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My latest find.....

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Back on the tour cammy bandwagon baaaaaaby!
Here are some pics of my latest tour Cammy....I have never really seen anything quite like this one. Sole reads "Newport tour 350g." The "Titleist" script in the back cavity is handstamped...The topline is super thick and FLAT, not rounded like the putters you see on the retail market. Sorry the pics arnt that great, getting dark here and its 0* outside.....Lets hear your thoughts guys...Do I have a keeper here?

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Nice find Steve! Did you empty out PH's closet again? I remember you having a few other clubs from him in the past. OH...and glad to see you back on the Cammy bandwagon! :dntknw:

My WITB.... [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/263-pitbull808-witb-updated-february-19-2013/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/263-pitbull808-witb-updated-february-19-2013/[/url]

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That is one of the most pleasing putters i have seen, I like it alot!


And here is some info on P.H. Horgan




HEIGHT: 5-10


BIRTHDATE: August 22, 1960

BIRTHPLACE: Newport, RI RESIDENCE: Newport, RI; plays out of Newport CC

FAMILY: Wife, Margaret; Henry (10/4/00)

EDUCATION: University of Rhode Island (1983, Economics)

SPECIAL INTERESTS: Boating, fishing




· His best finish on the Nationwide Tour in 2005 is T25th at the Canadian PGA Championship Pres by MasterCard.

· He ranks T62nd in Par or Better - Current Streak on the Nationwide Tour.








In seven full years on the PGA Tour, P.H. Horgan III has never finished higher than 105th on the PGA Tour money list. This year probably will not be the exception. Horgan already has turned in his application for the Qualifying School, his annual rite of fall.


"It's hard on everyone,'' Horgan said of the six-round, make-or-break tournament. "But I'll do what I have to do. If that means going to school, I've done that before.''


Two years ago, Horgan had to take an unplayable lie on the 71st hole of the last tournament of the year. He failed to keep his card by one stroke, finishing 126th on the money list. Afterward, his face was flush with anguish.


"God, I wish I could have it back,'' he said of his errant drive that landed against a cluster of tree roots. "Golf just isn't fair.''




PH Horgan III - a different world at the other end of the money lists.Allsport.


Horgan turned 40 last month. He has never finished higher than fifth in a PGA Tour event. His wife, Margaret, is due with their first child in two weeks. They just closed on a house in Rhode Island.


Why does he keep grinding?


"I think everyone feels inadequate when you look at Tiger Woods and some of the top players,'' Horgan said. "It's a hard game. But I've put a lot of time into this career of mine. I feel like I'm a better player than the results have been. I feel like I can get to another level than what I've gotten to.''


Horgan opened the Buick Challenge with a 68 and had the lead for a couple of hours. He got only one stroke better over the final 54 holes. He tied for 38th and earned $10,350 to move up to 202nd on the money list.


On to Kingsmill.

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Very interesting putter. Bet it's going to look awesome after a trip to the studio. Do you putt well with it?



Just got her in today JC....I would love to take it out for a test run on the course, but it is below zero outside :dntknw: You dont see very many round necks around anymore so it is for sure unique. Im going to send it back to the resto shop and get the initials welded over and get her refinished...I am thinking about getting my initials put on, but im not really sure yet.....


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