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My buddy got me to go Free Climbing with him today. We went out to a mountain called Camel Back and were climbing 100-200 foot vertical faces without ropes all day. The funny thing is, he is afraid of heights and got stuck at this one part and this "Spectator" called the park ranger and anyways to make a long story short, people were making fun of him the rest of the day.

We had close to 100 people watching us climb the huuge vertical faces without ropes and we took turns scaring them. You know kick a couple rocks down or pretend to slip. I ended up loosing both my feet and one hand about 75 feet up which scared the sh!t out of me. Anyways the funniest thing was that he was wearing baggy shorts and I kept telling him that he was flashing everyone on the ground and that was why they were watching us. Plus there is this joke between us that involves flying off a mountain and he did it to me on the 2nd face we climed that day (wasn't quite vertical but was very bare) and that started a war where we would do it to eachother at random times.

All in all I had a great time and I encourage any and everyone to go do it. Ropes are for pansies!

Right now, I can barely move at all I am so sore.
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Ive free climber before but not on real rock faces. Ive done it up walls and inside at climbing centers. Its fun and alot more work because there are consequences if you fall!!!



Dan "goose"

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Dude, take some pics the next time you go! I remember the first part of Mission Impossible 2 - at the begninng where Ethan Hunt was climbing that face, that was crazy! It does sound like a great time, but I don't know if I have the balls to do it :blink:


Later, Bryan


ahh...i think they might want to just concentrate on the climb itself and stayin alive...lol :)

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