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My Bettinardi Studio B Experience

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and what to beware of :) (PHOTOS ADDED)
I went through the fitting at Bettinardi's Studio B today, and the experience that Kenn810 described in his post was pretty much the same as mine.

I have two things to add:
1. beware - there are a lot of putters to choose from, and MANY in an anser-type style. It took me a while to choose, and I was tempted to buy a few while I was there (Maru23, a new 'Signature' putter). Probably good idea to do some research online first if you go there, or the choices might be overwhelming (not that I'm saying it's a bad thing, choices are good, but it's very different from - for example - Cameron Newport, Newport 1.5, Newport 2, Newport 2.5).
I would have been pretty happy with 4 of them, some rarer and more expensive...

2. More than just getting fit, I learned something. When I first set up to the cameras, having chosen the putter and shortened it, I set up where I thought the putter was pretty good - lie-angle-wise. Seeing the playback, the toe was quite a bit up, something I just wasn't seeing at address. At address, the heel looks like it's too 'up' (to my eye) when the putter is actually level. Good to know. It's like seeing your full swing on tape, if you have a tendency to go off plane or past parallel - but you feel like you're in good position...

Anyway, my specs ended up being pretty close to my standard Cameron, but I have more confidence in my set-up having seen it on camera. The putter, of course, looks and feels great - it's the MC series 360g - I'll post pictures over the weekend. I got to talk to both Paul (who fitted me) and Glenn while I was there, and they both had good information and good stories to share. A highly recommended experience.

((As a side note, my fitting was originally Wednesday, and when I showed up, the fitting system was down and being fixed. They didn't have my phone number, so they couldn't call and tell me ahead of time. Today, they gave me a snazzy Fairway and Greene Bettinardi shirt for my inconvenience. That says as much about the company as the fitting story...))
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Great Story, it seems everyone that's been to the Studio has had a positive experience. It's amazing how few people pay attention to their putting setup, just do what they've always done. Having a pro take a look is always worthwhile IME.


....... they couldn't persuade you to buy a 3 slot magnum 44 then? :cheesy: :)

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Golfchicago, yes, I'm local. I saw in your other post you're at Prestwick? I played there once this year, very nice (unfortunately I had the hooks...). Maybe we've met? Hang out at 2nd sw, O.P. ever?


Corky - I could have bought a few putters, and Paul was pretty excited about the 'Signature' putter (or whatever it was, it had the slots...). But for some reason the black finish was really drawing me, on the putter I bought as well as a Laguna-esque style with a longer neck.


I took it to the golf dome Saturday, and it felt great on their green (which is pretty fast), I like the 360g weight.


I'm adding a few photos, nothing sadder than a new putter against a backdrop of 10" of snow...


Oh, for the local folks (Chicago), Bettinardi is supposed to have someone at the White Pines Golf Dome Bensenville this coming Saturday from 9 - 1 (along with Ping and Wilson).


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pegleg...great looking putter. :) You're not kidding about that being a "sad backdrop". You guys are so lucky to be able to access the studio locally....but then again...it's still sunny in Honolulu! :cheesy:

My WITB.... [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/263-pitbull808-witb-updated-february-19-2013/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/263-pitbull808-witb-updated-february-19-2013/[/url]

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