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What's your go-to driving range routine?

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10 balls - SW - loosen up

10 balls - Pw - Establish a smooth rhythm / tempo

5 balls - 8i

4 balls - 6i

3 balls - 4i


5 balls pitching with a wedge to cool down.


3 balls - 7w

2 balls - 4w


5 balls pitching with a wedge to cool down


10 balls - Dr



Total shots: ~60


From there I'll repeat clubs as desired for any number of purposes: wedge distances, short iron accuracy, long iron height, fairway accuracy, driver reliability, specialty shots, etc. 


I try to do this type of short session every day just to keep my game in shape. Since it's not that long, I can get through it in 30-45 minutes and then go work on short game and/or putting and be done within 1.5 hours. 


Often I'll use this as a warm-up before rounds. Sometimes during the week after work I'll do this sort of short session and then go play 9-holes. 





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I don't count the balls.  All depends how I'm swinging.  


Start with an 8 iron to warm up

then 5 or 6 hybrid (working on anything specific)

then 5 wood (still working on the same thing as above)

Maybe some drivers,  3 or 4 balls (best club in the bag so I don't hit many at all)

then wedge,  1/2 shots for tempo

Then a few mid irons (working on the specific as above) 


Can be anywhere from 40 to 200 balls.  As I said, I don't count, I go by how I'm feeling with each club.

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I'm not nearly as deliberate as Senor Mello above, but I follow the same basic pattern.


I start with half swing 50* wedges to various targets.


I then go 9i, 7i, 5i up through the irons. 


Might hit a few more wedges.


Go through my two hybrids and FW.


Then Driver.


If I've got a specific shot or club that I want to build confidence with, I might hit a few of those.


Always finish with a few more half wedges.

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I was never into banging balls just because it never does any good.  When I started at 40yrs old, my goal was to reach single digit, so it meant putting in organized work regimes. 


I broke the bag up into groups, so each group got a range day of focus.  Typically, a basket of 250 balls per group.  After PW-8i, 7i-5i and 4i-2i and wood groups were done, I then placed hula-hoops out every 10-12yds to 120yrds, hit 10-15 balls into each hoop, using LW-9i. 


Another day, using PW, SW and LW, but only 3 balls, I'd chip at designated pins, maybe 250+ times.  Only 3 balls because it put a premium on making each shot count, also have to walk up to pickup the balls to start over.  Next range day was putter only before starting the routine over the next week.  By the end of the week, I'd hit anywhere from 1100-1400 balls.  Did that for five years plus.  Reached 8 index inside 4yrs, 2 index 2 years later.


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I don’t just go to the range, it’s more of a practice session for me. I can’t hit more than about 60 balls otherwise I have back issues the next day. 

54 - 1/2 swings 10-15 balls. 
8i - 1/2 swings 1-5 balls 

8i - swing drills, work on fundamentals, just make sure everything is in check. 30 balls or so. 
54 - remainder of balls, 1/2 and 3/4 swings 


Putting: 10-15 minutes of 5 foot gate drill. Both and right hand only

3’ or 5’ Clock drill with 4 balls until they’re all holed 

Lag putting practice from 20/30/40 feet. Points game.


This is a typical “range” session that I do at least once a week. Sometimes I will go and work through the whole bag, 2-3 shots with each club, but not very often. 


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Trying to get swing back so....


Warm up with wedge and hit some Driver at end

But 90% working with 7 iron to find swing as that's my method that works for me... could take 10ish range sessions as long as not too spaced out


Once swing found and locked in then mixing things up much more...

I try and like my own posts but can't figure out how...

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Posted (edited)
34 minutes ago, memberguest said:

Anything in particular brought you down from 8 to 2? 

By the time I reached 8, my ball striking was tracking nicely.  Confidence and focus over the ball, and executing the desired shot plan was more natural, plus my wedge game execution was impeccable, still is.  Lots of opinions swirl on the subject, but IMO MB blades were a serious contributor towards improved ball striking and resulting progress.  Aside from practice, I played 2-3 times a week.  With lots of play, if ball striking and focus are on point, dropping index can happen fast. 


If it wasn't for my business demanding attention and personal life dramatically changing, who knows... 🙂  Though these days I seldom go to the range, I still hit LW, SW & PW near daily from a mat in my office down the hall to a net in a door jamb of an unoccupied office.

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Posted (edited)

Bucket of balls is about 110 and at the places I practice at, there are a lot of worn out ones. So my practice routine takes that into account. 

  • Warm up--slow swings with the three wedges in hand, both right handed and left handed; dynamic hamstring stretch; 
  • Dump bucket of balls into tray. Loosen up with about 10 of the worst balls with a 56*, hitting 3/4 swing pitches, just trying to get a feel for the clubhead that day and make good contact. Don't really care where the balls end up. 
  • Pick flag or other target about 125-150y away. Set up alignment sticks. Hit about 30 balls with any combination of 52*, PW, 9i, 8i. Don't have a specific club that I always beat balls with, but focus here on fundamentals and keeping ball flight controlled.
  • Pick target about 175y. Realign sticks. Hit about 20 balls with clubs between 7i-4i. Same thing. 
  • Pick out a "fairway" of around 25y wide between two spots, realign sticks. Work on off the deck shots with 3H, 3W and fairway finder tee shots with 3H, 3W, driver. Mostly trying to aim at one side and have it fall into the fairway.
  • Hit 10-15 shots practicing preshot routine with driver. Visualize specific tee shots on specific holes. 
  • Then about 10 shots hitting it as hard as I can.  
  • With only crappy, worn out balls remaining, finish with whatever I want. Usually LW dead-hand pitches, trying to hit the smallest possible targets inside 75 yards. But sometimes whatever specialty shot comes to mind--stinger 3Ws, big sling hook mid-irons to a short flag, flop shots off the mat. Leave happy even if my swing felt like a** that day.
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I go to the range to work on potential swing keys/swing changes that could possibly get into the starting lineup.  Everything is wildly experimental... so there are a lot of great shots, and a lot of god-awful shots.  I always hate for anyone who doesn't know me to watch. 


I generally buy a small bucket (35 balls), work quickly, start with a wedge, move to a short iron, then middle iron, a 3 wood, then driver.


On a playing day all I need for warm up is 7 balls.  Just to get the feel.

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3.0 GHIN Index - trending down

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For warmups before a round, I'll start with one handed wedges to get some loose feel in the trail side then move up to 1/2 and 3/4 swings. Then go through my odds; 9i, 7i, 5i. Finish off with driver.


For practice sessions; it's completely dependent on the goal. Stopped just mindlessly banging balls a while back. Been working on ground force mechanics lately and for stuff like that, mainly drills with my 8 iron. If I don't have a specific thing to work on; warm up and go play. 

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Half wedges, full wedges then irons through to 5i trying to hit specific ball flights.


My range has Top Tracer so I'll only hit longer clubs if I'm playing a virtual course, or if I have a round coming up I'll sometimes play the course in my head.


My driver/woods and hybrids are so consistent I don't really need to practice them as much as my scoring clubs.


Focus most of my time on short game now days though because it's a massive weakness for me.

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I hit 2 large buckets, and what I do depends.  Almost always start off with 100 yard shots to warm up, then I'll generally move to my 7 or 8 iron and work on ball striking and placement.  After that I'll jump to my 2i (I take that to the range with me).  For some reason I have it in my head that if I can hit my 18* 2i, I can hit anything, lol.  Then hybrid and 4w, then driver.  That usually takes 1 large bucket.  After that I start experimenting.  I also work on drills, but one of the things I try to do is focus and be aware of what my body is doing.  I am really trying to build a sense proprioception. 

In the bag

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W2: Vokey SM8 60* L

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I loosen up the shoulders, calfs and hamstrings.  I have a calf stretcher at home that not only stretches out the calf but the achilles tendon as well.   I'll also stretch out the arch of my right foot when that is acting up.


From there I use a 10-lb kettlebell and swing it back and forth, making sure to pivot my body and use the ground.  The kettlebell really helps me feel the use of the ground as well as pivoting faster.


From there I'll take a 7 or 9-iron and take half swings going pretty slowly and trying to keep the right arm straight thru the finish.  This is done as part of my body continuing to warm-up, but also to get a feel for using my feet and getting a feel for the sequencing.


On certain days I'll hit the even numbered irons and others the odd numbered irons.  Probably about 1-2x per week I try to get some practice on Tour Tempo using the 18/6 tempo pattern.  I can't get to 18/6 with a full swing, but I come close.  The point is to remove the governor from my brain and to get used to moving that fast.  I'll go down thru my irons and usually go to the driver.  If I'm doing a Tour Tempo training day...I'll take something like a 5-iron and see how far I can hit one and really push it to hit one as far as I can.  Then I'll go to my driver and rinse and repeat.  I'll turn off the Tour Tempo and see how fast I can go.  Usually when I turn off the Tour Tempo towards the end of my session is when I generate the most speed.


On the days I'm not doing speed training, I'm usually focusing on my biggest issues which tend to be either lazy pivot related or a lower body action problem.  I'll slow down a bit for those.  But then I like to eventually get into some randomization with my practice...hitting different clubs at different targets, trying to hit it low or high, then fades and draws, then low fades or high draws or a high fade with the ball in the back of my stance.  The main focus is really on the mechanics I've been working on while 'feeling' the shot.


If I start to lose what I'm working on mechanically, I'll go back to more kettlebell swings to get a better feel.






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Start with P6 freezer thru to finish to warm up for 10 balls. Gets my wrist conditions and pivot thru working. 

Next is 10 balls P4 freezer thru to finish. 

Next I do 9 ball flight drill (draw/straight/fade/low/mid/high)up thru the bag. One session it’ll be even irons, next session it will be odds. 

Wedges to range targets 30-110 yards. 

Finally alternate between tee clubs and approach clubs to simulate course style in not hitting two drivers consecutively. 

If the ball collector cart is out I’ll finish with some drivers off the deck to try and wake the poor kid up. 

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Our club offers a 20-ball small bag and a 40-ball large bag. I usually grab one of each. I can’t recall the last time I hit more than 60-balls during a range session. Fatigue might create bad habits, so 60-balls is plenty. 

I begin with enough swings with the Orange Whip to loosen my back and shoulders. It also reminds me of the feel of starting my downswing with my legs as the added weight forces a wrist set with plenty of lag. It’s a great feeling. 

I will hit 5 or 6 balls with my sand wedge followed by another 5 or 6 balls with my pitching wedge. My goal is to develop a good, smooth tempo with a focus on center-face contact. 

I’ll move to the 7-iron and hit about 10-balls with this club. I continue to focus on tempo and center-face contact. With the last few balls in this group, I will work on flighting the golf ball. I will hit one or two with a lower trajectory and one or two with a higher trajectory.


Moving to the mid-irons, I will hit 4 or 5 balls with my 6-iron and 4 or 5 balls with my 5-iron. I will hit a cut shot or two because my natural ball flight is a draw. I have to work at cutting the golf ball.


I will finish my iron session with my 4-iron, 3-iron, and on days when I carry it, my 2-iron. If I am striping my long irons, I only hit a couple of balls with each club. If not, it’s most likely a tempo issue and I refocus. I will hit a few more using a tee, if necessary. 

I will hit a few balls with my 3-wood off of the deck and a few balls teed up. Generally, I will hit at most a half dozen balls with my driver. Driving is a strength of mine and needs very little practice time. 

I save at least 5 balls to drop into one of our practice bunkers and hit shots to three different pins on the practice green.


I will spend twenty minutes hitting a few chips and stroking a few putts, then I am good to go! 

It’s great being retired. 😉

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For warm up I start in the wedges, hit a couple mid irons, some long irons and then will make one swing with whatever club I'll be hitting on hole 1.  As long as the shot is solid and in play I'm done, if it's not solid I'll hit a second.  I probably hit less than 30 balls when warming up, just need enough to stretch out but not tire out my back.


On the very rare occasion that I practice, I'll warm up with some wedges, than just move onto my 7 iron and really focus on whatever swing movement I'm trying to work on at that given time.  

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I glance at the range and continue walking to the first tee 😁

Just kidding. Really don’t like the range. I have such limited time for golf, and playing at all puts a lot of strain on my body. Since I’m unsure how I will hold up over time, I keep range time to a minimum. 

A session might look like this, each shot with a specific target, and I pay a lot of attention to alignment and setup. 

5 9-to-3 with 56 degree

5 3/4 AW

5 stock 8i

5 stock 6i

5 drivers or 3 4w and 2 or 3 drives


That is about it and keeps my arm from getting too sore. 

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I practice 2x a week and my typical routine is hitting wedges to different distances, then work on hitting irons including trying to hit to specific locations imagining different conditions (trees etc.) Then hit hybrid - driver. I save several balls to hit trouble shots like punching out to different distances and side hill and down hill lies.


I then move to the chipping green an spend time with several different clubs and finish on the putting green.


If I had a bad round (ie: pulling everything) I’ll modify my normal routine and work on the problem.


Some times I’ll hit a lot of balls and many times I don’t finish the bucket.

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