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P790 vs Srixon ZX5/7


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Nearest fitter for srixon is 3 hours away. I don’t mind doing that. 

loved my fit for the P790’s. Tried all Mizuno and Titleist t200 as well. 

Looking for thoughts on any generation p790 vs the srixon zx5/7’s


forgivess differences. Etc. 



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lol this right up my alley....


First I'll refer you this post:  


So I have some first hand knowledge of the P790s but actually game/prefer my ZX5/7 combo set.


For me comes down to couple things:


1.  Performance wise the ZX5 long irons (4-6) are some of the easiest long irons to swing.  For me they give me a nice trajectory that hold the line with the Nippon 105 stiff.  I actually play the ZX7 with the Nippon 120s and love the soles in them and they also launch well and give me a little extra spin to hold greens.   Relative the p790s which for me launch high and may go a little longer, but I just didn't get the spin with them and felt like I was always putting from the back of greens or going longer than expected.  Also seem to get quite a few fairway flyers with the P790s when I thought I hit a good stock shot but would end up 10 yards longer for no reason.


2.  Feel.  I love the feel of the Srixons....they truly feel buttery on solid strikes (ZX7 a little more so as expected).  Like the kind of tasty hit you feel in your inner loins - the satisfying thump that makes you want to play more often or just hit balls to feel it again.  The 2021 P790s felt pretty clicky to me.  Solid strikes felt good, but not great...


3.  Forgiveness - I think they are pretty comparable.  


I would say it depends on what you are looking for....I would say the P790s probably play a little longer throughout the set and hotter off the face but to me the Srixon combo is more predictable and feel so much better.  Just my 2 cents.


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Why is this sh*t so hard lol


I too felt like the P790’s were the easiest to hit of any club. I cranked one in the middle and legit thought I missed the ball. Like a basketball going throw the hoop but not feeling any net. I do worry that the 790’s are to hot. I know that sounds crazy. But I went from a 168 yard 7 iron (2008 circa AP2’s) to some around 185-188 with P790. More to do with going from a 125gram X100 to a 105 gram X100 too. 

well sounds like I’m making a three hour trip lol


or just buy both sets 🤔

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I just listed my 2017 p790s on the BST because I moved to a zx5/zx7 combo 😝

In my experience, the switch was mostly about feel and dispersion. What everyone has said is true: both zx5 & zx7 feel terrific when struck well--like a true one piece forged iron. I just never got that feeling with the 790s, a little clickier even when I hit a great shot.

The difference in distance/spin to me was negligible between all three irons. All within a 100 or so RPMs and within 1-3 yds on average. However, when I launched a p790 just a hair lower it really takes off. That didn't happen with the Srixons, it was tough to break out of my stock yardage on good shots.

That was really my only criteria for upgrading: if I found an iron that gave me the same distance gains I was seeing from the P790s that felt better and produced more consistent yardages.


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Just my opinion and experience. Both great irons but depends on what you’re looking for. The P790 are longer but also hotter and in my experience inconsistent. Hot shots, dead short irons, I never knew what the ball was going to do but overall hit very long iron shots with them. Srixons, consistent ball flight and distance and hot enough. To me better feel on flushed shots and better feedback throughout the set. 

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5 hours ago, rooski said:


  1.) Great feel
  2.) Wonderful performance
  3.) Amazing looks

  1.) Great customer service so they can replace your clubs when they break

Srixon also has great customer service, so I’m only giving TMAG a half point on that one!! 😉🤣

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