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For now lol
So I've finished school now until September the 2nd. I'm currently of 6, playing to around 2. I wanna get real good. So what should I do/work on or what?

I can do anything virtually. I'll be up at the club from 8 in the morning till 6 at night. Anyone got any good plans to follow?
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Play in as many tournaments as you can. In my opinion nothing beats the experience of competition. You learn how to win, learn how to handle defeat, and most importantly you will learn what you need to improve on the most. When the heat of competition is on it tends to put the spotlight on our weakness.


I played college golf, and I always worked during the summer only playing a 3-4 tourneys. I was always rusty come fall semester compared the guys who competed non-stop. If I could do it over again I would travel and play in as many tournaments and qualifiers as I could. Car pool, sleep on a buddy's couch, eat cheap, do whatever you can to stretch your $$ to make the next tournament.

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This is my first year without the "6 week holiday"... Gonna miss it... What i did every year was play 5 days a week, practice hard on the putting and chipping area and practice hard on the swing... so practiced lol... But short game it up and you should see that naturally translating into your game...


Have a good one!

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