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Anyone playing driver & 5w with no 3w?


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On 10/28/2021 at 11:28 AM, third-times-a-charm said:

My wife does. She loves it and is a low ball hitter so more loft is her friend. She loves her 5w off the deck on Par 5's.


Gonna quote myself here because I just moved to this setup as well. Took out the 15 deg and moved to a 18 deg 5 wood -1 so about 17deg loft and I like the ball flight much better - plus I can use it off the deck where my 15deg was tee only.

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I did the driver 5w combo forever when I had Excalibur … ping tisi tec 17* with an open / flat hosel

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Ping G400 5w 16.5* GD AD DJ 6x

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Cally Apex ‘19 5h 26* Matrix 92x

Cally X frgd ‘18 UT 27* ADDI 85x
Mizuno 919t 7 - GW Fuji MCI 100s
Ping Glide OG 54* & 59*ES SF 125s

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Driver 1 (fade), Driver 2 (draw), 5 wood.


3 wood for me just didn't get much use, as it was mainly a tee club, that wasn't exactly safer than driver.  On the short courses I play I can just go bombs away with fade driver or draw driver.  For safety, or staying short of doglegs, 3 iron, or 5W, or try to squeeze fade a driver.  5W (18°) is also great off the deck on long par 5s.  If I were to play a long course, 3W might go in.

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I have recently gone to a driver and 4 wood in the form of a strong (17*) five wood with a 3 wood shaft. Absolutely love the setup, I played a Burner superfast 2.0 TP 3 wood off the tour truck for the longest time and just never got used to the larger footprint of current 3 woods. SIM2 5 wood down to 17 on a 3 wood shaft has been the closest I have gotten. 


Also, as a fitter, I have fit more golfers into 5 woods this year than 3 woods. In most cases golfers obviously hit the 5 wood more consistently which can correlate to more distance. 

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TM SIM2 5 (17*) UST LINQ Purple

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TM MG2 52, 56, 60 Modus Wedge 115

Spider X CS

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Over here!


Low ball flight and "regular person" distances on my clubs. Previous 3 wood (Rogue Sub Zero) was just a tee club and only 15-20yds short of my driver. Switched for a Mizuno ST-Z 5 wood and much prefer the ball flight. Sure, I'm about 10-15yds shorter, but I'm actually getting height on my tee shots instead of running thru fwys and as my game progresses I'm working on shots into short par 5's.

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I think the average golfer would be wise to at least give the option of Driver, 4w (or adjustable 5W to 4W loft) then hybrid or 7W before getting to their irons. Makes the game a lot more forgiving imo. 

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1 hour ago, agood3putt said:

I think the average golfer would be wise to at least give the option of Driver, 4w (or adjustable 5W to 4W loft) then hybrid or 7W before getting to their irons. Makes the game a lot more forgiving imo. 

Totally agree for the average golfer. A miss hit with a 3 wood off the deck is often shorter than a average 5 wood. 
Now a 3 wood for driving off a tee could be a benefit, but I still say get a driver (or driver swing) you can hit.

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Yes, me and exactly for the reasons you stipulated.  Not sure why, but can't hit 3-wood but can hit 5-wood (also have a 7-wood which I don't see leaving my bag for some time.... has me wondering about a 9-wood).


Don't know why I keep the 2-3 3-woods that I have around...every now and then I take one to the range and it goes right back in my golf closet.... maybe it's like that pair of 30-inch waist pants I had when I was in college still hanging in my closet; wife keeps asking me why I keep that hanging around and I say "you never know, I might fit into it magically some day" and she says... 'ain't ever gonna happen'.

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LH Callaway Rogue 19* 3-Hyb, Aldila Synergy 60-Reg
LH Cleveland RTX 50*, 54*, 58*
LH Odyssey Double Wide Stroke Lab Putter

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I just got a TS2 16.5 and a U510 20* driving iron, then down to a strong 5i to go with my 5 wedges.


I'll mirror what a lot of people have said, I'm honestly more accurate with a bunt driver than I am with a full swing 3w and going for a par 5 in 2 from 250+ usually costs me more strokes than it saves me.

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I've been gaming my driver at 11deg, a 4wood at 16.5deg, then a 7wood at 21deg, 4i utility club at 23.  I like having the 4wood or a 3wood to hit a rope draw off the tee when needed, since I can only fade the driver.  I'd be interested in testing a 5wood up against my 16.5 degree 4wood to see if the carry distances are any different, and if the 5wood is easier to hit off the deck.

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For years I’ve been using a 4 wood in place of a 3 wood. I actually just picked up a Mizuno CLK 2 hybrid and cranked it down to 15. Wow! I hit it just as far as my 4 wood and it’s so much more consistent off the turf. I’m going to install a tour ad iz and play it at 41.75” and see how it goes. So far it’s a hell of a weapon in the bag. I’m actually confident I can hit a fairway now! 

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I am about to go there right now. going to ditch my 3-wood and either add another hybrid or a 62* low bounce.

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Titleist 818 H1 21* Atmos Tour Spec Blue - S
Adams Idea Tech V4 5H 25* ProLaunch Blue 75 HY x-stiff; Adams Idea Tech V4 6H 28* ProLaunch Blue 75 HY x-stiff; Adams Idea Tech V4 7H 32* ProLaunch Blue 75 HY x-stiff
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Cleveland RTX-4 mid-bounce 50* DG s-400
Cleveland RTX-4 full-sole 56* DG s-400
Cleveland RTX-4 low-bounce 60* DG s-400
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Dropped the 3W a few years back.  Now I alternate between a 4W and 5W, but generally carry 4W & 7W combo.  I play my 4W at 42" with a heavier head weight and that lets me use the same shaft on my TS2 5W if I want to.   I find the 5W to be a little more forgiving when the course is wet and the rough is heavy. 

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Gamer Bag


18* 5 wood

21* DHY

4-PW 24*-47*

Back up Bag


16.5* 4 wood or  (16* fairway wood)

20* Hybrid or (19* fairway wood)

23* Hybrid

5-PW 25*-46*


I feel that I’m straight enough off the tee that I don’t need something to chase a driver, and I’m long enough to to get away with a 5 wood as my lay up position club.  

I’m sure some courses are set up to carry a 3 wood for me, but I haven’t played any that a 5 wood couldn’t fill that slot just as well. 


I just picked up a 18* TEE EXS PRO 5 wood that I play at 41.75” and I find it to be great off the turf and tee. 


When I test a fairway wood, I’d say 90% is off the turf and I only hit a handful off the tee.  I mainly try to flight it up and down, then shape it as well. Once I find one that does those things well, I try to see how far I can carry it, or roll it out there, but that is far less important than shaping and flighting to me. 

I find most people use the 3 wood as a fairway finder to chase the driver and that’s the only time it comes out of the bag (that was me pre Howard DIY Driver tune up) Now, with the mini drivers, I see less 3 woods around.


When I was a bit loose off the tee I carried a 13.5* fairway wood, but I found that I was about the same with percentage of fairways hit per round using it instead of a driver.  Now that I hit the fairway with the driver much more often,  I find I no longer need a 3 wood. 




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I’m a firm believer in only playing whatever is accurate enough to hit a green. 

Remember, if your short game is average then sitting in the fairway 50 yards short of the green is the same or better than pin-high but sitting in the rough or bunker 30 yards right or left of the flag. You’re probably getting down in 2.5-3 strokes either way, but one way is less hassle, higher chance for a decent birdie putt and less chance for a big score. 


I’ve been fit for fairways before getting them to a good trajectory/spin and accuracy on a mat after a few swings, but when it comes down to it on the course and going for the rare long par 5 in two I can’t hit a fairway to save my life. So my longest club is a 3h, or when I can’t hit that accurately enough off the turf my longest is a 4 iron.

Even for people with no length to their game, I’m sure this strategy will work for them too. At that point your just playing your “old man game” and knocking it down the fairway all day. 

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I know you are specifically looking for people that use a 5W, but really my thought process is your bag no matter what it is should be constructed to fit your yardages/game. My 4W (which is one of the oldest clubs in my bag) isn't used a ton, but is something that just "works". I can use it off the deck and off the tee. I mainly use it for tight holes or dog legs off the tee. Occasionally I give it a go off the fairway on longer par 5's and sometimes even use it on long par 3's (200+). The other day I went to my local DSG and for fun wanted to try the matching fairway to my driver, which I thought would be a perfect match. To my surprise not only was it not, but I felt like I was losing distance compared to my current FW. Just goes to show once you find the "one" stick with it.

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