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So GolfBallSelector.com says....

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Should I trust this? Some things I'm looking at.
I put my recent stats into the GolfballSelector thing-a-magoo and it says the Taylormade TP Red is an excellent ball for me.

When I look at the pictures, and dates of the selections, it appears this is based on older balls. I think the TM TP Red has changed markedly since the data on GBS.com reviewed and tested it.

Should I believe it? Should I trust it?

Right now I am playing the ProV1x and the season has just started here. I have been very impressed with wedge control. Yet the V1x is still notably forgiving on driver side spin. Where I have issue with the ProV1x is twofold: I don't believe I have the swingspeed for it. I average 97-104 MPH. I think this ball has been mentioned as a potential 'yardage robber' if you can't compress it. And secondly it's a bit more expensive.

I also have a box of Nike ONE Blacks (08), but I really haven't used them. GBS.com puts the NOB as a very unlikely good candidate for me. Oddly enough they've also changed a lot so is this data even useful??? Any thoughts???
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Well it's early in the season... I'm probably gonna trust you guys and buy a box of LDP Reds. I has such a great experience with the V1x's... I am just hoping I can stick the greens as nicely without sacrificing driver forgiveness. Like I said I have a feeling my swing speed is better suited to the LDP reds.


In the time I put my first post up, I started doing searches on the LDP reds, I can't believe how positive all the reviews are for both LDP balls. Maybe I'll have my own review of it this weekend. Wish me luck.

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