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ProV1 vs. NOP

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Long time user of the Prov1 but am looking for something else. Really no reason, just to mix it up. Any one have any good info.


I bought myself a dozen NOPs recently to give them a try. I normally use the Pro V1, but like you, I fancied shaking things up a bit. I found no noticeable difference in distance. An interesting one to me that. I had read on here how you needed a high swing speed to make use of it. Mine is around 112-114 or so with my driver and I had no trouble getting this ball to go. It appears that a lot of people do, and I think more than a few claim high swing speeds and 280 yard carries. But I digress. What I did find with the ball is that it spins like a #$%&$&. Playing on what were granted wet greens, I managed to back up a four iron about 8 feet from the semi rough. Virtually unheard of. It's also great around the green if you're aggressive and hit hard chips with a lot of spin. If you hit a floatier chip, I didn't think it spun any differently from a prov1, possibly less, but if you nipped it off the turf firmly, it would check up really well. Lastly, I thought it putted a little firmer feelwise than a pro v1. Bit more like a pro v1x in that respect.


It's a good ball and worthy of a try. I will be buying some more.

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