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Squaring Club face on longer clubs - Swing feedback


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Hi all


I am a 10/11 Handicap - but should be lower in my opinion.  I am a long hitter and when I hit a good swing I am really accurate even with my distance.  I have attached a side on video of a Driver swing after I have had some issues with slicing - It is a Slo-Mo, so please fast forward otherwise you will be watching a while.  A few things I notice - left arm is bent at the top, and my head position sways back and forth on back swing and down swing (to note, I am also struggling with hitting it fat on my irons, often!).


I recently had some lessons, and had my grip weakened, and my takeaway more above my hands rather than taking the club inside, which I think I have done well.


so the issues my untrained eye sees, after watching videos is:

1. Left arm not straight

2. Head/weight rocking back and forth

3. Top of my glove not pointing at target at impact, it is pointing right of target and is flexed (thinking of the John Rahm and DJ videos showing bowed wrist at top of backswing).


with irons it is really not much of an issue, I generally it straight.


** also to note, before lessons, I was used to draw/hook the ball as a miss**

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bent left arm is never good imo. Costs you distance and accuracy.


looks very flat. I think the swing you put on a ball can be very different to one without it though, take a video down the line hitting a ball, plastic airflow one if nothing else.


your pelvis sways off the ball on the bs. You need to feel it pushing towards the target on the bs and away on the ds. Check the AMG videos on the subject. 



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Okay so you gotta put up a swing of you actually hitting a ball because everyone's swing motion looks pretty good until you introduce the golf ball into the equation.  Just looking at your swing motion though you shift your weight quite a bit which moves your swing's center and this is not very efficient.  A better way to go about it is for your pressure to shift but for your swing center to still remain relatively centered.  


Here is video explanation: 


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