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Cheapest Logan Olson you’ll find, ventus tx, TR20v, 745

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Time to clean out the extras, everything is OBO, feel free to DM me with any questions. 

Logan Olson trust the rust. Was my gamer for the year and I believe I have it priced to reflect that. Comes with a stitch head cover. Length is 35.5 with stuperstroke gt 1.0 grip. $oldA04AF520-E80C-45EA-A376-0F41CD85D962.jpeg.340aa6f8dadb213fb8908bf5ec4f693d.jpegE7BBBF9F-D704-4103-87F3-2270AA9A46D6.jpeg.643567e83d0524ca88da12da74a6bea2.jpegE73D6FD2-4887-48AE-928F-A4DD582BA2E9.jpeg.2e3574d58a3a020075976ca54e32b3b2.jpeg6DB37F3F-7FE7-474B-8A4F-C8BE02DDB870.jpeg.fef31b91d68f2275ff4e67443a6a21aa.jpegnext I have some shafts 

Ventus black 8x, titleist driver adapter, tipped .5 plays 45.25 200 obo

ventus black 6tx, Taylormade adapter, no tipping, plays 46 Inches $old

aldila rip x 75x tipped 1 inch, plays 45.5 Taylormade 150 obo 


honma tr20v- gamers for a season and a half , 4-11 wedge and have tw x 3 iron, project x LS 6.5, .5 length, lofts are 4 degrees from 3 iron to 10 (46) 11 is 50, $old obo , few scratches on 3 iron and 6 iron, lots of life left 


Last is a srixon 745 set for cheap $old!, I think .75 over standard, s300 shafts, big dent on PW F3A29BC3-309F-4EFE-B7EE-D92F280627CE.jpeg.8b08e92299c532b2ab7cc7091bbe2415.jpegCAFF83C3-CF4A-475C-83F8-C7344F0DC97C.jpeg.b70f8d9fa3f22c9418290ad57c65965d.jpeg




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Sold stuff
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