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Golf Pride +4 series grips, reviews?


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They are a terrific grip.  you can go completely down the bag with them (obviously not putter unless round is your thing).  The best of both worlds with firm and soft surfaces/feels.  unfortunately the only issue I have with them is the weight of the midsize.  They are heavy


Driver:  Taylor Made SIM 2 Max D w Ventus Blue 5 Shaft tipped 1 inch

Fairway Wood: 2014 Adams Tight Lies 14* 3 Wood w PROformance 80g X Shaft tipped 1 inch

                           2015 Adams Tight Lies 22* 7 Wood w Kuro Kage 65g S Shaft tipped 1 inch

Irons:  2014 Taylor Made Tour Preferred MC w KBS Tour S shafts 4-PW                      
Wedges: 2014 Taylor Made Tour Preferred 52,56(Tour grind), 58(ATV grind) w KBS Tour V Wedge flex

Grips:   Kingrasp Midsize Composite Rubber (Budget Iomic - Amazon)
Putter:  Bastain Milled Fusion Golf Prototype 1 of 1 Plumbers Neck w Project X 6.0 @ 33.75" w Super Stroke GTR 1.0
Ball:  Kirkland Signature V3.2

Bag:  Ogio Shadow Fuse 304

Glove: MG DynaGrip Elite

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Love the Tour Velvet +4.  I changed everything to them now.  However they are in short supply due to Asia supply issues.  Plus a container ship with grips on them sank this Summer, so they're hurting all around.  

DRIVER:  Vacant


IRONS:  Vacant

WEDGES:  Vacant


BACKUPS:  PING Vault 2.0 Ketsch


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TV midsize +4 thru my bag, love em. Fit my hands properly, helps keep me from squeezing the things to death. Windex and terry cloth every couple months, still like new. Love the grey endcap too, not that has anything to do with anything lol. 

TM SIM Max 9*  Ventus blue 6-S

Mizuno ST180 3w 15* Tensei blue-S

Cobra BioCell 5w 19* Matrix RedTie-S

Ping G30 4h 22* TFC 419-R

Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 DG Pro S300

Cleveland CBX 52* 58* DG 115-W

Mannkrafted rebar Rattler 

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Like the size of the MCC +4 midsize, but not a big fan of the bottom-hand material.  My hands sweat a lot, and the top-hand section is great for grip, but the bottom-hand section gets slippery as hell when it's pretty hot and humid outside.  Club fitter for my new irons thought I would like them, since I had midsize full cords on my old irons.


I also (accidentally) got the TV midsize +4's on my new wedges -- Cleveland built the wedges with the wrong shafts and grips, told me I could play with the wedges until the correct shafts were in.  The TV actually seem better for overall grip, may go to those for all my clubs to get away from the slick bottom hand on the MCC's.


Now that I think about it, the construction of the MCC doesn't make much sense overall, unless you play without a glove.  Even with as much as my hands sweat, I don't seem to have any problem with my top hand grip, no matter what type of grip, as long as I'm wearing a glove.  It's really only in the bottom hand section where I would need more grip, and that's where they took it away.


Anybody know if there's a midsize, full cord grip out there with reduced taper like the +4's have?


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59 minutes ago, VanTheMan0519 said:

I’m insanely borderline between standard and a mid. Thinking of doing standard +4’s with 2 extra wraps. 

I’m the same and the MMC +4 with 2 wraps is perfect. 

another alternative is the Winn Dri-Tac midsize. It’s a softer grip than the GP +4, but seems to be in between a GP standard and GP Midsize 


I have the Winn Dri-Tac in all my woods and hybrids to have lighter grip pressure, and I’m sweeping them a bit more. I like the hardness of the GP MMC +4 in my irons, because I like the  feedback on the strike better! YMMV

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