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Are your shoulders working correctly?


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Interesting. But maybe danger of over thinking in the actual swing of what each shoulder is doing.

Find that also thinking of keeping the club in front of you and maintaining the arm torso triangle helps to maintain the width and stopping the right arm angle becoming too great (collapsing).

Like their Robin Hood drill for a feel.

The exercise I often do is the Light House drill to help automate as it were the shoulder movement.i.e letting it happen.

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Really a fantastic video.  The avatars that show what's going on without swinging the club create a much clearer picture.  I've been working on the protraction of the lead scapula for a while now.  I thought I had it pretty good, then about a month ago everything fell apart and when I looked at my swing on video for the first time in 4 months, it was a dumpster fire.  


I went back to working on the left shoulder protraction, but focused more on the right arm (particularly the right elbow and wrist).  But this video clarified a lot of things I couldn't quite picture and therefore, couldn't understand.





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Dana’s Ben big on left shoulder for a while now.








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Great clip, cleared up a lot of things for me.


Edit: I've had an arm over bend issue forever and went through period where I did not but now I have had it again and suspect the lead shoulder protraction or lack of it is a key reason. Pretty stoked to hit the range and work this a bit.

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This is great and really kinda confirms what I've felt was a huge breakthrough for me over the last few months after getting some really great info about HOW to actually turn. 

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So I worked with this and found it be quite helpful. Never was really aware of lead shoulder action in the way AMG talks about. That "protraction" of shoulder while keeping arm from going across chest, early on, really does add width and keeps it all in front a bit better. Found that my trail leg needed more anchoring so as not to sway with the reach to P2 but when it came together , yeah, some pretty good results. Good video, solid way to resolve takeaway issues and get in right position to knock it stiff.

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8 hours ago, Golfbeat said:


And what are those swing thoughts that they interfere with good info?

Normally, I'd just focus on maintaining width with my arms while turning back. Focusing on the shoulder takes my mind away from that and I end up with a complete shoulder turn but my lead elbow winds up a little bent or something else happens with my arms.

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