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Highest one hole score?

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This topic came up the other night after the league. The answers and related tales ranged from "man, you're an idiot", to wow.


I'm sure this International forum has some impressive stories


I'll go first.


13 on a par 4.


To help date the tale, I had just unboxed my Wilson Fat Shafts.


#1 Decent drive into the fairway left me a 140ish yard second over an abyss.


Using my brand new shiny 8 iron I proceed to SHANK #2 into the parallel OB forest, Drop, then SHANK #4, Drop, then SHANK #6, Drop, then Shank #8, say something like "F%#@ these irons", Drop, then punch #10 over the canyon with a 7 wood, chip #11 on, then two putt for my 13.


I almost threw away those irons after that round, but ended up playing them for a few more years.


In any league round I (we) have many individual bets/Nassaus, one of my stroke bet partners was in the cart with me that day, he was smiling as he was feeding me Srixons....


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I'd have picked up long before that.  The only way I would've continued is if I was in a tournament.


Best thing I ever witnessed was a guy in a local club championship make an 11 on a par 5.   4 Balls OB off the tee and made eagle on his 5th ball.  Full on Tin Cup 15 years before the movie.

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Highest score I made excluding when I was a beginner was a 10 on a par 5. Big lake down the right and neither of my first two cleared any part of it where re-teeing wasn't the best option. Managed an 80 for the round though. 

Titleist 917 D3 9.5* Kiyoshi Black 65-05
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Titleist 818 H2 19* Ventus Black 10-TX 
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Special Select Squareback 2 w/ SuperStroke Pistol 1.0

ProV1x- or ProV1x

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I had a 13 last year - on a long par 5. In a tournament...so no picking up.


Here's how it went...Blew drive way right, but it was actually on the fairway of a hole on the adjacent par-3 course. And as luck would have it...one of my FCs put his right over with me...he was ~5 yds behind me. 

The route back to the fairway was either (a) chip sideways (but actually have to go slightly backwards) towards our fairway, or (b) "hero" shot over trees back to our fairway but being able to advance it 175-200 yds. But you have to clear the trees w/ min 160-170 yd carry at a decent amount of height.

So of course my FC pulls out what I guessed was 6i  and blasts it back over.

I had been about to play back sideways...but how can I do that once he cleared the trees...haha 😆


Forgot to add the trees are thick...if it goes in probably <10% chance of finding it. 

So of course, catch it just fat...hear it hit branches. The 3rd playing guy says "I think it almost cleared but I couldn't see it". So I announce to play a prov., and proceed to blade the prov right into the thick of the trees. Not my head is spinning...but I take 1 more prov => trees again.

Then I take 4th prov -and chip sideways back to fairway.


We look and never find any of the first 3...so I'm laying 8 - and get down in 5 from there.

Looking back I should have played sideways the 2nd shot - but I thought from what the guy said that I would be able to find my first...definite brain freeze. So shot 53 the front...but recovered to shoot 40 on the back.

TM Rbz Stage2 3w (15) & 3 hyb (19)
Mizuno MP-64 4-Pw
Mizuno MP-T5 50-7
Titleist Vokey SM-4 54-8 & 58-12
Ping TR 1966 Anser2

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I've made a 9 on a par 5 in a tournament. So a quad is the highest I can remember


I hit the same tree twice lol. Also three putted. All in all a disaster.

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A couple of years ago I had a 13 on a par 4. Nice hybrid off the tee, something like 105 in over the water and in true Tin Cup fashion I proceeded to dunk several shots in the lake. That was our 4th hole and I was even until then. I then played the rest of the round in -4 for +5 gross, but posted a -2 for the 18.  The next week my buddy had an 11 on a par 5 and changed his mindset and started pin hunting the rest of the round. He ended up winning the league game that day.  Golf is a funny game, that's for sure.

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I might as well admit to my recent blowup. Hit my 3rd on a Par 5 into a penalty area in front of the green, ball was in some long grass and I stupidly decided to play it despite knowing my bad swing hitch the makes those kind of shots way harder for me. Several hacks later I was still in the hazard, in an even worse lie which I then took an improper drop from for a 2-shot penalty. After knocking it back and forth across the green a couple times I putted out for a smooth Decuple bogey 15.

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Having flashbacks about a round that I obviously compressed in the back of my mind to hopefully forget about. 


2009. Second day of a tournament at what was our club. First day I shot 74 and I believe I was somewhere around the lead, maybe even tied for it.


First hole is a par 5 with woods/water all down the right. 558 yards. Miles of room left. Honestly the easiest tee shot on the course to keep it in play. 


Shot 1: 45 nautical miles right

Shot 2: Penalty

Shot 3: Punch off a tree and into the creek

Shot 4: Penalty

Shot 5: Shank into the hazard

Shot 6: Penalty

Shot 7: Punch off a tree, across the fairway into left fairway bunker

Shot 8: (Mind you, still 300 yards out from the green) Iron blocked right, off cart path, back into hazard

Shot 9: Attempt to play out of hazard, ball moves about 2 inches

Shot 10: Penalty

Shot 11: Punch to about 150-ish out

Shot 12: Bladed an 8i that went off the cart bridge and into the creek

Shot 13: Penalty

Shot 14: Bladed a wedge from about 70 yards over the green into the wild flowers (free drop)

Shot 15: Chunked pitch

Shot 16: Bladed chip

Shot 17: Chip to 10 feet above the hole

Shot 18: Barely tapped the putt and watched it roll 15 past

Shot 19: Drain-O (thought about fist pumping)


This is 100% a true story. I'm shocked I remember every shot, but then again: how could one forget?


14 over par after hole 1 in the second round. I believe I played the last 17 holes in 4 or 5 over for something like a smooth 90 with a 19 on a par 5 (par 71). 


I will also note that I birdied the second hole for the biggest bounce back ever, but promptly doubled #3. 😆


The guy who I played with that day shot 66 and won. Glad to know because I don't have a lot of those scores in my bag. 

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On 7/17/2021 at 11:33 PM, PNWGuy said:

"17 on a par 5 in a round that I finished in 10 over. "


Humble brag.


😂 in retrospect I see it now but when typing all I felt was the enormous amount of frustration that I felt on the day 25 years ago. My apologies!

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Ping G30 4-W, U, and S irons 

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Played in a tournament when I was younger. Got nerves on the 1st tee with everybody watching. Sliced my first 2 shots OB. After I pulled out my 4iron I was hitting 6 in the fairway. Finished with a 11-12 to open the tournament. Not great Bob.


But in casual golf with friends we have a rule that you cannot exceed double Par for the hole. So the worst you can take on a Par5 is a 10, Par4 is a 8, ect. It helps keep everyones emotions in check that they didnt just take a 14 a ruin their entire round in 1 hole.

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I scored a 9 on the par 4 9th hole at my home course in a 2 day invitational tournament a few years ago.  I may have had 10 on par 5s in the past.  I think 5 over is the worst I have been over par on a hole.  Of course my memory isn't what it used to be and I try to erase those bad holes from it as not to be reminded of them in the future.

Driver:  TaylorMade 300 Mini 11.5° (10.8°), Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S Velocore

3W:  TaylorMade M4 15°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S

Hybrid:  TaylorMade Sim2 2 Iron Hybrid 17°, Mitsubishi Tensai AV Raw Blue 80 stiff

Irons:  Ben Hogan 1999 Apex blade 3-E, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

GW / LW:  Scratch Golf 1018 forged 50°(bent to 52°) / 58° DS, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

Putter: Byron Morgan DH89 GSS custom, Salty MidPlus cork grip

Ball: Taylormade TP5

Grips: BestGrips Augusta Microperf leather slip on

Bag: Sun Mountain 2.5 stand bag


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4 years ago during a tournament.  500 yard dogleg right par 5.  Tee shot generally played to carry the swamp, but there are some tall trees that knock down weak slices.  I hit 5 shots into the swamp, finally hit my 6th over and carded a 14. And the funny thing, I was trying to play it safe, lol.  Just play my standard cut (at the time) with my 3w so I didn't risk anything stupid with the driver, lol.  



In the bag

Driver: Taylormade Sim2 Max 9*

4w: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero

Hybrid:  Apex 19 3h 20*

Irons: Callaway Apex CF 19 4i-AW

W1: Vokey SM7 54* S

W2: Vokey SM8 60* L

Putter: Swag Handsome Too

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13 on a par 5, during our club championship.


It was a few years ago at my old club. It was day 1, I was playing in the "A" flight (the one just below the championship flight). I made it to hole 14, which is a dogleg par 5 with OB on the left. I was actually playing pretty decent until this hole. 

I teed up the first shot. Pull-hook into the OB on the left. Pulled a second ball out of my pocket, repeated the same shot OB left. Had to walk over to my bag to grab a third ball from my bag. I was quite perturbed, so I teed it up quickly, and did not take a practice swing. Big mistake because I hooked it OB again. 


Now I'm teeing up shot 7, and don't I hit the most beautiful draw that flies perfectly over the tree on the left corner, leaving me sitting position A in the fairway? I grumble to myself "why couldn't you have done that with the first tee shot?"


We then drive up to my ball, and we had to wait nearly 15 minutes on the group ahead of us. It was a very slow round that day, I think it took nearly 5.5 hours. Once they cleared, I was hitting my 8th shot. I hit about a 200 yard shot which is a layup to the creek that sits about 50-60 yards in front of the green. 


Had to wait another 10 minutes for the group ahead to clear the green. Once they did, shot #9 was a pulled GW that went OB. Sigh... 


Dropped, and hit my 11th shot onto the green. 2-putted for a nifty 13. An experience I never want to repeat ever again. 

Titleist ProV1x
Titleist 915 D2

Callaway Maverik 3W
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Callaway Apex irons 4-PW
Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5
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Most strokes on a hole: 13 on a par 4.


Reading some of the travails in previous posts reminds me of something I had to do recently. A hole was going so badly OB, topped ball, etc. I started putting hash marks on my card to keep track. One putted for a 10.


In a two man scramble my partner and I were just above the green in two (par 4). Ended with a nine. Not sure how we kept track.

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A 10 on a par 5 two years ago during a tournament.  There were three creek crossings  on that hole and I found ALL of them.  The worst part is soaking my socks playing out of the water.  Humbling experience to say the least.  I don't remember my score from that day as it as been "Control, Alt, Deleted"  from my brain.


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