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Bags: SL2 vs Linksmaster vs Ping Tour


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I just recently bought a SL2. Love the styling, quality. I am mainly a rider, but like you said will walk 2-3 times a month. There is definitely a lack of pockets but I still find more than enough space to carry what I need.

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The Hoofer Tour would be the best for riding (it has the most space/pockets) and the Linksmaster or SL2 would be the best if you occasionally walk.


Personally, I'd go with the Linksmaster of the three. I think it is one of the best looking bags out there and although not as "roomy" as the Hoofer Tour, it should work fine as a riding bag. 


Here is a weight breakdown of the three in case you didn't know:

Hoofer Tour - 7.5 lbs.

Linksmaster - ≈ 4.5 - 5 lbs. (exact weight not published)

SL2 - 4 lbs.

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The hoofer tour is a much bigger bag than the other two, has a lot more storage, and will weigh a good bit more. The standard Hoofer will be more comparable to the Titleist bag, and Hoofer Lite will compare more to the SL2. SL2 isn't a big bag.


Personally, I'm not big on Stitch bags. They look great, but they are heavy for their size and lack the storage you'd expect for their weight. It's more style than substance IMO. 

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I haven't owned Hoofer tour but currently own and have used the following in the past couple years:


Hoofer Mascot (similar to current Hoofer in features and weight IMO)

Linksmaster - Caddie version

Stitch SL1 and SL2


For what you describe, I'd probably go Linksmaster Member version.  They are top quality bags for style and materials.  Member version should allow plenty of storage when you ride.  In terms of walking, do you push cart or carry?


In terms of weight, what I have written down from balancing them on a digital kitchen scale:


Hoofer Mascot - 5 lbs 8 oz

Linksmaster - 5 lbs 5 oz (member version might be a couple oz heavier?)

SL2 - 5 lbs 0.5oz


Stitch advertising it as a 4 lb bag is a joke.  I really like the SL2 as I walk much more often than I ride (either carry or push cart.)  But it irks me how they market a lot of their stuff.  With either the Linksmaster or SL2 if I'm carrying I'm usually only doing 9-11 clubs to lighten the load.  Back can't handle it at full boat weight of bag plus 14 clubs.


Hope that helps.

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Can only comment on the Linksmaster as I haven't used the other 2. I got it because of the nice materials and the classic look without any branding. Perfectly fine for walking and riding. I don't carry a lot in my bag so it's fine (few ball sleeves, tee pouch, rangefinder) but if you carry a lot I'd look at a bigger one. My only real dislike is the 3 way divider instead of 4. Having all the clubs slide to one side can be annoying when riding but walking is fine. That's the only thing I'd change and even then it really isn't too big of a deal.

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I have a Vessel Player 3 and a Linksmaster.  If you're mostly riding and occasionally walking, I'd go the Vessel hands down for the room the bag provides.  The Linksmaster is a great walking bag, but is a bit limited on space.  You can't go wrong with either, good luck in your search. 

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