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Golf in Tahoe, air quality

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It's like a fog in the morning, then blows away a bit as the day goes by.  It definitely is causing a feeling like allergies - stuffy nose and itchy eyes - where there is less circulation or lingering.


As for the courses, they were not empty when there.  But I guess it depends on the level of smoke. 

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I’m in the area every week. Air quality’s has been between bad and really bad depending on which way the wind is blowing.


Having said that, due to it still being the tourist season, the golf courses are still doing good business.


Played Coyote Moon yesterday and the air quality sucked. But the course was busy.

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20 minutes ago, jjr said:

It sucks right now, do not come up here, I don't see anything changing for a week minimum.

I saw on our bay area local news this morning that the sky over the lake was orange just like the bay area last year with the fires. I've never seen the lake look like the color shown on TV as well. A friend live in South Shore and he says to stay away.

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If flying to Reno, also be prepared for possible cancelled/re-routed flights.

While RNO won't show "delays", because there aren't issues taking off, it's landing that's the problem. Watch this throughout the day: https://www.flightview.com/airport/RNO-Reno-NV/arrivals (Yesterday, about 70% were cancelled/re-routed).

Here are the cancelled flights from yesterday (around 18-20%): https://flightaware.com/live/airport/KRNO/cancelled_destination The other 40+% were re-routed to other airports.

I was supposed to do work in the area a few weeks ago, BOS-LAX-RNO.  Only some of the larger aircraft are landing, most aircraft going into RNO, however, are the smaller regional craft and are having issues and/or just cancelling flights. I got to LAX, but flight to RNO was postponed 4-5 times and then eventually cancelled. While I was supposed to depart LAX at 2pm, the 8AM flight took off from LAX, circled for a bit, and went back to LAX and landed at 1:30pm. (*it's a 1 hr flight from LAX). Everyone was like, cool, our plane is here... but people getting off? Not happy. 

Got flight back to BOS. Supposed to go back in a few weeks. Don't see it getting any better. 



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