46* PW) and that covers all the gaps for me. 

I do the same.  I’ve been doing this combination for the last few years and have been very happy with it.  I like the closer gap to my PW at 45 degrees and have always been very versatile around the green with my 55 SW.  

Driver: Ping G425 LST, 9 Degree, Tensei 1K Pro White, 60 X

3 Wood: Ping G425 LST, 14.5 Degree, Aldila Rogue Black 130 MSI, 70 TX

Utility: Srixon ZX, 20 degree, Graphite Design Tour AD-95 X

Irons: Ping i210, 4-UW, Dynamic Gold X100

Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy Forged, 55 Degree & 60 Degree

Putter:  Bettinardi BB8 or SS28 

Ball: Titleist ProV1

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For the longest time I went 50 gap / 54 sand / 58 low bounce lob, but came to a few realizations:


- 90% of the time I was in a bunker I was short sided and needed more loft than the 54 but more bounce than the 58.


- I chip best with my 50 or a short iron, and am better off putting anything and everything from the fringe or fairway. 


- I preferred to hit almost every pitch from 90 yards and in with my 54, varying swing length but usually sticking to a square face. However, the 54 was a little too strong for pitches inside 50 yards, so I would be forced to use my 58 a few times a round for finesse pitch shots.

- I had zero distance control on full swings with the 58, so I never used it for that.

- while I was pretty good at laying the face of my 58 open and hitting flop shots, I almost never truly needed this shot. 

so when I bought new wedges this year I decided to switch it up a bit. I kept the 50 and swapped the 54 for a 56, both F grind. And I replaced the 58 with a 60/K/14 that is almost exclusively a bunker club, and a really awesome one at that. I don’t even practice pitches or chips with the 60 and would only hit a flop shot if I had enough grass to get under it. 

As a result of moving to the 56 my short range pitching game has really improved. High/low, dead/spinny im comfortable hitting a variety of shots with this club, but I’m also not tempted to try to muscle one with it to cover the gap between that and the 50. On those tweeners I’m better off controlling both distance and direction with a shorter swing using my 50.

So now I basically carry two gap wedges and a high lofted sand wedge. this combination really makes me stronger in an area of my game that I was already good at (30-110 yards) and limits my choices to my highest percentage options in areas that I need to improve (around the greens), and most importantly, avoid catastrophic mistakes. 

my favorite on course joke is now reserved for my playing partners: “I don’t always hit my sand wedge 150 yards, but when I do it’s from a greenside bunker.”

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A couple of years ago I was trying to blend specialty wedges into a prior iron set with a 46* PW.


Did a rough Vokey fitting and came up with 50-56-60 as recommended lofts. I would have needed 56 to get enough separation from the 50.


Sometimes you'll get an odd loft break if the set PW has a hotter face than the specialty irons.

What's In The Bag (Summary as of October 2020)


Driver:  Tour Edge EXS 10.5°, set 9.5°; weights neutral   ||  FWs:  Calla Rogue 4W + 7W

Hybrid:  Calla Big Bertha OS 4H at 22°  ||  Irons:  Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i-9i

Wedges*:  Calla MD3: 48°... MD4: 54°, 58° ||  Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) + Evnroll Gravity Grip

Ball: Calla SuperHot (Orange preferred)  ||  Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag

For details see:  Pending (need protocol to embed file list).

     * MD4 54°/10 S-Grind replaced MD3 54°/12 W-Grind.

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I am a poor wedge player but found a DCI LW that feels great with 12 deg. bounce which I'm going to use as a sand wedge and 80 yards in. It feels so balanced(more weight near the hosel) I ordered a used set of DCI irons to complement it and will be using my 49 deg. PW for anything up to 125 yards. I have more clubs at the top end of my bag for now but may change later. I feel like having only 2 wedges for now may help me develop more feel in the shorter half shots because as it is now I rarely get up and down if I'm more than 20 yards off the green.


Macgregor M38 - Big Bertha 4, 7w - Titleist DCI 990B 5i-PW, DCI 962 4i, LW  - 8802

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Yes, Tiger Woods. 

(Well, almost. His PW is 49 degrees).

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TM Sim Ventus Blue 6x || TM 300 Mini Ventus Blue 7x || TM Sim2 5w Ventus Blue 7x || Mizuno Mp20 4-9 Modus 120 || Vokey Sm8 46f 50f 54d 60d Modus 120 || Ping Tyne 4 || Titleist Pro V1 || Golf Pride CP2 Wrap/Pro

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This season I’ve been experimenting with the 50, 54, 58 setup, and also the 52, 58 setup.


After testing wedges that were 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 over the last 2yrs these were my findings:


-Prefer using a 54* vs a 56* (or 52*)

-Prefer using a 60* over a 58*

So if the 54 and 60 are my preferred lofts for shots within 100yds, the only GW loft that makes sense alongside them is a 50. 

Next move for me will probably be to get a 60* and test out the 50, 54, 60 setup…we’ll see how it goes.

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Callaway Epic Max LS (10.5*) / Hzrdus Smoke 6.0

Callaway Rogue (15*) / Aldila Synergy 60 S

Callaway Rogue (19*) / Aldila Synergy 60 S

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max (19*) / Fujikura Ventus 7-S

Srixon ZX5 (4-5), ZX7 (6-PW) / Modus3 Tour 120

Cleveland RTX Zipcore (52, 58 Mid) / Dynamic Gold Spinner

Evnroll ER 1.2 Tour Blade (36")


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I've used 50*/56*/60* for years but my 60* rarely gets used. Only on tight chip or bunker shots. I used to go with a 52* instead of a 50* but it left too much of a gap between my 46* PW. TBH I could get away with just using a 50* and 56*. Years ago I tried a 50*/54*/58* but I hated chipping with a 54* Much prefer using a 56*.

Edited by RH82

Cobra Speedzone (10.5*)

Cleveland Launcher FL (14*)

Callaway Apex (20*)

Srixon ZX7 (4-PW)

Cleveland RTX-4 (50*/56*/60*)

Taylormade Spider X Tour

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I've been using a 55/60 combination since putting my Golden Rams back in the bag (49* PW).  I'd been using 52/58 with my MP37s.


Its reminded me how much I like having a 55* wedge in the bag.  It tends to get a lot of use around the greens, and moderate range pitches; the 60* is used primarily as a specialty club for shorter chips and pitches, as well as bunker.


If it's of value, the 55* is a Ram TG898 56* bent 1* strong.  Decent amount of bounce.


The Ever Changing Bag!  A lot of mixing and matching
Driver: Original One 11.5* (tuned down), NV75 X -or- SpeedZone 10.5*, Aldila ProtoPype 80S, <44" TBD

3w: King LTD, Aldila RIP Beta 90 X -or- TM Stage 2 Tour, Aldila NV105 X
Hybrid:  TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour 2h or 3h, NV105 S -or- RIP Alpha 105 S

Irons grab bag:  3-PW Mizuno MP37, Recoil Proto 125 F4; 3-PW Golden Ram TW276, NV105 S; 2-PW Golden Ram Vibration Matched, RIP Tour 115 R
Wedges:  Dynacraft Dual Millled 52*, SteelFiber i125 S -or- Scratch 8620 DD 53*, SteelFiber i125 S; PM Grind 19 58* -or- Wilson Staff PMP 58*, Dynamic S
Putter:  Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34" -or- Cleveland Huntington Beach #1, 34.5" -or- Golden Ram TW Custom, 34"
Balls: Wilson Staff Duo Professional, TaylorMade TP5

GripMaster Roo or Kidd leather grips

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I personally like the 50, 54, 60.  Used to be 52, 56, 60.  54° is mostly for partial shots, and I like the lower flight.  Also I feel like chips and pitches can stay low with a bit of shaft lean while maintaining bounce by opening the face a little. 


It doesn't take much to open a 54° wedge into 56°.  Here's a thread I posted last year...  Not that you'd replace wedges like this, but shows how much loft you get when opening (same decrease in loft when closing):


D1 Adams XTD, NL60TX D2 Titleist TS2, D+72X 5W Titleist 915F, D+80X

3I Srixon Z 545 4I Mizuno MP-H4 6I-PW MP-54, C Taper Lite X

GW Nike VPC, Tour V X 54, 60 Cleveland CBX, DG S300 Cure CX3

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On 7/14/2021 at 4:58 PM, mjedwards409 said:

I've been hitting the same Acer XC wedges for going on 10 years now, so looking for a change.  Looking at the Maltby TSW DRM's.  Right now I have a 52, 56, and 60, which has worked pretty well.  My biggest issue is the gap between my PW (2007 Callaway X forged, 45 degrees,) and my 52 degree.  My stock PW goes between 140 and 145, and my stock 52 goes for about 117-120.  I find myself struggling in that 120 - 135 range, especially when I need to have it come in higher and softer.  (My knockdown PW, even if I pull it off, comes in a little lower and hotter than I'd like)  I want to put a 50 degree in the bag, as I find myself having a little more luck taking some off of my gap wedge than my PW, and hopefully I can shrink that gap a bit between gap and PW.


Anyone go with the 50, 56, 60 combination?  I was also thinking about 50, 54, 58, but I like the higher bounce options in the Maltby for the 56 and the 60, because I play mostly in softer conditions.  Thanks!

Are you sure your 2007 X Forged PW is 45*? I thought stock is 47* but maybe bent 2* strong? in anycase bending to 46* and going 50, 54 & 58 may work best yardage gap wise (that's what I'm going and I play 2007 X Forged also) have you got any more options other than Maltby to get the correct bounce?

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I use a 46* PW. I would never play a set stronger than that. I have been using 50-8/56-10/60-6. I've been wanting to switch to 54/60 or drop a wedge and go 52/58 to add a club at top of bag. 

TSI3 9˚ Tensei White AV Raw 65S 

ST200 3W Diamana D+ 70S

Mavrik Pro 20˚ KBS HY 80S

Z U45 NS Pro 1150

Z 745 5-PW - DG S300


RTX-4 50M/56F/60L - TI S400

(GP Z-Cord)

Toulon Las Vegas H7 - CT Tour Pearl White

21 Pro V1X

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I don't like having a large gap between my PW and my gap wedge, for the reasons the OP stated (not enough height or spin with a "knockdown" PW on firm greens).  Also, I'd rather not have to routinely hit "partial" shots from that distance, as I have these distances a lot.


My wedges are 48* set PW, 53* set GW, 57* (high bounce) SW, and 60* (low bounce) LW.   The 5* between the PW and the GW still produces about a 12 yard gap on "full" swings.  I'd rather my "partials" be between the gap wedge and the sand wedge, since I don't really like hitting the 57* with a full swing, and I still seem to get good stopping power with a partial 53* GW.   Yep, that is 4 clubs between 48* and 60*.  For me, its about always having the optimal tool for the job around the green, so I carry both the 57* and 60*.  They do different things because of the different bounce/grinds.   

Taylormade M5 9* w/GD YSQ
Exotics EX9 15* w/GD YS-7+ 
Titleist 909h 19* and 24* w/NV 105
Adams CB3 5 and 6 Irons w/Pro Modus3 105
Adams CB1 7-GW w/Pro Modus3 105
Vokeys: SM4 58M-12 (57*), WedgeWorks SM8 60T-04, w/RIP Tour 115
Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #5
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  • 50 for 115-125 yds full shots and bump and runs 
  • 56 for 80-105 yds and some other half shots. 56 is my go-to wedge for chipping and bunkers. 
  • 60 for 40-75 yds, flops and spinners


I love this setup and have tried 52, 58 and some other configurations. 50,56,60 gives me the most shots and I think makes the game more fun. 

905S 9.5 Graffaloy Blue S
Ping G25 3 wood Diamana D+ X

Ping G25 3 hybrid S300
Mizuno MP-18 4-PW S300
Ping Glide Stealth 52*/ Ping Tour S 56*/Ping Glide 3.0 60*
Scotty Cameron Mil Spec 350 35”
Pro V1

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46/51/57 works well for gapping for me. I hit all of them full as needed, no issues with the gap between the 51 and 57 for covering any distances that may fall between the two. Have also played 50/56 and 51/56, basically same story. More important for me to have the right gapping from pitch to gap wedge and then pretty easy to knock down my 51 to hit, say, a 110 yard shot. 

Callaway Mavrik SZ 9* @8, Diamana BF 60
Titleist TS3 15*, EvenFlow White T1100 75
Titleist TS2 HY 19* @18, EvenFlow White 90
Titleist 716 T-MB 3i PX 
Mizuno MP59 4-6 PX
Mizuno MP69 7-P PX
Miura New Wedge 51* PX
Joe Kwok 57* DG 115 Tour Issue
Scotty Studio Select NP2 2008 33"


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Just make it easy on yourself, go 45-50-55(bent)-60… you’ll see your distance control go through the roof. 

Callaway Mavrik SZ 9 deg  / Fujikura Ventus Black Velocore 6x

Titleist TS3 3 wood / Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7x

PING G425 Hybrid 19.5 deg / Ping Alta CB Slate 

Mizuno JPX 900 Tours 4-PW / KBS C-Taper 120 Stiff

Titleist SM5 50,54,60 / KBS 610 Stiff

Taylor Made Spider X Chalk  

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Having a 6° gap between my GW through LW is a bit too much for my liking.  I wanted to maintain a 4° gap in all my irons from 6 iron on.  My wedge lofts from PW-LW are 46°, 50°, 54° and 58°.  My favorite wedge out of the bunch is my 58°.  It has been in my bag since 2016, still has plenty of life (and groove depth) left in it and is not going anywhere until the grooves are worn nearly smooth.  



Driver:  TaylorMade 300 Mini 11.5° (10.8°), Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S Velocore

3W:  TaylorMade M4 15°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S

Hybrid:  TaylorMade Sim2 2 Iron Hybrid 17°, Mitsubishi Tensai AV Raw Blue 80 stiff

Irons:  Ben Hogan 1999 Apex blade 3-E, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

GW / LW:  Scratch Golf 1018 forged 50°(bent to 52°) / 58° DS, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

Putter: Byron Morgan DH89 GSS custom, Salty MidPlus cork grip

Ball: Taylormade TP5

Grips: BestGrips Augusta Microperf leather slip on

Bag: Sun Mountain 2.5 stand bag


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