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What's your combo set?


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If you play a combo set, what are you playing?


I'm more interested in hearing/learning about a setup like using T200s in long irons and then T100Ss in mid and short irons. But if you're using hybrids in there, please feel free to share.


Out of a set of 718 AP1s, where the 4 and 5 irons are constructed differently from the other irons anyway, I changed the shafts to Recoils on those two irons. I kept 6-W stock.


For my next set of irons - whether I buy them this afternoon or in a year - I think I want to do something similar and want to hear what's working for you. Blending sets... using graphite in the longer irons... etc.


As my ball striking has significantly improved, I'm even considering blending across three different types of irons to transition into my wedges (SM7s). Anyone going across three different "series" in their irons? I've seen some places selling pre-configured irons sets, but no one is doing something like 4,5 in X; 6,7,8 in Y; and 9,P,W in Z?

Driver: TM SIM Max

Fairway: TM M6 (5W)

Hybrid: TM M3 (3H)

Irons: Titleist 718 AP1 (4-W)

Wedges: Titleist SM7 (54, 60)

Putter: Titleist Newport 2

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Im currently using an Apex 21 combo set.


I have the 4-7s with the Apex 21 and the 8-AW as the Pro's.  All shafted with the MMT 95 stiff shafts and I love them.  I'm actually looking for another set to keep as a backup because I love them so much.


I couldn't be happier with the Apex's and I've actually never played Callaway irons before.

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I built a very nice combo set with KZG CB's 3-6 and KZG blades 7-PW with the CB's bent 1* to match the blades. Problem was I liked the blades too much. 🤣


But I could see another combo set but go from 6-PW blade like P7MB with P770 5 and 6 maybe?


<edit> I have 80g graphite shafts in all my irons.

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Taylormade M6 D Type driver Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 70G shaft (cut to 44.5")

Honma XP-1 3 and 5 wood 

Taylormade GAPR Lo 19* Hybrid 

Byrdie Golf Designs split cavity 4-PW

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80g iron shafts

Haywood 52/10 and 56/12 wedges

Nike Blue Chip 002 putter

Golf Pride Concept Helix grips

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Srixon ZX utility 4iron-Mmt105tx

Mizuno Hifli 5&6-mmt125tx 

Srixon 785’s 7-pw-mmt125tx 

Cleveland cbx2 48(bent to 50)-mmt125tx.


Preferred the shape off the Hifli’s vs 585’s and same story for the 785’s vs mizzy mmc’s or tours.

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Callaway Epic Max LS 9* w/ GD XC 6TX

Tour Edge Exs Pro 220 16.5* w/ Ventus Black 7X

Callaway Epic Flash 7 wood w/ TP 8TX

Srixon ZX Utility 4 iron 23* w/ MMT105TX

Mizuno MP18 Hifli 5&6 w/ MMT125TX

Srixon 785's 7-pw w/ MMT125TX

Cleveland CBX2 48*(bent to 50*) w/ MMT125TX

Cleveland Zipcores 54/58 w/ DG tour spinner shaft.

2021 Ping Kushin IV w/ BGT stability tour shaft

ProV1 Left dash

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It looks like the t100s and t200 are meant to be blended, however I know a few Golf Pros who have P-4i T100 and 4i and 2i in T200. They basically ignore the number. 


My favorite blended set ever was titleist CB(P-7)/AP2 (6-3). Similiar now would be CB p-7 / t100 6-4. I have hit both that woukd be an awesome set if you get your gaps correct. Could even throw in a 4i or 2i T200 (new T200 is a rocket launcher)


Full set of zx7s for me right now just wanted to jump in. I looked at combis for a long time. 

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I think combo sets just make sense for those of us with "average speed."  Using GI mid-irons keeps my gaps at 10-12 yards, with good height, down through the 5 iron. 


My current set uses Adams CB3 5 and 6 irons, and CB1 7-GW.  The CB3's are so easy to hit, I plan to try putting the 4 iron head on a lighter graphite shaft to see if I can maintain good height and distance gapping down through the 4 iron, rather than going to a hybrid in that spot.  


I have an older, very similar set but with 3 different "series" of irons in the combo -- Pro Black MB short irons, CB1 mid irons, and CB3 long irons.  I'd probably still be playing these if they weren't pretty much worn out. 


I also have a set of the chrome Titleist 735CM's, which are a really beautiful "factory" combo set. 




Taylormade M5 9* w/GD YSQ
Exotics XCG 16* Hybrid w/ProForce V2
Adams Pro Hybrid 20* w/VS Proto 95
Adams Pro Mini Hybrids 23* and 26* w/VS Proto 95 
Adams CB3 6 Iron w/Pro Modus3 105
Adams CB1 7-PW w/Pro Modus3 105
Vokeys: SM4 TVD 52M, SM8 56D, SM7 60L, all with Pro Modus3 115 Wedge
Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #5
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U510 1 iron, T200 3 iron, T100S 4-PW.


I had 3-PW T100's and found I didn't use my 3 iron much for distance, so I figured I'd ignore the gapping and just get another long iron - almost a driving iron. I think it works well but I haven't had the chance to use it on course yet thanks to hand surgery last month. I've played 9 holes since and didn't anything longer than a 5 iron (and driver).


The combo gives me 4 degrees between the 1 and 3 irons, and only 2 between the 3 and 4 but with a bit more speed off the face. I don't really think of it as a straight combination, but a slightly different tool to use.

Edited by steventoo

Titleist TSi3 9*  | HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 60/6.5

Titleist U510 16* | Ventus Blue VeloCore 9X

Titleist 2021 T200 3 iron | KBS Tour 120S

Titleist 2021 T100S 4-PW  | KBS Tour 120S

Callaway Jaws MD5 52 | KBS Tour 120S

Callaway PM Grind 58* & 64* | KBS Hi-Rev 2.0

LAB Golf DF 2.1 Custom | Accra x LAB

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You can combo anything. 5-7 P790, 8-W P770 CB. Matching shafts, 790s bent 2 weaker. I also will blend 5/6 790 with 7-W Miuras when I'm not feeling it to go full 5-W that day. 


I like the added ball speed on meh hits above 160y shots. If on my game the CB's are lovely and feel better however the toe-y 6 iron that carried the front bunker by 3 yards yesterday is one of the moments where I appreciate the 790.


The game is hard enough as is. 

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So when I originally got fitted for my MP-20s I was playing 4-5i in the MCC and 6-P in the blade. I have always played blades and at the time of my fitting was hesitant to even have a 5 iron in the MCC as my eye was so used to the blade. Since then I have now replaced my 6,7 & 8 iron with the MCC and am only playing the PW and 9i in the blade. Super weird for me as a lifelong blade player, but something about the MP-20 MCC just does it for me now that im used to the look. So to answer the original question clearly I am playing the MP-20 blade PW & 9i and the MP-20 MCC in 8i-4i. I know thats a weird combo set, but its what ive found works best for me. 

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I'm Mizuno MP-20 also. My original set was 5-6 HMB, 7-9 MMC and P MB. I've now gone with 6 MMC and 9 MB. Great breakdown for my bag. 

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Cobra F9 9, Fujikura Atmos 6s +1.5 
Cobra F9 3-4 Tour with Project X Hzrdus 6.0 +1.5
Cobra King Utility 20.5 Elements Chrome S 20.5
Mizuno MP 20 HMB 5-6, MMC 7-8, MP 9-P KBS C-taper Lite R
Scratch 1018 KBS 50
Scratch 1018 KBS 56
Nike Engage Toe Sweep 60
Yes! Mollie with Sense R grip

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Currently have TM P7MC in 3-5 and P7MB in 6-PW.  This is my first combo set ever and I will say the P7MC in the long iron took some getting use to.  Last set was a full P730's.  With a full season of the combo set, i will never go back....

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TM Sim 2 9.0* Ventus Blue 6x- Velcore
TM M1 3W- Fuji Speeder Tour X
3-5 TM P7MC  KBS Tour 130 XS

6-9 TM P7MB KBS Tour 130 XS
50* & 58* MG3- Black 
Black Lab BL-1 365G

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3 hours ago, jyamat said:

Currently have TM P7MC in 3-5 and P7MB in 6-PW.  This is my first combo set ever and I will say the P7MC in the long iron took some getting use to.  Last set was a full P730's.  With a full season of the combo set, i will never go back....

100% this. It took me a minute to get used to the MMCs, but now that I have (and im getting older and fatter) I dont see myself going back.

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The combo configuration in the bag depends on my bones and impulse.  With that said, I am a traditional feel player so can't (for reasons I won't get into) mix a variety of clubs and expect to play good golf. 


Currently, I have low-end 620 MB series and 620 CB series on the high end.  My 2 iron is 718 T-MB blade like.  Titleist designed 620 MB series then purposely designed CB's to blend in with MBs, making specs relatively similar, but not exactly the same.  One difference is MB spins the ball more.  Both heads have progressive heel to toe blade lengths, only CBs are slightly longer and have a tad more offset as opposed to MBs. 


Here's what's big for me, I've had the 620s since late 2019, and still can't wait to play golf using them.

  • Titleist TS2, 9.5 Ventus 5 Series S
  • Titleist TS2, 4wd Ventus 6 Series S
  • Titleist 718 T-MB 2i Tensei AV White AM
  • Titleist 620 Series 3-4i Tensei AV White AM
  • Titleist 620 Series 5-PW MMT 125
  • SM6 F-52/8 MMT 125
  • SM6 M-58/8 MMT 125
  • SC CA Monterey
  • DASH-ProV1x & AVX
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I’ve got Srixon ZX5 4 & 5-irons, and ZX7 6-AW. All have Modus3 Tour 120 shafts and absolutely love them!

TaylorMade Stealth+ (10.5*) / Hzrdus Red Smoke RDX 6.0

TaylorMade Stealth+ (15*) / Hzrdus Red Smoke RDX 6.0

TaylorMade SIM Max (19*) / Ventus Blue 7-S

Srixon ZX4 (21*) / UST Recoil ES 780 F4

Srixon ZX5 (5), ZX7 (6-AW) / Modus3 Tour 120

TaylorMade MG3 (56-SB & 60-LB) / Dynamic Gold S200

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 (36")


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