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As stated, I am looking for clubs for a  teen.  He's 17 with a smaller build...roughly average height but smaller frame.  I prefer nothing stiffer than stiff flex for him.  I've been able to buy some clubs for some other teens in the past  (members of my church youth group) and have passed along some of my stuff as well.   My budget is very, very small for this right now (job uncertainty).  I would prefer cavity back irons that aren't super old  (not looking for blades from the 1970's or early 80's) but I understand I can't be too choosy.   I've tried to do this very quietly in the past  but two of the kids told their friends, who in turn asked me to try and get something for them as well.


Thank you for any replies.  Have a good holiday.

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I have some clubs that have just been sitting around and can use a good home.  Free for you and your church buddy (buddies) - just pay for shipping.  Please DM me if interested.

- Adams CB2 gap wedge, S300

- Hogan Apex Edge Pro 7 iron, 9 iron, Apex4 stiff

- Orlimar Trimetal 4 hybrid, Apex4 stiff

- Some used heads and shafts that I wouldn't mind building...

Everything's in good condition.

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D1 Adams XTD, NL60TX D2 Titleist TS2, D+72X 5W Titleist 915F, D+80X

3I Srixon Z 545 6I TM Sim2 Max OS 6I-PW MP-54, C Taper Lite X

GW Nike VPC, Tour V X 54, 60 Cleveland CBX, DG S300 Cure CX3

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