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Right toe pain - what brace works best?


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I have been practicing a lot and my right toe is hurting slightly. I am right handed. Did anyone have the same issue and how do you solve it? I am thinking about a brace but not sure which is the most effective. I see Half Spring Steel Insole, Carbon Fiber Full Shoe Rigid Insert, and Turf Toe Brace but not sure which one works best. Please recommend.

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Never heard of toe pain due to practicing a lot.  I used to hit 1100-1400 balls a week, and play 18 least once.  Depending on your age, you might get it checked out.  It could be early stages of Gout.  A 40yr old friend discovered that was his problem.  Just a thought. 

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Could be turf toe from pushing off your right toe a lot.  Ice, occasional anti-inflammatory meds and rest. 

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I have right turf toe, not from golf but from playing nerf soccer with my son inside my house on the carpet during winter. It happed about 12-13 years ago and it hurts like fricking hell but much better now. It still bothers me occasionally, mostly during the colder weather. I just suck it up and limp around. 


Seeing a foot doctor will help though. I did at that time and it did not help me much.

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:I have never had this diagnosed by an actual doctor. These are just my guesses and my remedy.)

I get self diagnosed turf toe occasionally. Basically, I get pain in my big toe, on the right foot, when it bends. I assume this is from over extension in the latter half of my swing.

I actually just use medical tape to brace it. Nothing fancy. Here is a video of what I basically do. It keeps my toe from bending upward, and that seems to keep the pain minimal. My "turf toe" normally self heals after a few weeks, as long as I dont continue to aggravate it.


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My right toe has hurt for 20+ years.  I kinda just accepted it as how things are and took some NSAIDs.  That said, I use it to push off in the swing pretty hard, so the answer may be a swing change for some.  


Could also just transfer the pain to a different place and kick that can down the road.

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I have had the same experience that you are having.  This is how I have dealt with it.  Preload with 400mg of ibuprofen before range session or a round (I am a walker 72y.o.).

I also got one of these from amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Carbon-Fiber-Insert-Rigid-Womens/dp/B07NJ8QMVY/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=Carbon%2Bfiber%2Bfull%2Bsole%2Binsert&qid=1634757476&sr=8-6&th=1

It's a carbon fiber full sole insert.  It has completely eliminated the pain under the ball of my foot.  Good luck and hope this helps. 

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Search here for hallux limitus, because that’s probably where you are headed.  Get a shoe modified by Larossa Shoe in Massachusetts.  Tell Bill Larossa you want a rocker sole, and stiffened.  You’ll probably need some good leather Footjoys for this.  

Long story short, I wish someone had told me about this when I was only at your stage.  Instead I toughed it out and it only got worse.    I tried the taping, inserts, and ibuprofen.  But the shoes are buying me time, at least.


See a doctor, don’t screw up your foot like I did.

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