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355 yard par 4, tree lined OB, what you hitting off the tee?


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2 iron all day long 

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3 iron or 5 wood depending on wind and how tough the approach is.  

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Completely depends. What's the wind like, is it OB on both sides (seems unlikely) or OB on one and penalty area on the other? Bunkers? How wide between stakes from one side of the hole to the other?


Could be anything from full send driver to a 5i. Straight but short might not be needed pending the layout.

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I'm probably hitting the trees left




But to more appropriately answer the question, it honestly depends on how the round is going and how I'm swinging.  Could be anything from driver down to 5 iron.


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I'm reasonably certain I'd pull my 19* hybrid, but any given day on any given course could result in a different selection. 

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Our starting hole is basically this


I usually play it as follows:

-3 wood off tee (90% of the time it's struck perfectly, 8% of the time probably 9.5/10 contact)

-Gap wedge in (again, usually this is near perfect contact)


After thanking my playing partners for their compliments, i then read my short putt and either make it for birdie or miss and tap in par

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Putter under NDA--I CANT SAY

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Facing a 355yd hole, typically, I'd use my trusty 2i.  My 4wd is longer, but I like my 2 iron, thus it gets used rather often.  Depending on conditions, 2 iron gets my ball out there 215-225+ yards, leaving me short iron in. 


During a round, I try to use all my clubs, as opposed to a limited number of clubs.  Played a similar length finishing hole last wkend; hit a Brut 2 iron down the middle, and had a PW left, missed a 12' putt but tap in par. 

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Have a few like that at the club I play.

Exact reason I now have a Callaway Apex UW 17,




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Solid 5w or smooth/standard 3w 

maybe even 4 iron because if the layout is tight tight, and 240 marks the end of the fairway. I don’t mind landing before that number. 

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22 minutes ago, b.helts said:

Why? All you saying iron or fairway wood, why?


No problem with driver if it is open, but if its tight why risk being in the trees/OB? Especially when the layup puts you to near 100 yards.  

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I'm hitting an off the deck 3 hybrid.  Stock cut. Lands about 225 and should roll out to about 235 or 240.


It's a ts2 21 delofted to 20.25, upright lie. It has a ventus blue 9x that I won on a giveaway on here that led me into ventus blue in driver (6x) and, after some tinkering, it appears a ventus blue 8x in 3wood.

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Taking you literally that 240 is the optimum landing distance. So, given that...


If truly narrow, bunt driver (yeah, I practice this shot).


If the landing area is wide enough at full driver distance, then I'm hitting a full driver.


If my typical dispersion pattern fits in the landing area, I'm going with those odds.  Driver is simply one of my most reliable clubs for tee shots. Certainly more than a 3w (hah!)


Laying up to full (pick club) distance is dumb if I can safely get closer.


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