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Golfers around the world recognize the T.P. Mills name and what that name represents. Original designs that are tour proven, high quality materials, and strict attention to details. We are not a mass production company, this is one of the things that separates our company’s philosophy from others.


For the first time our company is introducing a line of accessories that carry the T.P. Mills name. These products will include: custom bags, putter covers, grips and other products associated with our putters that can be found no where else. We will also offer complete restoration and refinishing of T.P. Mills putters and other high end putters.


Our site will be updated as much as possible and will include handmades, production prototypes, tour samples and other unique putter models. We hope this site gives you a better appreciation of our passion and commitment to making the finest putters available. We hope you enjoy your visit.


-David F. Mills

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Here's the Flow Neck I had made to compliment my old Newport.   Soft as butter and sat true...    

I have no idea as to its worth today.   It's just one of a bunch of putters that went into and out of my hands.   Loved how it looked but I could never make anything with it. I bla

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My experience with David Mills was very good when he made me a custom tradition model. He had pictures of the unfinished heads on his website and the shape caught my attention. I selected the head that I liked and we went through the different specs and he created a totally unique putter for me. Not only does the putter look great, but it performs great too. I have never putted with such a balanced putter in my life. This has allowed me to become more consistent on the greens with my distance control. What really amazed me is that it didn't take him very long to make my putter. The whole process from the first e-mail till delivery was about a month. I think that for the price this is by far better than anything you can buy in a store or on ebay because David will build it to your specs and it will be original; just like a putter that a tour player would use. You can scour the internet looking for the tour cameron that nobody else has, but it won't be fitted to the way you putt. I recommend anyone who has trouble finding the perfect putter to give David a call or visit tpmills.com to see what the company is all about.

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I own a 353g Tradition Model at 34 inches with a flowing hosel. It is a work of art and is very well balanced. It has a parallel pocket and unpainted sightline with a hollow oval on the topline. Just a tremendous roller if you have a smooth stroke. A very solid yet soft feel, great roll.


Update - my son plays this beauty now and I've ordered a Tradition with a shaved Plumber's Neck.

Father, Wannabe Golfer, Observer of Peeps

Ping G400 Max 9/TPT Red 17 ● TEE EXS 220 3, 5 wd/GD AD F 55 and 65, TEE EXS 220 4HY/GD AD HY 65 ● Mizuno MP-20 HMB 5-PW Accra ICWT95 ● Mizuno MP T20 50, 54, 58 Nippon Pro Modus 3 Wedge 115 ● Swag Savage Too

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I won a Tradition SS304 in the ClubWrx contest and I have to say that it is honestly the best feeling putter I have ever used. Man that thing is soft! Has a clean almost squarish profile and the angles from the milling process make this putter gorgeous. I was able to putt right where I aimed yesterday, not something I can always claim to do. This putter had a lot to do with that. This one will be in the bag for a long long time, it had to be a winner to kick the Baby Ben out of the bag.




Post Honeymoon Review- While this putter is indeed gorgeous, it may just be too gorgeous to actually play with because of the material that it is made of. The weight may be popular for many people, but I just started blowing everything way past the hole with it. Then I started pulling putts with it and saw that the culprit was the neck. I learned to putt with a plumbers neck and I can't seem to putt well for long with the slant style neck that the Mills has. I had one a TM Rossa Sebring Sport 3 that I loved the feel, roll, and look of, but I pulled everything. I know that you can just play for the pull, but that never seemed like the right thing for me. So I put the putter in the basement next to the Baby Ben to sit there and look amazing as the Ping Anser 2 putters get all of the action. I may put the Mills back in the bag, but I really don't want to ding it up, that would really depress me, hence why I have 2 Pings, you just can't kill them.

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Ping Rapture 21 vs Proto Stiff
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Just got my hands on a center shafted Tradition SS304. What a beautiful putter!! 33" and appx. 350 grams it has about a 2:00 toe hang. I love center shafted putters and bought this to be the backup to my C&L but i think it's going to be a real fight between the two for the starting spot. I was most surprised with the soft feel, i have always preferred carbon putters for just that and was concerned that the stainless would be lacking that feel..boy was i wrong! This is one of the softest feeling putters i have owned, but it has a real solid feel..not mushy at all. The balance is great and the weight of the head is about perfect. Quality putter, I am definitely a Mills fan now and look forward to many more!

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I've owned a few different Mills putters. I actually have a Tradition 2 in the bag now. For the most part I don't really care for a lot of the design styles. The lines are just to rounded for my eye, just a personal thing. The Trad2 is very similar to a Anser style so I like the look of it. Overall feel in Mills putters is excellent from what I've tried out, Softail, Fleetwood, Tradition 1 and 2. They are beautifully crafted putters but kinda have a old school look to them and like I already said, the very rounded off look of some them is a turn off for me. At the same time the square and futuristic look of say a Machine putter is not for me either. Personally I prefer Bettinardi's look and feel over anything else. You cant' go wrong with any of them though, it all comes down to what you like to look at and what makes putts for you.

Take a look at Mills website for pricing, the prices are very fair compared to some of the other big name putter manufactures.

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can anybody help me get the heads off of my 1970 Spalding TPM I and VIII putters? I've refinished some of the 1984 spalding tpm putters and the heads came off super easy. I have torched for up to 10 minutes, reefed on them using a vice, and even tried the shaft puller. I am getting nowhere with either of them. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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On 11/21/2020 at 7:13 PM, sticksgolf said:


It's a Tour Tradition and it was something around 345G.


I found a couple more of it...the grip was excellent.



TP 1.jpeg

TP 2.jpeg

TP 3.jpeg

TP 4.jpeg

Gosh what a beauty! I used to have a Mizuno TP Mills 4, but it was not as nice as your Tour Issue II SS! How much do these go for nowadays? Awesome putter with the crosshairs!

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20 hours ago, Members Only said:

Solid, what would you sell it for now? Priceless?



I have no idea as to its worth today.


It's just one of a bunch of putters that went into and out of my hands.


Loved how it looked but I could never make anything with it. I blamed it on the snow...only kidding.


I don't mind letting putters go that didn't work for me go, money notwithstanding. Prime examples are the Tour Circa #3 and the Buttonback. I liked 'em but I coulnd't roll 'em so they moved on. As dollar investments I should have kept the Tour Circa #3, the Buttonback, a Japanese Market Studio Stainless Newport Beach 34"/340G, a NIB Ping JAS Anser, two Ping WRX titanium pixel Ansers, the Mills. I'd use them all for a while and then switch back to the SeeMore FGP that I bought for $39.





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