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3x3x1.5 hitting cage


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Hi all,


I'd be interested if anyone has done this




I've got a basic 3m high net set up and I have 9ft from ball to net (using a garmin r10)...but I'm nervous off hitting over the net (been close!) with my 60deg and also I've lost a ball to the side once so far


Possible solution ?


I don't have the spare space to justify a full 3x3x3 cage in my garden and I was thinking of making a 3x3x1.5 cage with the 1.5m being the depth part. I'm hoping that this will be enough to catch my high and wide shots....anyone done something similar? 1.5m is basically 5ft....so the ball will only have 4ft to travel before getting to the boundary of the cage entrance but still give me 9ft of flight

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Depends on what you want to spend. Net Return has basically a 10ftx10ft net. It's expensive. They also have a smaller home series with a "No Fly" attachment that is so skied balls and wedges don't get over it. You could also get a 10x10 net and put some conduit into the ground and hang it on a string or wire that's strung together at the top.

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My setup is 6ft (wide)  by 9ft (high) with a right side kick about 2 ft.  Distance from the net is 8ft. 


I am using a Mevo+, 7ft back from ball so a total of 15ft Mevo+ to net.


I have not hit the top of the net yet but I am close,  You could do a 1-2ft over hang from the top, to try and catch the LW.  Do you need to be 9ft from the net. What is the closes the R10 can read to the net?



My space is relatively small,  but I have been having a blast with the setup have not *knock on wood* missed so bad that needed more space.  

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Hello FM


I already have a 3m x 4m net strung up between two poles and it is fine except for the fear of going over the top ( although I could just ditch the 56 and 60 when using it ). I'd like a 'cage ' style setup for the added security but I can't justify the full 3x3x3 cage and the space it needs.


I can buy 30mm galvanised tubes and connectors to make a 3x3x1.5 cage for around £95 and i have most of the required netting....but I guess my question is has anyone tried such a set-up and did it suffice...or should I really go for the 3x3x3 if it was possible space wise

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