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Best clubmaking outside of your typical proshop


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I'm looking into reshafting a set of irons (heads) in the near future. I have experience building clubs, but currently do not have access to equipment. I'm wondering if there is a place that someone  can recommend where they do the full works. I'd like a to make sure they do a good job getting the proper swing weight right, and a finish the ferrules accordingly. Sometimes it can be a hit or miss finding a good clubmaker at the local GG, or PGA shop. So I'd rather shell out the money, and send the heads to be best possible clubmaker. Any ideas? I have all the specs. and would like to ship them directly. I know people that have been fitted at hot stix, and club champions, but I would not mind getting some suggestions. Thanks in advance, and it is good to be back!

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Just do it yourself. I don't even have a workbench or a vice but I've put clubs together, adjusted swing weight, turned ferrules and installed grips. The only "club making" tools I have is a heat gun, torch and swing weight scale. If you already have experience building clubs it shouldn't be hard. 

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3W - Titleist TSi2 15* Tensei Blue Stiff                                                                                             4i - PING i210

Hybrid - Titleist TS2 19*H Tensei Blue Stiff                                                                                      5i - Cobra King Tour (MIM)

4i - Titleist U-500 Tensei Blue Stiff                                                                                                   6i - Titleist T100

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GW - Callaway MD5 Jaws 50* NS Pro 950 Neo Stiff                                                                      8i - Callaway X-Forged

SW - Ping Glide 3.0 54*/12* bent to 55*/13* stock shaft S Grind                                                  9i - TaylorMade P7MC 

LW - Ping Glide 3.0 60*/8* stock shaft Eye 2 Grind                                                                        PW - Srixon ZX-7

Putter - Toulon Columbus w/ LAGP 135 shaft                                                                                  GW - Wilson Staff CB

Snell MTB-Black

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You want to ship them to be built?  I would also get in touch with Jim at McGolf (he has a youtube channel and shares build info). Folks seem to send him things to fix/build all the time. Jim's a pro. No affiliation other than appreciating how he has shared tricks for us hobbyist types. As a hobbyist I lack the pro tools to finish ferrules on a belt so I will never win a beauty contest with my personal acetone and rag treatments 🙂 

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1 hour ago, bvanlieu said:

As a hobbyist I lack the pro tools to finish ferrules on a belt so I will never win a beauty contest with my personal acetone and rag treatments 🙂 


I have a small bench top vice on the corner of my tiny workbench and I spent $100 on a Golfworks graphite extractor. My ferrules are done with 220 grit and acetone. Seems legit. 🤣

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A cheap combo belt-sander and disc-grinder ( about $100-$120 ) is a must-have in my home golf shop.  I use it to grind to perfection my shaft lengths, tip weights, tip prepping, and ferrule-turning with an appropriate belt.




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