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Settle a debate for me. Extra Hybrid or an Extra Wedge?


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How many of you play 3 wedges (including pitching wedge)? And how many of you play a 3 iron/hybrid?

I've been playing with 4 wedges for the entirety of my golfing life and I'm starting to feel like there isn't enough difference between my 56 and my 60. I can use both of them from the bunker. I can use both of them to chip/pitch with. I can use both of them for those saucy-saucy flops. If anything, I use the 56 on all of those. 


Makes me wonder, should I get a 3 hybrid or 7 wood instead? Seems like 7 wood is all the rage these days, and I am curious to see if that could fill the gap between my 2 hybrid (240 carry) and my 4 iron (210 carry). But to be honest, I've never been in a situation where I thought to myself "damn, I wish I had a 230 club". 

How about you guys & gals? What made you decide to play one or the other? 


Would love to know your thoughts


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I carry 4 wedges, but my top gapping is better than yours.


i hit the ball far enough that it’s hard to justify carrying more hybrids. 

if you weren’t getting utility out of your wedges, you need to change your setup… either change the bounce and grind on the 60 so it has a different use for you or drop it and add a hybrid.



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I have played 3 wedges for most of the last 10 years and have recently returned to this setup with 46 (set PW), 52 and 58, at the top end I replaced my 5 wood with a 17 degree hybrid and a 3 iron because I lay mostly links courses, I think you would benefit from adding another hybrid or 7 wood to fill the gap and replace your two lofted wedges with a 58.


30 yards seems a huge gap but it depends on the length of courses you play, I play very few long par 5s over 550 yards so my 2nd shots usually require only a 3 to 5 iron or maybe a hybrid on the longest holes so I could never survive without 220 to 250 yard clubs. I also use these longer irons and hybrid extensively off the tee on shorter par 4s under 425 yards.

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Personally, I've found that I need more than four degrees of loft separation for my wedges to not feel like I'm partially wasting a wedge slot. 


I'm currently playing a 46, 52, 58, 64 wedge set-up due to some of the unique characteristics of my home course (old-school layout with tiny greens). I'll drop my 64 and put in another hybrid or 7-wood when playing longer, more modern courses.

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I played 4 wedges for years (48d PW, 52, 56, 60).  Last year my regular 4-some decided to move up a tee to the whites - they're "getting old" at 50 (their words) and like to card lower scores, despite still driving 250 plus.  While I've been against the move, I've tried to embrace it and gradually replaced a wedge or two with 3 iron, then extra hybrid as my driver doesn't suit the ideal positions on many of the shorter holes. 


I'm down to two wedges currently - my 48 d PW and 56 - and am very comfortable; I can even flop it well.  I'll probably drop my extra hybrid soon, but may opt for 13 clubs and the lighter carry vs putting an extra wedge back in.  

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It really comes down to your gapping.


For me, I have 4 wedges. It works better for me having tight gaps at that end of the bag where I'm more likely to make solid contact and take advantage of it.

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Posted (edited)

If we are talking lofts I have 3, 48 - 52 - 56.  On my club is listed PW (44*), so technically I carry 4, for quite a while I went PW, set GW @ 48 and straight to the SW.  All the other yardages are covered in my bag even though I go 3h - 5di - 7i, the lofts and distances just work out.  At times I'll carry a 2nd driver or a mini, but mostly to test.  I used to carry a 60, but no longer as the 56 does everything I need.


OP, why not try out the scenario you are asking about, with a hybrid and/or fwy wood at that 225 slot and see what happens.  You might also in the interim just drop the 60 and see how that goes and you may answer the ? re: usefulness of that club before ho'ing something on the other end of the bag.

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I go 60/54/48


I hit my 60⁰ for pretty much everything 120 and in.  At those yardages I can flight it down to a 20 foot peak that still one hops and stops or send it to the moon and rip it back.  I can stretch that yardage to 135 but I lose almost all trajectory control beyond 120.


I hit my 54⁰ 140, I can step on it and get 150 but I can't control spin at all when I do that.  My 54 is a full shot club.


I hit my 48⁰ 160, and I use it a ton on windy days for partials when I want to keep the spin down and run something up.







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I’ve got 5 wedges in the bag right now and I’m loving it. By mixing up my bounces in the higher lofts I’ve got options for every kind of shot around the greens. With longer clubs, I can easily modify distance and trajectory to get what I need. I’m also fine with 20-yard gaps at the top of my bag. 

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I think it depends on the course, too. For example, if you know you may encounter a wide variety of lies, say hard pan bunkers but very fluffy/soft/mushy turf, then having 4 wedges, specifically two very different SW/LW may help. A lower bounce LW for the firm/tight lies, and a wider sole/higher bounce 56 for those more questionable areas.


On the other hand, if you don't have that scenario and/or you're playing a course that requires more precision from the tee, having more at long end of the bag can be useful. This is the direction I'm actually trending these days as I have recently moved courses, and this track needs relatively precise tee shots, but also the ability to hoist one up from 220 or 230, in which a 2i/3i will not do. So I am considering taking out one of the wedges and having my wedge gaps be 46-52-58 and rearrange the long end of the bag after 3w to go 2i (19*), 7w (20*), 4i (22*). 


I'm also trending toward more long club options because I'm beginning to feel very comfortable with wedge manipulation. If I have a 70 yard shot, I can hit a firm LW, a medium SW or a soft GW and open the face a little bit. Around the green I tend to default to my LW or PW... the SW and GW don't get tons of action there, so losing the 54* doesn't feel too bad. Same with bunkers, I can hit almost any bunker shot with my LW inside of 20 yards. After 20, I'd switch to a SW and play it pretty square, so opening a 52* a little bit doesn't feel all that daunting. I'd have to relearn full shot yardages but hey... if the Big Cat uses 3 wedges, why shouldn't I? 😄 


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47/54/58.  And I might drop the 7wd.  Just don't use it that much.  


Each wedge has full shot capabilities (58 I don't typically use for full however), 3/4, pitch and chip.  So I have a full distance, 3/4 distance and then the feel shots...covers most bases. 


If I get too close of gaps I start second guessing plus it creates too many options. 


Low/hi, full/partial...that's enough for me.  

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I hate to say it but like others have said... it depends.


I go PW/GW/54/58 and I find that covers everything I need... for my game. If I were in your shoes, I'd try out a 7w to see if the flight characteristics give you something that you might need (higher flight, softer landing vs lower flight typical of most hybrids).

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If you don't have the length to necessitate carrying a 60*, then don't and add a hybrid. I find myself hitting a lot of approach shots on my home course from under 75 yards and with lots of short sided tucked pins that require soft landing or lots of spin, therefore I need to carry a 60 or 64 sometimes to score well. Just pick what fits your game, which sounds like you've already decided, a hybrid.  

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2 hours ago, xkilgorextroutx said:

I hate to say it but like others have said... it depends.


I go PW/GW/54/58 and I find that covers everything I need... for my game. If I were in your shoes, I'd try out a 7w to see if the flight characteristics give you something that you might need (higher flight, softer landing vs lower flight typical of most hybrids).


Same at the bottom of my bag.  


Considering an alternate to my 3 fli-hi via a 7w for more green holding power. 

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I think I have a similar dilemma as you. I've kept a 5 wood, 3 hybrid, and 4 iron before but the 3 hybrid saw very little play as 230 isnt a common distance for me, and if I have it, a little of a 5 wood isnt a problem for me. My problem wedge is gap wedge, and yours sounds like 60. I struggle finding a gap wedge that won't dig and perform how I want. I went a few years carrying 15 to courses and selecting the hybrid or gap wedge depending on which one I thought I might use. Then I used 13 clubs, playing with neither, and didnt notice any difference. I now carry a gap wedge just to fill the slot as we are allowed 14 so might as well have 14. 

My current setup up is a 5 wood and a strong 4 iron (Mizuno HMB) and my irons are apex mb starting with the 5 iron. I recently got the apex MB gap wedge and it seems to be better than other gap wedges as it plays like an iron so I think I'll stick with this set for the summer. 


Id suggest experimenting and finding what collection of 14 works best for you, and not worry if it is not traditional or how most do it. 

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I hit the ball far enough that I don't need more at the top. But I'm just not consistent enough (read good enough) that I really benefit from having more wedges either. Coming off of an injury I got bored and sold some clubs to buy some others so I had something to do. So I'm experimenting with a 12 club set up. So far my scores are back where they were pre-injury. 

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Personally, I carry 4 wedges (PW, GW, SW, LW). I would rather have tight gapping at the bottom of the bag than the top. Wedge play is probably the strongest part of my game, in part because I have so many options for shots from 130 and in.


At the top of the bag: driver, 3w, 7w (a GREAT club BTW), 4h, then 5i, etc. I have about a 25 yard gap between the 7w and 3w, but honestly the odds of me hitting a green from that distance are pretty low anyway. And since I'm good with my wedges, it doesn't matter that much! 😁

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I have always carried 4 wedges. 46,50,54,58. I have typically always carried 4 wood/hybrid/4i  at the top of the bag. 


This season I have ditched the hybrid altogether. Now the top of my bag goes : D/4wood/7wood/3 driving iron/4 iron. 

And at the bottom of the bag I've taken out a wedge. I may go 46.52.58 when it's time to replace wedges. 


it depends on what your strengths are. I can manipulate my wedges pretty well. Distance control is probably my strength so hitting a 3/4 shot is no problem. 


However hitting a high soft 235 yard shot with a Driving iron is NOT a strength I have. So 7 wood is a bandaid at that spot. I leave the DI in because it's such a weapon off the tee it'll save more shots than one more wedge ever will. 

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Depending on the course, I'll swap out the 60° wedge for a 2H. The hybrid is mostly only used out of the rough, and the 60° is only used when I'm really short sided.

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I used to be a 46, 52, 58 guy and carried a 4w and a 4 hybrid. I’d throw in a novelty 64 just for fun but it never saved me a single shot. Realized that I didn’t really have the skill for different shots with my wedge setup. I was also losing strokes trying my 4w from 245 out into a green. I now go driver, 2-PW(46) 50,54,58 and my 50 and 54 absolutely do different things on chips and pitches. Maybe that’s dependent on the grind or brand you get on a wedge but it finally clicked for me with this setup. 58 I’ll use if really short sided on a chip or I need to pull off a beautiful flop (wink wink) but it’s primarily my sand club. 

2023 I may have totally changed and will be posting something else haha 

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You don’t score with a head covered club, extra wedge for sure is my answer.

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Posted (edited)

I think carrying fewer clubs makes it easier to swing more confidently with what you have in the bag.  No second guessing between either of two clubs.

If you don't think you need more clubs while on the course, why add another club?


Another approach to attacking a course is to shape your shots to give you more options than just distance.

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