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MACHINE Demo Putters

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Updated 4 September with Tester Reviews
Hey Guys,

The first 4 Right Hand Machine Demo Putters are En Route to you. :rolleyes: ;) You should have them on Thursday :D:):lol: The Lefty will be around another week or so due to the milling house.

The First 4 Putters are going to:

PUTTER #1 - Matt Huber

Please remember and follow the rules:

1) No Altering of the Putters when Recieved
2) Each Member shall Post in the Thread when they Recieve their Putter, and when It has been shipped to the next person.
3) When Putters are shipped to the next participant, they will be shipped with a tracking number.
4) You can either post your thoughts on the putter, or contact me about it so we can see what you Like/Dislike about the putter
5) Members may contact me for the Name and Address of the member they are to mail the putter to

To let all know the Rotation after these 4 member, here we go:

Putter #1


Putter #2


Putter #3


Putter #4

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Hey Everyone,


Chris is officially on leave and driving cross-country to reconnect with his family before heading up here to visit our Studio and HQ next week.


So, I wanted to chime in here and update all the Demo putter participants. I held back the shipment yesterday because I wasn't 100% satisfied what we are doing with this program. I know. Some of you probably want to go ballistic at this point.


However, the reception we have received for the new FatBack and Tongue back flanges with the new Wave Cut (see final unfinished prototype photo below) has been nothing short of phenominal. After receiving all your comments and orders for these during the launch this week, I thought, why in the heck aren't we offering the opportunity for the DEMO testers to try out the Converter concept too, for real? Exchange the backs, to see how they work. Try different weight set ups. Try different weights and backs. Give them all a real test on looks, feel, performance, ease of changes, quality of the tool kits, etc. etc.


Expanding the DEMO program like this will give us great feedback, and let you guys be the first anywhere to try this new concept we are launching. My current idea is to put at least two back flanges in each Demo kit, along with our new tool kit, and at least 6 different weights in pairs (or four each weight if everyone wants that). I am also including a new Circle M MACHINE logo hat for everyone to keep as a gift for trying these out, and for your patience.


My next question is, how many of you want to try the following:


A. Standard Blade back flange and optional FatBack flange (with South Beach Cut).

B. Standard Blade back flange and optional Tongue back flange (with South Beach Cut) and new Wave Cut optics pattern.

C. FatBack flange with SBC and optional Tongue back flange with SBC and new Wave Cut optics pattern.

D. All three back flanges!


If I can get everyone's responses, I will finalize the new program and ship these ASAP (depending on when the first short run of Tongue Back Flanges are off the mills and finished to go with the FatBacks and Blade Backs already completed).


To make up for lost time, I am going to double the number of DEMO putters, so we have 10 putters going to groups of 3 instead of 5 putters going to groups of 6. That way everybody will get to try these in the next four to five weeks. I am also going to add our UPS shipper number for all shipments (so you don't have to pay), and authorize 3-day select so all packages can be tracked and arrive more timely than standard ground.


How does this sound to everyone? Please reply with approval and your preference for back flange combinations, and I will get this show on the road.


All the best,





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I'd like to try all the converter options, so my answer is D.


As an aside, I want to say a huge THANK YOU not only for doing this program free of charge (which is amazing in itself), but for all the add ons! Free hat! Bonus flanges to try! I don't even have to pay for shipping! It's ridiculously generous, and I just want to say thank you. As soon as I get the chance to demo a putter, I know I'll be placing an order.


Also, the customer service from Chris and Dave, in terms of answering many annoying questions through PM and email, is nothing short of amazing and it's always done in a super gracious way. You guys are the best.



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I would be happy with either A or C, but will gladly try anything you want to send my way! I just want to thank you and Chris for this great opportunity.

Cleveland Classic 290 9*Miyazaki C.Kua S
Callaway S2H2 BBWB Deuce & X 4W
Adams Idea A7 PNT 19* 3H & 22* 4H
Adams A4 Forged 5-PW
Adams A4 Forged GW,SW,LW
Bettinardi Studio Stock #5 34"

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Hey Everone,


As Dave said, I am in Texas right now visiting some family members. I will be at the Studio next Tuesday :russian_roulette: If you have any questions, still feel free to ask me and I will try my best to get them answered in as short a time as possible.


Sorry to see 2 members leave the demo program, but excited to get everyones feedback on these new putters. Really looking forward to hearing yalls thoughts on the interchangable backs and weights :)


Thanks for the continued support everyone :D



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Got It :russian_roulette:


Revising the Lists right nw to change it up to be where everyone get's exactly what they ask for :)


I do need the Participants other than the original 4 to please e-mail me your Screen Name and Addresses so that I can get the mailing lists completed. My e-mail is [email protected]


Thanks Everyone :D



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